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  1. Never got up to the Great White North much? The Robertson is a Canadian invention, patented in 1909. The Torx screw, a second-best imposter, did not come about for another 58 years. We Canucks love our Robertsons... One tool that has not made it to this thread but is on the top of my list of essential tools is my Fluke mutli-meter. Don't leave home without it!
  2. So this Tayana 37 is down to $20K now? I am assuming since the CL ad is still up and 5 days have passed since the reverse auction started at noon on the 17th... At what point does it become a steal of a deal?
  3. You could just put Brent on 'Ignore'...and then you wouldn't see his $0.02, unless someone quotes him...as you just did.
  4. I read the ad copy as "no survey" available as opposed to "no survey" allowed. However, given the reverse auction format, there probably isn't time for a survey in any case...
  5. Peter Loveridge writes of Seal, Mud and Flat Islands in A Cruising Guide to Nova Scotia: "There is no really protected anchorage, the tide runs really hard, there are numerous unmarked rocks, and running for shelter if the weather turns bad involves traversing tide rips that could overwhelm a small vessel...With the strong tides it is difficult to visit the island as a daysail, so a trip here involves anchorage in an open roadstead marginally protected from the prevailing wind. I never sleep soundly anchored anywhere at night here and constant attention to the state of the weather is mandatory." Pete has always been spot on when I have used his knowledge; I think I would pass on Seal Island unless visiting by chartered lobster boat belonging to a local.
  6. Lived in Beaurepaire, sailed from PCYC.
  7. That's the one! Except I was sailing there in the early '70s...missed you.
  8. Nice Steve. It looks purpose-built. What do you reckon the upper range for the topsail is? 10 - 12 knots? How easy is it to strike the topsail? You are entering a zone where most modern sloop sailors have zero experience...but then you're an old gaffer.
  9. Zen, I like your real news / fake news analogy. But as much as Smack's "investigative doggednes" is impressive, both he and Brent tend to take the extremes to the limit. Its not healthy for either of them, but sometimes that's the price of this kind of fun. Personally, I have learned things from almost everyone here on CA; now what I can do with that amassed knowledge is another matter...
  10. I suspect those pipes are temporary supports for the deck, prior to the house being welded on...it would be a really weird interior, even for Brent, if the pipes stayed as pictured.
  11. Gawd. this hill went downhill fast. I guess a canvas bucket for washing down the topsides, deck and/or cockpit drains... Lots of grips and handholds as agility ain't what it used to be. Always had an electric anchor windlass, but have yet to consider power winches.
  12. Wouldn't the answer to keeping shit out of acorn nuts or weld nuts be to put a hex-headed (allen) set-screw in the threads when not using the eye bolt? I realize that it may be necessary to cut a few threads off to get the set-screw to be flush with the deck in some cases. Also, if using acorn nuts, wouldn't it be simple to round off the flats to make it easier to weld in place in a round hole? I am not a steel boat builder (I weld like a farmer) but this stuff seems common sense.
  13. Captain Marko, I may have been a bit strong in my objection to your multiple postings - my apologies for any offense given. Now HTFU . For me it goes like this - I check in to this forum a couple of times a day to see whats going on and scan the threads that interest me. So I have a 'shopping list': Origami scab picking...check. Tom's Morgan 30 tilting...check. Kim's Francis Lee thread...check. Guy looking for a keel boat to sail in Nevada...what's the damn thread title today? So you get my drift. I grew up sailing on a small inland lake, a widening of the St. Lawrence River actually. Back then, there were no keel boats longer than 30 feet and no one thought there was a need for anything bigger. In fact, at 30 feet, draft was often a constraint. Most keel boats were in the 24+ foot range - J 24s, Kirby 24s, Mirage 24s and 26s, Sharks, Tanzer 22s, even an occasional Albin Vega 27. When I moved to the ocean, my first keel boat was a Vega. I now sail a 37 foot cutter. But if I went back to the lakes, I would downsize to less than 30 feet. Even for weekend cruising, over-nighters, and club racing, a boat in the 24 - 27 foot range would be adequate for me. And the lesser expenses for maintenance and marinas would more than make up for a bit less creature comfort. There you have it. My $0.02 contribution to your boat quest thread(s). Cheers and good luck.
  14. My suggestion is stop creating a new thread every time you want to solicit opinions on your latest Lake Mead dream boat. You have at least 3 on the go. IF you actually buy a boat, feel free to post under a new heading such as "Help! How to repair my Lake Mead dream boat?"
  15. If one must have or needs a bow thruster on a sailboat, a retracting thruster (à la Amel) is the only way to go. But I am reminded of a late local sailor who sailed a Nonsuch 36 well into his 80s with a Vetus tunnel thruster in the bow...the boat's name: Dexterity.