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  1. Ringmaster

    Letting go of tiller, cookies ensue.

    From a previous Merit 22 owner. Does your boat still have that Mickey mouse traveler on the stern pulpit? If so install a real traveler in the cockpit. The boat will be easier to sail since you won't have to look backwards to trim the main and you will have a long traveler track to allow you to get the right angle. This will also allow you to cut a foot off the length of the boom which is too close to the backstay in my opinion.
  2. Ringmaster

    Backstay flicker for an S2 9.1

    Don't know how a flicker would work on a masthead rigged boat. Unlike a fractional rigged boat with swept back spreaders that hold the forestay in tension even with the backstay eased a lot I think your mast would fall forward with no backstay tension. Never seen it done on a masthead boat.
  3. Ringmaster

    Drag behind speed sensor

    I still have a Knotstick. Remember those? I use it to calibrate the electronics.
  4. Ringmaster

    Signet SL 172 depth sounder

    With the unit turned on if you put your ear close to the transducer you should hear it "clicking".
  5. Ringmaster

    Switching from Rope Luff to Slugs

    I had a new main made a number of years ago and had this problem. The Sailmakers installed the wrong size bolt rope. And he measured the boat! He replaced the bolt rope with the correct size and anybody could haul the main up by hand. Only needed a winch to set tension.
  6. Ringmaster

    3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    I just replaced all my port windows and I used a combination of 3M UHB tape and DOW795. I cut the tape to allow a bead of the 795 to lay next to it.
  7. Ringmaster

    Racing Bottom Paint--Baltoplate substitute

    Did not know there was an environmental restriction on Baltoplate on the Chesapeake.
  8. Ringmaster

    Adhesive removal

    3M adhesive remover.
  9. Ringmaster

    Frederiksen hardware availability

    10/4 thanks.
  10. Ringmaster

    Frederiksen hardware availability

    Sailing on a clubmember's 38' X-Yacht. One of the cleats on the Frederiksen traveler car has lost it's ball bearings along with being just plain screwed up. Can't seem to find Frederiksen hardware or parts doing a Google search. Are they still in business? Any dealers still have parts? Or does he have to bite the bullet? Thanks.
  11. Ringmaster

    Cleaning bottoms in Annapolis

    I motor out of my marina drop the anchor and scrub my own bottom. My marina doesn't allow divers either.
  12. Ringmaster


    I would give Signet a call. Since many people use the Signet speed transducer with many different systems they will probably have the answer.
  13. Ringmaster

    New Dive Mask- User reviews

    I don't know how you would blow water out that enters thru the snorkel. With a traditional snorkel it's easy.
  14. Ringmaster

    Desperately Seeking B&G Paddlewheel Sensor/Transducer

    Call Signet. I think they have a paddlewheel transducer that B&G folks use. Signet paddlewheel are considered the most accurate.
  15. Ringmaster

    Cleaner Wax for bogus boat cleanup

    Do you hang over the side or tread water?