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  1. Spoonie

    Sunfish Racing/Laser Racing

    And momentum is your friend.
  2. so if i read that right RQ won’t be hosting any more regattas? or if they do, the flag officers will be busy escorting everyone around?
  3. Spoonie

    Sunfish Racing/Laser Racing

    Is this similar to the other thread? There was another guy I think asking about Finns. Nfi how heavy 210lbs is. I'm in the mid 90s kg and used to win races. In fact I went a season at my old club and barely dropped one. I did torque my laser apart which kind of ended my laser racing. It is definitely in the heavy end. I have a paper somewhere which gives tested drag numbers on lasers with various crew weights. The numbers aren't good for us fatties. In the lasers at least there is a mid band where fatties truly suffer. When you're cooped up in the boat and the light guys are starting to hike it is much harder to be dynamic in the boat. All in all don't believe the guys that say you can make up for it with good technique and tactics. It's like 10-20% more in drag you have to make up for. Also don't believe the guys that say you can't. I don't even know what a sunfish looks like.
  4. Spoonie

    Dinghy Racing/Olympic Class

    92kg’s is definitely on the heavier end for a laser. he will have to work pretty hard in the lighter stuff but yes, will likely fair well in the heavier stuff.
  5. Spoonie

    Hang time...

    for me, probably my courage.
  6. Spoonie

    Hang time...

    Phwoar... https://www.facebook.com/HobieCatAsiaPacific/posts/3361529313896301
  7. Spoonie

    Help me spec a new rig

    you have a similar P to me. check out the Young 88 alu tubes.
  8. Spoonie

    A Really Cool 30' Daysailer

    Or you know, if you want to go down that path, an Adams 10 does remarkably well for something that is what, circa 40 years old. https://www.adamsten.com.au/index.php
  9. Spoonie

    Sngle handed head sail arrangement

    This is my set up except my #2 is laminate as well. I've never reefed the #2 in anger mostly as I have discovered, most races I do get canned before the reefed #2 would be in its prime. #4 is dacron and I can't remember the last time I got it out of the bag. The #2 has a zipper along the foot. Reef, roll, zip...
  10. Spoonie

    Room to Tack question

    Well... it'd be intriguing to know what 11 did. With photos, perspective is everything. 11 looks like he's got no intention in ducking at that stage otherwise he'd be doing it by now. It also with the boats out of shot, one would assume a port ducker in photo would cross ahead, but you can't tell from the photo alone. I'd still suggest in this case, it's likely in the RS's advantage to waive the port tacker through. Most people don't do that though. Most people keep banging out the starboard calls whether it's in their interest to do so or not. *shrug*
  11. Spoonie

    Room to Tack question

    There is no apparent reason from the photo why 11 couldn’t duck the stbd tackers other than a failure to prepare or look ahead. other than ducking, her option is to tack, then immediately call for room to tack. Having said that, A lee bow or half bow tack under a stbd tacker into an obstruction is one of my favourite tactical manouvers. Good for a 2 to 3 length advantage over the stbd tacker and will easily invert their positions on the race course. stbd tackers should consider this before blindly calling it into a continuous obstruction and pissing the port tacker off. The RS in this case might be tactically better off ducking the port boat and tacking closer to the wall in clear air. but he probably won’t because...
  12. Spoonie

    Dooough Shit! Hugo Boss Cracking Up

    "Happy to crack on..." Nice pun their Alex, intended or not...
  13. I would suggest: Up wind: Going from 140 to 105 the CoE isn't going to change much if at all. Maybe a fraction forward and up a little owing to the loss of sail below the boom. Downwind: The CoE will go forward for what will already be an already forward position. It's important to remember that up wind, the jib and main act as one foil. The laymans method of calculating triangles and adding them together likely doesn't work because the CoE of the rig is not the CoE of the Jib + Main. it's the CoE of the sailplan that needs to be considered. The point of highest pressure is also typically forward of the geometric centre. With that in mind, Going from 140 to 105, the sail plan doesn't ostensibly change that much. Either way, I would dare suggest there is nothing in the change that couldn't be adjusted with a little mast rake. But I could be wrong. My own practical experience, I moved from a 140 to a purposely cut light air 105 without any issues, but I also had a dynamic rig tune done. Upwind performance (nominally flat waters) was better, the sail was easier to manage, but I traded off two sail reaching performance. Your mileage may vary. There's possibly a reasonable approximation by taking 40% of total chord length and averaging it more or less up and down the rig. I'd have to think about it properly and do the maths. *shrug*
  14. Spoonie

    Australian Sailing

    Hold your course?
  15. Spoonie

    Australian Sailing

    Oh good. I was afraid I was the only one who calls bouy room at the roundabouts