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  1. Jim in Halifax

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    To my eye, those ends are flowed out more than pinched. Not a lot of practical space in that stern but it sure is pretty.
  2. Jim in Halifax

    Loyd's maritime surveyor course

    Someone should fix the title of this thread...Edward LLOYD is probably haunting the forum as I write, not to mention a host of Welsh ghosts. (I look forward to his sock posting here.)
  3. Jim in Halifax

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    There is probably a positive economic balance to cruise ships, despite how distasteful it is to have one in your backyard. Sure the passengers are "ship tippers" and don't spend a lot while on shore leave, but port fees, pilot charges, chandlery (dairy, fresh produce, etc. that they need to replenish) and waste handling all add up. I live 25 miles out of town on a tour bus route that takes cruise shippies out to see the fall colours and a pictuesque fishing village. A local business - maple syrup and gifts - asked to be made a 'stop' for the tour buses and on cruise ship days there is a steady stream of tourists through his shop. They may only be buying maple-roasted peanuts, but he is selling more than he would otherwise. Some local taxi and limousine services offer the shippies 'custom' tours - they even come down my cul-de-sac road to show off the 'wild' deer that are the bane of my vegetable garden; I am sure the 'custom' tours are money makers for the drivers. I would rather not have the pestilance of cruise ships, but I am pretty sure they are doing some good for the local economy.
  4. Jim in Halifax

    Sourcing signal flags?

    More than you ever wanted to know about signal flags and 'dressing ship' here.
  5. Jim in Halifax

    Lusting on Yachtworld

  6. Jim in Halifax

    Livin' the Dream...rudder repairs in exotic locations

    sorry, for a second there I forgot where I was. I promise it won't happen again.
  7. Jim in Halifax

    Livin' the Dream...rudder repairs in exotic locations

    My old dad used to say that with every right comes a responsibility. Of course Moonduster has a right to his opinions. His responsibility is to be civil and contribute without boorishly slagging the guy who owns the boat, is making the decisions, and is paying the bill. BJ is dealing with a difficult problem and asked for some advice and discussion here. The advice MD gives may be valid but the tone he employs in his posts is not helpful.
  8. Jim in Halifax


    Hydration is often helpful with memory tasks. It was a hot day here too, but I'm not sure I was productive... But honestly, we 'colonials' north of your border have a certain advantage when it comes to the lore of the British Empire - we got force-fed it in school like you got Washington crossing the Delaware. Starboard was from the Old English "steorbord" or the Old Norse " stjornborði"; both refer to the steering board (steering oar) which was typically deployed on the right (or starboard) side of the stern.
  9. Jim in Halifax

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Ah, for the old days when standard greeting was "Fuck off and show us some tits"...this place has changed (mostly for the better). I think this thread may have surpassed the Origami Boat Thread... Edit: Nope, just checked - not even 1/2 as many replies.
  10. Jim in Halifax


    Always thought these were an interesting solution for ships that have to go every which way but I am not sure how scalable the system is - I have seen it on tugs and small pedestrian ferries.
  11. Jim in Halifax

    Livin' the Dream...rudder repairs in exotic locations

    So I lost track in all the metric talk - did you have the pits tig welded and machined or filled with a miracle epoxy?
  12. Jim in Halifax

    Diesel - white “smoke” and possible nom-firing cylinder

    What kind of diesel? Give us something to chew on here.
  13. Jim in Halifax

    Livin' the Dream...rudder repairs in exotic locations

    Growing up in Canada in the 1960's, I was taught both metric and imperial systems and I am completely comfortable in both. When doing wood working I generally reach for the imperial tape measure (probably because dimensional lumber here is sold in feet and inches). When checking the temperature outside, I use Celsius. Machining and mechanics - it depends on the machinery I am working on. I am not convinced of the superiority of either system, but I like the 'humanness' of the imperial system - the length of a digit or limb or a cue of noblemen leaving church...
  14. Jim in Halifax

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I don't think the world is ready for the Dylan merman. And it definitely won't get you more YouTube hits or PayPal taps towards the Fisher. But maybe a negative approach would work: "Subscribe now to ensure you never see Dylan as a merman"...
  15. Jim in Halifax

    What have you lost overboard?

    Brand new prescription sun glasses, swiped off my face while raising a roller-furling jib. My wallet (while dinghy sailing). Several favourite hats. Innumerable tools and fasteners. And I'm not done yet.