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  1. Santana20AE

    Chicagoland Trailer Sailing

    Cedar Lake, Indiana is small but close. Lots of sailing but mostly scows. The last time I was there, I saw at least one J-22, so a Hunter 23 is doable.
  2. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It strikes me as a numbers game. There are probably 10,000 jet skis for every wakeboat. However there are probably a 1000 wake boats for every 400 foot motor yacht. Its what one sees that bothers one, not what exists.
  3. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I can’t believe the size of those things. The gunnels are as tall sitting on the trailer as our S2 7.9. It takes a ladder to get in the things. As far as the wakes. In my “semi”-competitive waterskiing days, wakeboarding was just becoming popular. While skiing in a tournament, we had one of the really top young wakeboarders do a demonstration. Now this was not a true waterskiing lake but a small lake well adapated to tournament skiing. When the wakeboard boat made a pass, the wakes were so large, ALL of the water next to the shore moved out as the boats wake moved in. JUST LIKE A TUSUMI! Not a worry in these days and times. All the young wakeboarders emulate the pros, wakeboarding at 26mph with 75 foot lines. A few faceplants at those speeds pretty much ends the beginners careers in that endeavor. Now its surfing behind these behemoths. Again, not to worry, at the current cost of these things, it won’t be long until the credit card company wants the owner to start making payments. ($80,000.00 for Just a Prostar 190, a tiny waterski boat, can’t imagine what the behemoths cost).
  4. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    “My loss is your gain” should read My GAIN is certainly your LOSS! I am always concerned when a rough boat is offered and the seller says “HE” is taking a loss. Of course, one really needs to be concerned about the Osprey. Maybe PETA will purchase it and make arrangements for the poor critter.
  5. Santana20AE

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Not Craigslist; not mocking Regardless what you think of the boat, this is a sad story The man is honest, he definitely doesn’t sugarcoat it. Ensenada 20. Free. I bought this boat for my son. He was going to restore it so he and his fiance could sail in company with my wife and I in our Mac 25. Unfortunately, my son perished in a flying accident and so did did our cruising plans. The boat does not look this clean at present. It is completely gutted inside as all the plywood was rotted. it is a complete boat and will be a challenging, but rewarding project. These are nice little boats and this one could be again! Trailer cribbing needs replacement and probably the tires. Mast and boom are serviceable with great standing rigging Main and jib tired. Swing keel is out of the hull. I'm not going to provide endless photos for the mildly curious. If you're in the area, come and see it. If you want ir, drag it away. Boat is located in Elsie, Michigan.
  6. Santana20AE

    Coolboats to admire

    I am not a big fan of the deck layout but my personal preferences be damned. She is a beaut. I think I could live with her.
  7. Santana20AE

    The Future of Propulsion

    Living on a lake with good wind and being retired, we sail when the wind is right, not when we have the time or are not at work. So, long motoring when the wind dies is not typical (for us), Using a small electric trolling motor on a Santana 20 has worked just fine. Our lake has decent wind and often we can sail into our slip or sail away from our dock. So, basically the electric is used to get to and into or out of the slip and keep the bow into the wind when the sails are raised or lowered. However, electric power has not been perfect. Speed, even in a boat as light and easily pushed as the Santana has not been great. 2.5 knots on a calm day, getting out and swimming her home on a day when facing a stiff headwind is just about as quick. And, The dang little motors give up the ghost about every five years or so. Then, its off to the marine store to get another. I believe that a heavy duty electric might hold up quite well, assuming it can stand the moist area of a bilge but trolling motors, not so much. Electric has uses, but I think there has to be a better way, either diesel or some method yet to be developed.
  8. Santana20AE

    The Future of Propulsion

    Though I am not versed in the subject, I have often wondered why more effort has not been placed in hydrogen technology. My impression is that we have been thoroughly showered in the wonders of electric propulsion in all things, using heavy batteries that continue to be a problem manufacturing and charging. While I believe a smaller, quickly interchangeable battery might work for automotive uses, everytime I suggest this, it is either ignored or shouted down as impractical. (Like spending three days to make a 10 hour, 500 mile road trip with today’s electric vehicles is “Practical?” ) Finally, I suspect the masses think electricity appears magically in the sockets, never realizing that electricity has to be generated, either by coal, natural gas, thermal, hydro or nuclear generators. Hydrogen seems to have so much promise, but as you stated, the stuff can be awful sneaky.
  9. Santana20AE

    Sad end to a once nice racer. But what is it?

    This has got to be one of the saddest stories of 2020. So many fine memories, and that which those memories were made on, is dying a slow and miserable death.
  10. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Very hard to say. I think I would budget the cost of a new build, first rate in every way, and then decide if the older hull was worth it. But then again, many of the older boats required such an extensive rebuild that only a few minor pieces of the original craft were left. A new boat altogether using the lines of the older craft.
  11. Santana20AE

    Coolboats to admire

    I don’t know whether to love or hate this post. This is something I really would love to own, but as was previously said, the maintenance would be a nightmare. Excepting, if this is what I really had to have, I would have annual or semiannual professional maintenance budgeted for work on the bottom, brightwork and all the systems.
  12. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Now she does have some redeeming value. Just look at that outboard motor mount. Think of the money the prospective purchaser can save by not having to purchase a long shaft outboard. Why, even the shortest of the short shaft outboards will easily reach the water. As low as that outboard motor bracket is, one will not even need a lower unit on their outboard. The powerhead will be dragging in the water.
  13. Santana20AE

    Comfort zone: air draft/bridge clearance

    As I said, we have two bridges on the ICW in the Ft Walton Beach area that rate no more than 49 feet and depending on 48 feet is not guaranteed safe
  14. Santana20AE

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Its not just boats, its property as well. Whether dolled up for the photo, using angles or camera lenses to distort the reality or just plain neglect after the place was put up for sale, its not what was pictured. We have been looking for land or a decent home near our son. It is shocking how good may of the homes look in the photo. Once one sees the place, one wonders who many dump truck loads will be required to haul off the trash (scattered around the property). A fellow really has to study the photos to see the actual condition of the home. Worse is descriptions that are not descriptions of the property being sold. Nothing like checking out a really nice bit of acreage, with a third party broker, only to have some run out in thier pickup to tell you that you are trespassing on thier land. (Actually happened.). Yep, sure enough, after we explained the situation, everything deescalated and the owner of the land where we were standing showed us the actual property for sale. The land for sale was not the nice open land advertised, but a cutover woodlot. Our broker has the courtesy to require we see, in person, any property we might want to purchase. Good to see honesty for a change.
  15. Santana20AE

    Comfort zone: air draft/bridge clearance

    ICW requires a 65 foot clearance. That will get a lot of 35 footers under without many issues. However, Choctawhachee Bay and the Santa Rosa Sound have three “jewels” two old one fairly new that top out at 50 feet on a good day but don’t you believe it. Pushing much more than 48 feet is really pressing it. 49 feet ADWL can be done with winter tides. The bridge at Destin, the Bridge at Ft. Walton and the Navarre Beach Bridge. The Navarre bridge is fairly new which makes one wonder why it was not built to standards. The Bridge at Ft. Walton and Navarre are both ICW bridges and see barge and towboat traffic regularly Now the rig measures mentioned earlier are totally worthless for bridge clearances. (in my limited opinion) This measures the rig only. The only true measurement for bridge clearance safety has to be from the top of the mast (including all antennas and windvanes, etc) to the waterline.