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  1. Kapteeni Kalma

    everybody doin' it?

    bplip, haha, I was going state that the slot is overrated, but then...
  2. Kapteeni Kalma

    everybody doin' it?

    It's all situational. Sometimes the ability to go higher upwind than your competition, or getting to the mark has huge advantage. That is possible in flat water and "designer wind" 10-15 kn breeze. When your keel is producing max lift in max upwind peed, with constant ideal pressure, minimal drag and max righting. The boom above centerline is like fifth or sixth gear. That's fine if you want to take quarter to half knot penalty of boatspeed for other gain (height).
  3. Kapteeni Kalma

    ClubSwan 36

    No canting keel with additional lifting angle, and small slightly curved asymmetrical board, which fights the straight-lined keel. How will they produce negative leeway? And skimming with maybe max 200 kg of lift?
  4. Kapteeni Kalma

    sometimes you just suck - FP

    DNS = Did Not Start DNF = Did Not Finish DNG = Did Not Go
  5. Kapteeni Kalma

    Fazisi Front Page

    There's an another book about Fazisi. "Race to Freedom" by Vladislav Murnikov. It is a good read. I wonder how well should Fazisi have done, had it been up to the original specifications on page 150: Displacement 38,200 lbs, Sail area 2800 sq.ft., SA/Disp. 38, Disp./Length 57. Built/modified numbers turned out: 49,000, 2700, 32, 73. Steinlager 2 numbers for comparison: 77,000. 4300, 38, 114.
  6. Kapteeni Kalma

    New imoca boats

    Mast (and ballast) is now just in the pivot point of pitch, so it does not hop up or down in chop. That saves energy. Comanche seems to bring less wash over deck.
  7. Kapteeni Kalma

    New Rambler

    The boom underside has a kink just at the wang point. On the other hand, flexible boom is fast in chop: wang sheeting mode!
  8. Kapteeni Kalma

    New Rambler

    The guestion is: Has R88 the new balance act? Short waterline reaching no bow pissing? Seen in Comanche with Spithill. Is it reality? Does R88 have it too?
  9. Kapteeni Kalma

    fixed carbon bowsprit

    The Platu pictured has certainly the right look and execution. Rare for production boat which is touched.