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  1. 10/4 thanks.
  2. Sailing on a clubmember's 38' X-Yacht. One of the cleats on the Frederiksen traveler car has lost it's ball bearings along with being just plain screwed up. Can't seem to find Frederiksen hardware or parts doing a Google search. Are they still in business? Any dealers still have parts? Or does he have to bite the bullet? Thanks.
  3. I motor out of my marina drop the anchor and scrub my own bottom. My marina doesn't allow divers either.
  4. I would give Signet a call. Since many people use the Signet speed transducer with many different systems they will probably have the answer.
  5. I don't know how you would blow water out that enters thru the snorkel. With a traditional snorkel it's easy.
  6. Call Signet. I think they have a paddlewheel transducer that B&G folks use. Signet paddlewheel are considered the most accurate.
  7. Do you hang over the side or tread water?
  8. Precision 18
  9. Hey Bub, your the one who seemed ticked off that they launched your yacht before you were ready. Go back and read your original post. You said it was "absurd". If my yard wanted to move me early in the season just to gain access to another boat I would tell them to have fun moving it twice.
  10. What kind of a yard launches your boat before your ready?
  11. Thanks. Appreciate the tips.
  12. Thanks for the help and info guys. My buddy is going to pull the trigger.
  13. So if you purchasing a complete system is everything you need to do that backbone in the box?
  14. One of the things I don't get is B&G states that the depth/speed transducer comes with a 7' cable. How do they expect 7' to get anywhere on the average size boat?
  15. BTW no boom vang is not good. The boom will fly up in the air off the wind and you will have less power off the wind. Rig up a 4-1 system. Through bolt a stainless boom bail on both the mast base and about 3' back on the boom. Make it a 45 deg angle. 3' is just a guess.