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  1. Bucket vs RV Toilet vs Toilet w/holding Tank

    I have a porta potti. My wife seems to think it is fine when it's operated correctly. I contemplated going to a holding tank and proper toilet but I don't do race categories that need it, they need more maintenance, and I don't have to find a proper pump out facility, just a local public toilet. A fixed head with a removable holding tank would be the best of both worlds for me.
  2. Mellow Yellow...

    The comparison would be the sun fast 3600. This boat is a little longer, a little narrower, 400kg heavier (8%), but no cabin or (probably) furniture. About the same sail area. It's definitely pegged into a design corner but it isn't extremely so I would say *shrug* Key would be in the orc ratings. I'm too lazy to log on and have a look
  3. Mellow Yellow...

    Tp52 and maxi72 are box rules, so if it was really slower then it's not going to appear there. As a rule, Rounder bilges have less wetted surface than square ones. I think in my amateur eye, the shape looks fine for the trade offs made. You need to imagine that hull leaned over 20deg and running square at less than hull speed. That is where that boat will spend most of its time. Wide light flat hulls prove to be great reaching and under box rule conditions. Longer, narrower, heavier hulls tend to do better when designed to a rating point and W/L racing. Just look at the sqm, meter, AC class yacht design trends. Race boats are designed to win races. This one I'd say is designed to win W/L races in 8-12 knots and sloppy water against a mixed boat fleet separated by rating boundaries. The fact it resembles some IOR shapes is possibly no surprising
  4. Mellow Yellow...

    Designed for one race. What's the weather at the venue? It might be a case of why would you want a boat that is faster than it needs to be? Probably fits into ORC4. Longer boat for the class, high ballast ratio, first to the top mark and hull speed with low angles to the bottom mark.
  5. Mellow Yellow...

    I suspect it was originally designed with a coach house and furniture
  6. Mellow Yellow...

    More info here: http://www.waarschip.info/waarschip/waarschip-w36-worlds-2018-edition/ 5.3T, she's a bit on the porky side
  7. Mellow Yellow...

    or actually optimised for performance under irc/orc rather than fashion. Website says the boat is specifically built for the 2018 irc/orc worlds. ie, probably W/L course racing. judging by the sterm, is probably got a little bit of weight on her.
  8. Mellow Yellow...

    The W36 From the FP. I'm not a fan of flush decks from an looks point of view, but it looks like the designer of that thing has some interesting boats, including what looks like a class 40
  9. Laser mast step repair

    Even a 2nd hand Finn is outrageous. At least down here. I wouldn't mind racing multi's again. Some variation on a paper tiger or going to A's but not much multi racing on Sydney Harbour.
  10. Laser mast step repair

    You're probably right. A few hundred bucks for a weekend charter which I will do once in a blue moon, and about 10% price of new for a nationals. If you think you might lose 50% from new after a few years, you're probably still up. I've just had mixed results from charter boats in the past. I'm probably less fussy now Im 90kg these days, less fit, and certainly not spending 20+hrs on the water I used to, but definitely ridden it hard. I used to be a two boat, cycle hull every 3-4 years guy but then life happened time to go get a fresh pot of resin and an inspection hatch.
  11. Laser mast step repair

    I'm sorry, but this is a seriously uninformed post. Water goes over the deck of a laser well... a lot. I've already been through this logical exercise, but at the end of the day, a garden hose at full pressure into the mast step goes straight into the hull without overflow out the top. It's broken and needs to be fixed for reasons you've highlighted from gouvernail in bold. if anything I was hoping for and answer other than the one I didn't want to hear.
  12. Laser mast step repair

    Yep, completely understand the mechanics. I have this gut feeling like the bottom of the tube has broken away from the bottom of the boat completely.
  13. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Well there you go, I never knew that. So what do they say in the other parts of the world when there's no red port left in the square bottle?
  14. Laser mast step repair

    It appears to be leaking at the very bottom at multiple places different places around the bottom of the tube. The tube otherwise looks fine, even at the bottom, but it is hard to see without some sort of camera. The boat has always had a little leak I couldn't fully trace because I could fill the mast tube with water fine stationary. Not anymore. it doesn't drain full, about half an inch or so remains which makes sense given how it is built
  15. Laser mast step repair

    well... that's hardly reassuring :/ IMHO, it's an ok boat that would become a beater boat with a hatch cut in the deck. I've repaired the non-skid on lasers before. you never quite get the tread to match up. My first ever laser had an "invisible" repair too. as the boat flexed it just kept cracking at the join. Ok... I might run with my original plan of getting an endoscope and go from there.