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  1. We're in Croydon. Trainline, buses, < 30 mins to the city. Two girls schools (which won't help you) and a highly regarded primary school litterally next door. Not sure where the nearest boys or mixed high school is but that's a longer term problem. Close to shops etc... plenty of parks, sporting fields. Possibly the only inner west suburb with no pubs is the only down side. Housing prices here are much lower than some of the others for some reason but is not a nice as Manly by a long shot. It is however a little piece of the suburbs with a short hop to the city. Coming from a country bumpkin background, I like it for that reason. 10-15mins drive to half a dozen sailing clubs with some great junior programs ( DAC, Drummoyne, Abbotsford for kids and dinghys. Drummoyne and Balmain for yachts). Drummoyne is nice and has good bus links or ferry in to the city. Great sailing club, nice shopping centre, a few nice shops on the main road. Likewise Balmain. They are both trendy suburbs now though with price tags to match. Cost of living wise: it costs about $40-$50 in public transport to get to work each day. Milk sells at $1/L, petrol at $1.50/L. Rent/mortgage is the big killer here
  2. you mean this?
  3. Maybe.... But you don't have to get much more complicated than that to get some pretty good numbers. Rolling avgs and percentage based adjustments back to a mean. Rewards consistent sailors and hurts that one off guy. What sucks with that system is a well sailed slower boat will get penalised over a poorly sailed faster boat. But it is performance handicaps
  4. Clearly Mr Carraway wasn't too impressed with Gatsby's hydroplane. But certainly a boat befitting an Oxford man... ..If I was in the market for a custom 60' launch, I certainly wouldn't be saying no to this one.
  5. For comparison, Rager was listed for about the same price recently. EDIT: or for a fraction of the price it would seem. http://www.boatsales.com.au/boats-for-sale/private/used/SSE-AD-3502521/1988-Elliott-57/ Of course at 57 feet, the $40k price difference will disappear very quickly the first time you have to fix anything
  6. ... Add a subtle smell of cedar for good measure?
  7. I don't know about Phelps's case, but a lot of people who achieved some success fall into depression. Post achievement depression is common among Olympic athletes. The job is done, what is next... A number of high profile Australian swimmers have had similar problems.
  8. You mean like some people who go home and say the didn't win because of a top boats ratings? I think anyone who goes home with the pickle dish should be happy. I don't think you should begrudge someone who brings a gun to a gun fight either just you didn't have one. Some people just happen to bring a gun every time is all and some people complain about their knife
  9. You know... you probably had a nice set of sails before you started complaining and demanding recuts. Your #3 photo looks like a nice looking #3 to me. If you wanted a decksweeper, don't order a #3, order a 105% all use jib. If you're pulling the #3 out of the bag because you need a #3, then lack of deck sweep isn't going to hurt you. Besides, how does the sail maker know you're not going to pull the #3 out somewhere other than flat water? The mainsail photo looks like it's not trimmed right, or your jib isn't trimmed right, or both. Follow musicman's suggestion above about how to take a proper photo. Your roach profile looks fairly reasonable. If it's not slapping across the backstay as it blows through it's too short. In order to get that sort of roach profile, you lose a bit on the foot, but more than make up for it by getting the area up higher. There is also nothing unusual about the top batten. The top full length batten is there to push out the roach. it should bisect the angle between the leach direction above and below. Why? Physics... Having it anything other than perpendicular to the leach would put wierd load patterns If there is no class rules to live by, because there is no class, then whatever "class" numbers you have are purely arbitrary. That's why we have systems like phrf. worst case from a handicapper, you might get dinged a seconed or two because they think you're faster. IMHO and with all due respect, you're fighting the sailmaker over things you don't fully understand. I know less about spinnaker cuts, but know enough that modern shapes in terms of proportions for what is fast, is rarely anything like what would have been set as limits. I wonder how many OD spinnaker designs are held back by stupid measurement bands? Do you want to go faster? or do you just want newer versions of your old sails? Did they have your old sails when they made these? Some of the language, as you've reported it, leaves a little to be desired but there's two sides to that story I'm sure. Worst customer experience ever seems like a long bow
  10. I'll ring him. Dave does my boat too... while you're on the phone, till him Delirium probably needs another go around
  11. Home now shaggy? You now have 4hrs to get squared away before the bar opens.
  12. Perhaps not the usual 8 bells given he's not really a sailor (well he could be, I don't know), but given his impact on some aspects of this forum, you might like to know John Clarke, the comedian behind "the front fell off" passed away recently: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/the-highest-accolade-one-could-have-politicians-pay-tribute-to-john-clarke-20170410-gvhp25.html Cheers Craig
  13. I think statements like this are fairly backwords looking. (these notes are US specific) It's one data point, but, there are 30 RS Aeros in Seattle, and it basically completely replaced the Laser fleet for local racing. (There are still plenty of Lasers around there, but, the top guys for the most part all switched to the Aero) Also, what you will likely see (as much as US based sailors cringe at the idea, is a general acceptance over the next 3-5 years of Portsmouth or some handicapped racing of multiple designs. The dinghy market is simply too fragmented now, with too many options, too many companies importing boats for us to ever go back to the old One Design or Nothing way of life. We'll simply never get back to the days of a manufacturer selling 1000+ a year one design race boats in the US. The future (like it or not) will be mixed fleet racing with technology (likely your phone), doing real time handicapping. Then everyone can race whatever they want/suits them best, instead of all of us on the internet arguing which one design is best. It will happen, the groundwork is being laid now. If you think any of the prevalent 40+ old one design classes are safe, you are just not paying attention. As sailing grows, that will just be less important to most new folks. Lasers won't go away, and it's still a great boat with a great fleet. But if you write off the Melges 14, Aero, or whatever J boat, just because a lot of people sail Lasers now.... you don't understand what's happening in the marketplace. West Coast, I truly support you and your business and appreciate all that you do for sailing. That being said, are you really suggesting that dinghy sailors are all going to be sailing in handicapped fleets in the future? Good God, get me out of the sport now if that's the case. One of the main reasons I left big boat sailing for small boats was all the BS that goes along with handicap fleets. I know it makes me biased in this discussion, but I chose the laser over all other offerings due to its widespread pure OD racing. I hope you're wrong. IMHO, I believe the answer to the SMOD equation needs to be a boat that makes the minor enhancements the Laser has needs to get with the times (lighter, better self-bailing cockpit, and removal of the end-boom sheeting are things that easily come to mind) and come in at a lower cost than the Laser. Just box rule it and let market forces decide. 14' x 5' x 7m^2
  14. Become a banker. Every boat owner needs a good banker
  15. Is this a fake post?