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  1. I'm happy to let you know that the Greenport Ocean Race 2017 and Greenport Bay Race will be on Columbus Day Weekend this year. The Whitebread will be on Yom Kippur. The Greenport races will be held on Friday, October 6th and race headquarters will be Brewers Stirling Harbor Marina. The marina is offering "buck a foot" docking for Thursday and Friday nights. The awards party will be Saturday in the Brewers yard. This will be the 10th Greenport Ocean Race.
  2. Andiamo was also taking the credit, and after the protest, they took it away from him.
  3. And he felt he should get the credit and nobody else should. That is why he protested the fleet.
  4. There's always one A hole in every fleet. This one protested the whole fleet because the 111s get a 3 second credit for having a furler. Although none of the boats actuallg furl the jib, he felt since he at least raises the jib on the swivel, he should get that credit and nobody else should. When it was heard, and it was clear that nobody, including A hole, had either roller battens or vertical battens , they took the 3 seconds away from all 111s including A hole. In Tuesday's racing, the only boat whose result became worse was A hole himself. The one good thing that came out of it was that it brought the fleet closer together as everyone now had a common dislike.
  5. You can have a working VHF on board and not be monitoring it, since the course is posted on the board. Race committee boats use flags and course boards so that boats don't have to constantly monitor VHFs to know what is going on.
  6. The race committee, according to what I've read here, posted one course and announced another. All of the boats sailed the course that they saw or heard but some boats sailed a much shorter course because the posted course allowed them to. As far as no fault of their own, the boats that sailed the longer course did so, not because they made an error. They did it because the RC called it the round the island race, even though rounding those 2 marks did not require a boat to actually sail around any island.
  7. And 9.1 says "THE COURSES 9.1. The courses will be displayed on the RC Signal Boat using a horizontal arrangement of mark symbols reading from left to right in the order of rounding". The 3 boats sailed the posted course. Probably the best solution would have been for the other boats to have filed for redress on the basis that their finishing places were made significantly worse through no fault of their own because of a race committee error. That would have to have been filed in the normal protest time limit, so that ship has sailed.
  8. I think I'd go with a foiling optimist.
  9. Mexicans trying to cross the frozen Rio Grande.
  10. Looks like 70 boats this year. 125 just a couple of years ago. I guess people can figure out when it all becomes just about the money.
  11. 60 some entries. Its not what it once was. Too bad. Used to be a good race.
  12. Try Uship https://www. uship.com/ .
  13. https://www.facebook.com/QuantumSailsNewport/videos/1355988327750895/
  14. You have to read the whole defiinition.. The Leeward side is the side on which her mainsail lies..
  15. Agreed. It was doomed.