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  1. Jim in Halifax

    What’s your favorite anchorage’s ( pic’s)

    Tanner's Pass, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.
  2. Jim in Halifax

    The Zombie Fleet

    Some serious pre-bend in that spar.
  3. Jim in Halifax

    What’s your favorite anchorage’s ( pic’s)

    How come instead of pictures in your post all I see are these text strings?
  4. Jim in Halifax

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Judging by your successful e-bike conversion you will come up with something. I would think on a Fisher that inboard electric would be more elegant; I have never liked O/B power on full keel boats because of the tendency for the prop to come out of the water when motoring into head seas.
  5. Jim in Halifax


    Its appropriate that you posted this here at CA - Coffeeholics Anonymous. Pull up a chair and join the circle. I'm Jim and I drink too much coffee...
  6. Jim in Halifax

    Checking them off...

    I have one of those 'everything' Swiss Army knives - they weigh a ton! Its a good thing she is wearing her PFD if she carries that thing on the water...
  7. Jim in Halifax

    Keep off the Rocks!

    Luck is a big component. Its rocky on my part of the east coast too. In 27 years of boat ownership, I have lodged the forefoot of the keel on gravel ledges, gotten stuck on mud banks and kedged off of sand but, until last summer, never felt the full wrath of granite. During Hurricane Dorian the boat dragged two anchors on 250 feet of chain rode and ended up a total loss on the rocks. But I was lucky as I was not aboard at the time.
  8. Jim in Halifax

    Keep off the Rocks!

    Glad you have had fun going aground, hitting bommies, and so forth. I too have touched bottom but have always managed to get off by myself - its called good seamanship versus salvage. I'm am also sure that anyone who has been sailing for 45 years is, by definition, an experienced sailor. It sound like Sloop is a more cautious sailor than you.
  9. Jim in Halifax

    How I bought my boat

    I was kind of wondering that myself. Perhaps he wandered into to this thread by mistake?
  10. Jim in Halifax

    The Zombie Fleet

    Looking at the hull, the chines, the deck house, it appears to me to be a (nicely) home-built plywood design...maybe a Dudley Dix?
  11. Jim in Halifax

    Show your boat sailing thread

    At least if it sinks, that carbon will be sequestered and not contributing to greenhouse gas.
  12. Jim in Halifax

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I think Yves is pretty much out of the business side now; his nephew Eric was the one I talked to the last time I needed some replacement bushings (which were supplied at 'no charge' even though the vane was over 15 years old). But Yves is a lovely guy and has spent more time sailing in his Alberg 30 than most Millennials will spend on their iPhones over a lifetime.
  13. Jim in Halifax

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Its an amazing film - all done with clockwork 16mm film Bolex cameras and a Nagra reel-to-reel tape recorder. I talked with Yves Gelinas about the making of the film when I ordered a Jean de Sud windvane self-steerer from him. He said the hardest thing about the kite shot was triggering the camera to run once the kite was aloft (if he had triggered the camera on-deck, it would have run down by the time it reached filming altitude). He ended up making a sort of origami parachute thing out of chart paper that ran up the kite sting and triggered the Bolex...skill and ingenuity that most YouTubers could not even imagine.
  14. Jim in Halifax


    When my wife and I met, she was a tea drinker exclusively. Over time she learned to drink coffee with me - I don't mind tea but I couldn't get her to leave the cow in the barn...now we are about 75/25 coffee over tea. I'm still working on getting her to put the cow away. As there is caffeine in tea too, I guess it all comes down to how you like your drug...the aroma of coffee wins out for me every time. I can't think of a tea that even comes close, except maybe for Lapsang.
  15. Jim in Halifax

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    That Silverado is what Brent Swain would have produced if he had learned how to weld and had money... (not sure why the mock about the Beta 38 diesel tho?)