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  1. Thanks. Appreciate the tips.
  2. Thanks for the help and info guys. My buddy is going to pull the trigger.
  3. So if you purchasing a complete system is everything you need to do that backbone in the box?
  4. One of the things I don't get is B&G states that the depth/speed transducer comes with a 7' cable. How do they expect 7' to get anywhere on the average size boat?
  5. BTW no boom vang is not good. The boom will fly up in the air off the wind and you will have less power off the wind. Rig up a 4-1 system. Through bolt a stainless boom bail on both the mast base and about 3' back on the boom. Make it a 45 deg angle. 3' is just a guess.
  6. No altering of the main is required. The boom is more than a foot and a half longer than the mainsail foot. The factory did this to allow the boom to be able to be connected to the stupid stern rail traveler. Just cut it 6" longer than your 'E' measurement. A traveler just aft of the cockpit lockers is not a problem daysailing with friends. With the factory setup you have to look backwards to grab the mainsheet. Another plus with the traveler in the cockpit is that someone else can dump the main in a big puff if your busy. Just do it. :-) It's the way the factory should have done it. Look at a Merit 25.
  7. Thanks for the reply. If the "2" is mostly a small display upgrade I too think he'll be just fine with the T41 displays. Plus the Defender deal seems like a bargain for what you get. Hopefully the quality is the same. I've read good things about the "2".
  8. I owned a Merit 22 for 9 years. Loved the boat until it got hit by lightening. I believe that block that you have an outhaul running thru was added by a previous owner. I don't think the boat came with an adjustable outhaul from the factory. Having said that I made a number of modifications to my boat to make it much easier to sail, safer and faster. First I cut about a foot and a half off the end of the boom and added a 3 sheave outhaul and reefing block that fit the boom extrusion perfectly. I can't remember who made it but it was a stamped stainless block w/ 3 sheaves. Center sheave was for wire. I cut the boom because I thought it was too close to the backstay and I also felt that the stern rail "traveler" was cheap and worthless since it only "traveled" less than a foot off centerline. I also didn't like a pile of rope swinging by my face when jibing. On top of those things the factory mainsheet does not pull down on the boom which makes it hard to trim the leech. I added a full width Harken traveler just aft of the opening cockpit lockers. I added a 4 part Harken ratchet mainsheet block setup connected to the boom via a thru bolted stainless bail. I added a windward sheeting traveler car which makes it easy to ease the main in puffs AND you don't need a bunch of blocks and cleats bolted to the sides of the cockpit to control the traveler. I had the new outhaul exit forward on the boom on the bottom thru a turning block so it would lead aft to a cam cleat also on the underside of the boom. Reefing lines were now internal also. I wouldn't go to 1/4" halyards unless you upgraded to a higher tech rope. If your not racing I would think StaSet in 5/16 for jib halyard and 3/8' for main would work. If you want to downsize try Ultra Tech. Not too expensive. Enjoy the boat.
  9. Wow, I guess this stuff is not that popular.
  10. I have a friend who owns a C&C30MKII and it's just used for daysailing and a little cruising. The boat presently has an old NAVICO system that's shot. I saw a B&G T41 system on Defender's website for $1250. It includes 2 color displays plus a GPS receiver along with the normal thru hull and masthead transducers, cables, etc. How much of a difference is this product from the Triton2 in regards to functions and reliability? A Triton 2 system WITH 1 display and without the GPS starts at $1400. Add a second display and your near two grand.
  11. I just installed new portlights (windows) this spring. Mine are frameless and mount without hardware. After much research and after watching a pro on a youtube vidio I decided to use a combination of 3M VHB tape and a small bead of DOW795 adheasive/caulk. Beats the hell out of just using a adheasive/caulk and mushing the window into place with tons of the stuff dripping everywhere. Best advice I can offer is shop around for a plexiglass fabricator to cut your windows. I'm in Maryland and I had quotes from $29 to $150 each to cut out basically a 30" x 8" rectangle. The highest quotes ($86 & $150) came from business in Annapolis. And industry folks keep asking why people are leaving the sport. By the way the $28 guy cut my windows while I waited. The other clowns wanted me to come back in 2 or 3 weeks for pickup after placing the order.
  12. What about nylon?
  13. Manufactures of thru hulls or transducers usually sell the required cutter for a cheap price. That way you get a perfect fit.
  14. Reminds me of the show "Locked up abroad". No thanks.