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  1. Might even be a little further when you are roasting like a marshmallow on a stick
  2. I take it you haven't just asked him to take a shower every now and then?
  3. And I'm not sure if you understand what having a backup plan actually means. The mind knows not what the tongue wants. People are biased towards asking questions towards the solution they think it will be. Beyond the Dennis conner suggestion (which I've heard a few times over the last 20 years, and is in the north U smart book) your comments suggest that you have a number of starting challenges of which your original question is the least important. Start by saying we (as a team) botched the start and that we (as a team) need to come up with a better solution. Don't point fingers, you could be asking something completely unreasonable of someone. Maybe your bow got it right and you or your skipper botched it. Calling the distance to the line is not simple. If it were, mid line sags/bulges would be non existent. Even the best won't get it right every time. I'm quite sure that most people doing it are giving little more than a broad, perhaps educated if you're lucky, guesses. The $200 answer could be to go buy a gps I can say this with absolute confidence because if you had done all of the above, you would not have been on here asking the question you asked, in the way that you asked it. Getting back to the DC idea, the easiest way to get practice to call time/distance *as a team* is calling the gusts. The side benefit is it teaches your entire crew to sail with their heads out of the boat. DC's suggestions included timing the light post as you drive down the street.
  4. Club racer electronics

    I've been toying with the idea of digital yacht style approach. Part of me wonders why a 7" Android tablet designed as a 12v bulkhead mount isn't a product. Enough Android apps out there you could get to do anything...
  5. Time for some boat handling practice. The comment about having a backup plan is extremely poignant, but unfortunately you've completely ignored it...
  6. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Well you did say it was misunderstood. I had it in my head the sea chest was at the mast step. Now just thinking about it I realise that was probably silly
  7. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Are you missing the sea chest shot? EDIT: I get it. I thought that was looking aft. Maybe it is. Maybe I don't get it
  8. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    What about the rum?
  9. Australian Boat Transport

    I overheard a conversation at melbourne airport a little while back someone charging 4x$2k (four crew) for sydney to melbourne.
  10. Exhaust Thru Hull

    Heya, My diesel exhaust thru hull is a fairly poorly made bit of stainless tube angled "down" to match the forward rake of the transom. I need to replace it and was hoping to do so with an off the shelf thru hull, except any such off the shelf product will extend perpendicular to the transom so will angle down slightly before connecting to the exhaust hose. Is that a problem? I couldn't find an explicit answer anywhere except for a diagram which advised against having dips anywhere between the elbow and the thru hull. Thoughts?
  11. Metal Boats

    I know Bob warned me but... Nearly touching but not actually touching or immersed. Subtle difference and largely defined by the run after. This is the transom of Mark mills designed c&c 30 No immersion but you will also note the curved shape. The boat is relatively wide and when the boat heels for upwind work and at hull speed, the flow just breaks free of the transom. That is maximising waterline length. Below hull speed, WSA and other drag factors dominate over WLL, including transom drag. One of your boats will never leave hull speed but even for a cruiser, getting to hull speed as quickly as possible should be of primary interest and probably where one of your boats will spend most of the time. It may be that you have found transom drag inconsequential but I would think only because total drag is already quite high *shrug*
  12. New vs. Old school blue water 37 footers?

    In the spirit of converting old racing boats, what about a sydney 38? (or 36) plenty on the 2nd hand market Cat 1 or near Cat 1 ready. Lots of 2nd hand sales, reasonable fit out below (bunks, showers etc...) simple systems, reasonable turn of speed, a few had previously been set up for the charter market.
  13. Steel Boats

    Am I mistaken in thinking you were involved with that kooka light project or whatever it was? was trying to find a link. Quite the contrast if so...
  14. Metal Boats

    Yeah not quite. Transom immersion on race boats works because they are going fast enough to have clean separation. in displacement mode, it is just drag. Kind of like dragging a brick through the water. The really high performance boats with transom immersion like the volvo's and imoca boats have ballast tanks forward to help give a nose down, transom out of the water trim in light air.
  15. Building my first boats

    No joke. Three Aussie kids under 18 have solo circumnavigated. All of them used S&S 34’s. One of them barely knew how to sail when he set off.