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  1. In addition to what has been said above, the interview in Sail World where he demanded an apology from the Race Committee for daring to protest WOXI, and promised to provide evidence that they did not breach any rules. Despite ample evidence from commercial entities that track AIS data that they were not transmitting. Given MR has given an assurance that such evidence would be forthcoming, he is no longer entitled to any benefit of the doubt. He took the ball into his court of his own volition. He gets judged under the terms of those actions. Demanding an apology from the RC for daring to do their job simply comes under the category of dick behaviour. It pretty much rates with BJ moaning to the media but declining to protest. Given how there is considerable evidence to suggest that the RC actually knew the protest would be bounced, and filed it with no further action to bolster their case - action that may otherwise have taken it out of the conflict rule's range, one is left suspecting that they turned a blind eye to the issue to ensure WOXI got the win and hoped like hell the issue of AIS would be forgotten. MR is probably not going to get another get out of gaol card ever again.
  2. Instead they came away having been booted where it hurts, with nary a public apology or explanation from the competitors involved, the Race Committee or the Club. Well he is sort of right. So long as you include WOXI in the list of competitors involved. Right now the only reason anyone remains interested is because of MR's rant in Sail Word, and most importantly his promise to prove their AIS was working. The only public apology or explanation due is currently the one from MR. Nobody else. MR is two weeks overdue on that very public promise. WIthout that explanation, the only apology that is expected is one from him, apologising for the slur on the RC. The implication of Gladwell's missive is that the "RC and Club" are somehow complicit in deliberately tarnishing WOXI's name. Which is ironic to say the least. Most people will read events as the RC and the CYCA being complicit in an effort to manage things to ensure WOXI kept the win, whilst being seen to do something about BJ's complaining. The perception being that the CYCA treat the Oatley's in a special manner. If true, the previous chair of the IJ not being invited back this race is damning. Currently, it reads as if Gladwell is drinking from the Oatley cup. I suspect that MR has been told in no uncertain terms to STFU. We will never hear anything else from him on this subject.
  3. Francis Vaughan


    All a bit sad at the moment. They do have a problem with the name, and I don't they can be allowed to get away with THE Ocean Race. The fully crewed ocean race, perhaps, but I get ahead of myself. So in the spirit of Prince Rogers Nelson, aka Prince, aka the artist formerly known as Prince, aka The Artist (plus a funny squiggle later called Love Symbol #2). The race should be called: The Fully Crewed Ocean Race Formally Known As Whitbread Or Volvo Ocean Race. This usefully becomes the FCORFKAWOVOR where the preferred pronunciation is: Fucker Fucker Whatever. This can be usefully contracted to simply "The Fucker". From now on, anyone who has sailed any Whitbread or Volvo Ocean Race, or the race in the future, can claim to have done The Fucker. Sailors will wear as a badge of honour having done The Fucker, and doing The Fucker, a dream for all young sailors. Thus I think we have saved the current owners of the race some significant worry, and they can now proceed secure in the knowledge that the race will henceforth have a truly memorable and distinctive name, raising its profile above almost all other sports. They can now move their attention to less pressing matters, such as naming the start date.
  4. Random will be so hurt they didn't go with him for the cover.
  5. Always loved the Dockers for a satirical band from Melbourne. They hold the distinction of being only one of three bands I have ever gone to see two nights running because the first night was so damned good. (And they still tour.) They were smarter than they appeared, and with some pretty dark messages occasionally. But immense fun. For the perplexed a "divi van" is slang for a Divisional Police Van.
  6. Francis Vaughan

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Nice video, but they totally wrecked it in the last two seconds.
  7. I'll claim Chisel for SA, even though, like most bands, success required an eastward pilgrimage. The Oils will cheerfully give credit to Birdman as an influence. Of course the irony is that the main influence on Birdman was the Detroit scene, Iggy Pop and MC5, via Deniz Tek. Birdman still tour, with a majority of the original lineup.
  8. If we are doing rock bands whilst we wait for MR (aka Godot) IMHO the pivotal bands that defined the scene for the states were really: Vic: Birthday Party, NSW: Radio Birdman, Qld: Saints, SA: Chisel and Angels (although the Angels decamped to Sydney on getting successful.) WA: Triffids YMMV. A friend of mine noted that after this, the shadow was long, and bands in each state owed a great deal to these bands. ACDC are missing from the above, they sort of vanished and became international stars. The next decade of course got us bands like INXS and Midnight Oil, but they owed a debt to those who had come before. (I am told that there is a clip of Radio Birdman live where you can see Peter Garret - with long blond hair - pre Oils, in the audience.)
  9. Only a little? I'm not trying to defend MR here. I'm just being a geek, and having some fun doing a plausibility tear down. Mostly an intellectual exercise - if it were true that the helo did it - how did it happen?
  10. I don't think anything could possibly be fried in the physical damage meaning. I'm trying to be very generous. At absolute best all I can find plausible is a glitch that locked up the splitter's internal logic. In my game that does count as fried - in the "my brain is fried" meaning. One needs a few volts in the right (wrong) place, and no power dissipation is needed. But I think you do have a pretty clear idea of how generous I'm being. Even with everything going for them in the excuse game, the helo would need to be pretty damned close. As you say, inverse square will wipe out 10dB of gain pretty swiftly. Radar is an interesting matter. I don't think WOXI carries one (can't see any trace of one installed). Only needed for Cat 0. Getting a radar installation sorted would probably shake out some latent issues with the installation they have. The fact that they claim their systems locked up, WiFi was lost, and they had to reboot stuff is both plausible and lends a little credence to MB's story. This mix of consumer level technology (WiFi, on board PCs etc) and marine stuff always worries me. There is a clear problem in the way these are integrated. One sees things like USB ports in nav gear that are not galvanicly isolated, and come with dire warnings they can cause anything from unreliable operation to system damage if grounding is not right. Seriously? Its this sort of problem that lets me give the story some little credence. If we do allow them their excuse, it would be a lot of holes in the Swiss cheese all lining up. Doesn't say it didn't happen, but it helps to keep it in perspective.
  11. Depends on the beam angle. 20 degrees is about as tight as I would imagine they would get - that needs a dish about 30cm across. So maybe they managed to illuminate WOXI. OTOH, you make a good point about the altitude of the tower. Not being a Sydneysider, I tend to forget how hilly it is.