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  1. Santana20AE

    Soverel 27

    With the Santana 20, suffering major damage and Getaway (S2 7.9) a write off, It may well be time for a new boat. I have thought about larger boats for some time but have decided, I don’t want major systems and major headaches. Also, I want a boat that I can reasonably pick up and take home. Forget larger. (Than the S2) The only boat I can think of that might meet the criteria and be reasonably affordable is the Soverel 27. The Soverel is light enough to tow (3900lbs advertised Displacement) Narrow enough to tow (not exactly but being 3 inches over, who is going to quibble) and has an inboard so I won’t have to fight the outboard issues. Draft is 5 feet, which might be an issue on Caney Creek Lake but heck, maybe we can spring for a deeper slip. (Dept at the end of our dock is normally about 6 1/2 feet) Of course trailer launching will just not be happening. Keel stepped mast is also a potential issue. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Soverel. And a big question, does it have a solid hull or a cored hull? With a reefed main and a blade, could she be handled by a slightly over middle age couple with decades of sailing experience? (Well maybe a touch older than slightly over middle age, how bout Very old but still pretty and Ancient.) Oh we are retired so money is not unlimited
  2. Santana20AE

    Laura and Sally

    I believe you are correct on the hull deck design. I am not sure how easily the deck work could be. The hull does not outwardly show any cracking or splitting. But as you and Jim say, it looks like something a person who is experienced in major repair would need to asses. Then, we have to decide if the cost of repair (including a new mast) is more than replacing the boat.
  3. Santana20AE

    Laura and Sally

    Overlap with sealant and then riveted through the rubrail.
  4. Santana20AE

    Laura and Sally

    Fix her or forget her...The landing was not as soft as I would have hoped. The deck has ripped loose from the hull (as viewed from inside the cabin. But at least she is on her trailer. The mast has a really nice pre-brend in it, unfortunately to Port
  5. Santana20AE

    Laura and Sally

    Getting back to the subject at hand, The mast, which is not obvious in these photo’s is toast. It now has a permanent bend. Unfortunately it might work great in a blow on port but would be all wrong on starboard. So, getting her upright (waiting on the track hoe) is just part of the problem. There is a small gap between the keel and the hull (an issue that is not unusual for Santana 20’s but the keel is true to the hull. Initial inspection of the hull shows no issues though we can better asses this when she is upright. The trailer has been repaired and is ready to receive Anna. If worst comes to worst. I will remove her keel, cut safe port holes in each side of the hull, and make her a play pirate ship for the neighborhood children. I will not, repeat WILL NOT, NEVER EVER take a chain saw to this little boat. Been watching Teddy, Praying it will move east and dissipate. As far as Beta, what a month! Just what I need, another hurricane. I am thinking of moving to Montana. (Excepting I hate cold)
  6. Santana20AE

    Laura and Sally

    No worries, never thought of it as a criticism.. Every indication was that this hurricane would miss us.
  7. Santana20AE

    Laura and Sally

    You have a good point and I believe that is what saved Getaway and her sister S2 just past her. (In Florida where Sally was supposed to hit Louisiana but hit Florida instead) Anna was only on the trailer temporarily and the hurricane that hit our North Louisiana Home was predicted to hit Florida, not western Louisiana. Then, instead of hitting northwestern Louisiana, the eye passed within 25 miles of our home (as a Cat 1 hurricane) in north central Louisiana. We did what we could in the time we had, but it was just a mess.
  8. Santana20AE

    Laura and Sally

    Getaway survived Now to get the Mast Step repaired that we damaged trying to get her ready for Laura So, Laura said (four letter expletive deleted) you and headed straight for Louisiana Now, I still have to get AnnaEleise back on her trailer and obtain a new mast (if there is no hidden structural damage.) I have the trailer repaired
  9. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    The potted plant is a deal maker (SARCASM INTENDED) for me. Just thing, one more thing I have to worry about taking care off. I suppose since the “Kitchen” is so close, I suppose I could draw some water from the “GALLEY” to keep the plant going.
  10. Santana20AE

    Chicagoland Trailer Sailing

    Cedar Lake, Indiana is small but close. Lots of sailing but mostly scows. The last time I was there, I saw at least one J-22, so a Hunter 23 is doable.
  11. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    It strikes me as a numbers game. There are probably 10,000 jet skis for every wakeboat. However there are probably a 1000 wake boats for every 400 foot motor yacht. Its what one sees that bothers one, not what exists.
  12. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I can’t believe the size of those things. The gunnels are as tall sitting on the trailer as our S2 7.9. It takes a ladder to get in the things. As far as the wakes. In my “semi”-competitive waterskiing days, wakeboarding was just becoming popular. While skiing in a tournament, we had one of the really top young wakeboarders do a demonstration. Now this was not a true waterskiing lake but a small lake well adapated to tournament skiing. When the wakeboard boat made a pass, the wakes were so large, ALL of the water next to the shore moved out as the boats wake moved in. JUST LIKE A TUSUMI! Not a worry in these days and times. All the young wakeboarders emulate the pros, wakeboarding at 26mph with 75 foot lines. A few faceplants at those speeds pretty much ends the beginners careers in that endeavor. Now its surfing behind these behemoths. Again, not to worry, at the current cost of these things, it won’t be long until the credit card company wants the owner to start making payments. ($80,000.00 for Just a Prostar 190, a tiny waterski boat, can’t imagine what the behemoths cost).
  13. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    “My loss is your gain” should read My GAIN is certainly your LOSS! I am always concerned when a rough boat is offered and the seller says “HE” is taking a loss. Of course, one really needs to be concerned about the Osprey. Maybe PETA will purchase it and make arrangements for the poor critter.
  14. Santana20AE

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Not Craigslist; not mocking Regardless what you think of the boat, this is a sad story The man is honest, he definitely doesn’t sugarcoat it. Ensenada 20. Free. I bought this boat for my son. He was going to restore it so he and his fiance could sail in company with my wife and I in our Mac 25. Unfortunately, my son perished in a flying accident and so did did our cruising plans. The boat does not look this clean at present. It is completely gutted inside as all the plywood was rotted. it is a complete boat and will be a challenging, but rewarding project. These are nice little boats and this one could be again! Trailer cribbing needs replacement and probably the tires. Mast and boom are serviceable with great standing rigging Main and jib tired. Swing keel is out of the hull. I'm not going to provide endless photos for the mildly curious. If you're in the area, come and see it. If you want ir, drag it away. Boat is located in Elsie, Michigan.
  15. Santana20AE

    Coolboats to admire

    I am not a big fan of the deck layout but my personal preferences be damned. She is a beaut. I think I could live with her.