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  1. Santana20AE

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    We were trailering our S2 7.9 behind our 3/4 ton Suburban on the interstate and had a blowout. The HD Suburban is such a solid towing vehicle that without hearing the bang, we would have never known of a tire failure.
  2. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    with the obviousl “Loving” care this poor craft has received, I am surprised, No Shocked that the poor little boat is still afloat
  3. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    What’s all this complaining about ferro cement boats? When one gets tired of sailing her..They make great Flower Beds for the Misses.
  4. Santana20AE

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    I am 71 years old, yet I can still remember my 7th grade core teacher (taught history, English, spelling and reading in one three hour daily session) explaining to us that inflation was not such a bad thing. He lived through the Great Depression and knew the effects of a severely depressed economy. This was just one of many small tidbits he threw in extra during the course of our daily lessons Mr. Dunn, of all things, having followed in your footsteps as a teacher I can say the lessons you taught us, go far beyond the expected and you remain the finest of inspirations in my life.
  5. Santana20AE

    Pearson 33-2

    Did a search, did not turn up much Anyone have any ideas on this boat wth a deep keel? May be the last watercraft we ever purchase
  6. Santana20AE

    Tiller steering, relocating traveler from stern rail.

    I am wishing we had a new deck for our Santana. She is getting quite old and very tired. The deck is suffering, the hull, and the rest of her is not too bad. It seems that WD Schock is only building the new Harbor series and no longer builds major parts for the little boat. Still it is good that they continue to remain in business.
  7. Santana20AE

    Tiller steering, relocating traveler from stern rail.

    Now Santana 20’s with the old style deck are sailed with all three crew in the center cockpit leaving the main sheet traveler behind the helmsman. Singlhanding. Its a real joy steering with your the foot while trimming the jib sheet. But the cockpit is small enough that it is doable. (Cause I do it all the time)
  8. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

  9. Santana20AE

    Coolboats to admire

    Gunboat Rangiriri Don’t know if she has been here before but she remains one of my all time favorites. Certainly my favorite IOR boat. (Because she is so,so in-IOR like)
  10. Santana20AE

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    In its time when pinched sterns and broad beams and raked bows were all the norm (IOR norm that is), I thought there was something special about the hull shapes of the US branded boats. Now I know Wondering if Doug Peterson ever got a penny from the use of his designs?
  11. Santana20AE

    Show your boat not sailing

    This is a nice looking boat for sure
  12. Santana20AE

    Best sailing lakes North America?

    Speaking of wake free zones, we have two kinds of folks in our “northern meaning North Louisiana” neck of the woods 1. First group...Any speed below 70 mph is no wake (so mushing along just where the hull makes it’s maximum wake is really not a wake producing speed and that is ok) 2. Second group...Any speed above ABSOLUTE ZERO (meaning where all molecular movement stops) is TOO much wake No one seems to know the difference or care. The second group hates everyone (and expects the government to fix all their problems, meaning we taxpayers have to fix the lake so their below grade lake property won’t flood) and the first group is so brainless, they couldn’t care even if they wanted to. And so ends the rant, especially considering the dangling participle.
  13. Santana20AE

    Show your boat not sailing

    I am told that inboard boats that are converted to outboards, still do not perform as well as original outboard boats. The ballast is roughly 150 pounds less and is placed further forward (obviously to balance out the weight of the inboard) Its a mess that considering all the alternatives, I simply am not willing to address.
  14. Santana20AE

    Show your boat not sailing

    At one time, MANY moons ago, I thought outboard power was the panacea of sailing. Now the darn things are everywhere and I can’t figure out how to get rid of those on my two keelboats. I was going to do a blasphemy and install a saildrive on the S2 until I learned that the ballast location and amount are different between the original outboard powered boats and the inboard powered boats. I have a trolling motor on the Santana and while it works fine getting into and out of the slip (On the Lake) getting from place to place when the wind dies is a slow and often unrealistic expectation.
  15. Santana20AE

    Best sailing lakes North America?

    Well that eliminates our Santana 20. When the wind picks up, she makes quite a wake. Guess Colorado really, really does want me to stay away.