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  1. interested party

    Elijah Cummings DTS

    Sad day.
  2. interested party

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    Go team Bravo !
  3. interested party

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Hopefully the RC learned a lesson and included a mark on the other side of the island rather than just being emphatic in their oral announcements.
  4. interested party

    J70 mast jack fail/vid. credit to Mudratz Racing

    A new mast on a Melges 24 is around 12k plus delivery.
  5. interested party

    Pearson 26 Hull #1 on Ebay for $10 with one day left. Boston.

    The keel on the Pearson 26 is iron. It looks pretty nice for a 50 year old boat and hull number 1 would be pretty cool for someone who wants a project.
  6. interested party

    Apologies owed for the witch-hunt

    And Al Capone wasn't a murderer either. If he was, they wouldn't have put him in jail for tax evasion. I'm sure the Chicago police completely vindicated him and apologized for any murder investigations they may have done.
  7. interested party

    No flag, no foul!

    95 percent of situations are covered by knowing 3 and a half pages of definitions and 5 pages of Part 2 "When Boats Meet". Is that really too much to read and learn?
  8. interested party

    Musicians Who Deserve Their Great Reputations

    See you then. Looking forward to it. Saturday, October 12 (Columbus Day weekend).
  9. interested party

    Greenport Ocean Race - 10/6

    We went with a course that was not listed. Sent them to R4 at Southwest Ledge. Basically it is the shortest course that we could do still say we sent them to Block. All week it looked light and we were planning on the Montauk Course (about 54 miles) but at 0400 of race day the forecast showed a bit more promise so we went with this course which was about 64nm. First boat to finish crossed the line at 17:59 and the last one finished at 22:43. A long day for some but everyone was happy that they went to Block. The 114 year old Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup was won this year by the J111 Bravo. The first time in the last 11 years that a J105 did not win it. Steve Marenakos' J105, Reckless came in second and Barleycorn, a Swan 42, came in third.
  10. interested party

    Race the Case

    There were a lot of silly people there Snaggy.
  11. interested party

    Race the Case

    So, which way do we round the marks if they are green on the course board?
  12. interested party

    donated race boat bargain (maybe)

    Just thought I'd add that the Greenport Ocean Race will be on Saturday, October 6th, this year and we'd love to see both Siren and White Rhino there again. A buck a foot docking at Mitchell Park Marina for Friday and Saturday night and the awards party will be just 100 yards from your boat.
  13. interested party

    61.1 Informing the Protestee

    No and no. No collusion. Just a bad experience and a lesson learned.
  14. interested party

    61.1 Informing the Protestee

    Thinking about 'deeming' SI, It seems to me that the reasonableness of deeming a notice on a noticeboard to be sufficient notification, is predicated on a protestee being aware of the protesting party's intention to protest, (in accordance with rule 61.1) in order to alert them to check the notice board. This was my point. It was properly listed on the board, but since the protesting boat never hailed and did not immediately fly a flag, we had no reason to look. I asked for a re-opening to at least discuss validity, but the PCs position was that , since it was properly listed and I did not attend, they would not re-open. Lesson learned. Check the board, even if you have no idea that you might be involved in a protest.