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    Calypso Ultrasonic Anemometer

    Yes it does. Things like AWD, AWS seem correct from eyeballing. I don't know about the computed true values due to lack of a reference system. Some features such as Roll, Pitch and Compass (maybe this one is but hard to tell) are not exposed in the App.
  2. bilgejuice

    Calypso Ultrasonic Anemometer

    I have the Ultrasonic Portable (Bluetooth). It's solid and works as advertised but you have to be a DIY'er to really use/enjoy it at the moment. I have found using an App to get wind information isn't very practical.
  3. bilgejuice

    Zhik ZKGs

    Same here, I had them for maybe 1 month before the mesh started to detach in the toe area. Contacted APS, they said to send it back and I never heard of them again.
  4. bilgejuice

    Melges 24 vs Seascape 18

    $34,995 (from the Seascape USA website). It includes everything you need to go sailing but you'll likely need also a Trailer and there are a few other useful extras (sail covers, mooring kit, ...).
  5. bilgejuice

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Bosh was already an investor in Torqeedo and Torqeedo was recently acquired by DEUTZ (industrial combustion engines). I'm personally still happy with my Torqeedo but some things are questionably flimsy.
  6. bilgejuice

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    By pause I meant something that appears to be a ramp function. It takes about 2 seconds for the motor to catch up with the tiller when transitioning through neutral rapidly. The two seconds may feel like an eternity for the anxious man to abort and pull out of the slip. My 1003C was manufactured in early 2017 if I recall correctly. Anyways, my thought in regards to the remote throttle is that it's an add-on and has a shelf life of its own and was maybe manufactured way before they started to mitigate E45. But this is speculative on my end.
  7. bilgejuice

    Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    Wondering: I think the brain box is in the tiller and one thing they did to mitigate E45 was to add a pause when switching direction to prevent rapid changes. Does the remote throttle do the same?
  8. bilgejuice

    Marina Advice on LIS

    All marinas in proximity to New York City with (reasonable) access to Public Transportation and/or walking distance have collectively agreed on roughly the same rates. If that's important for you then there's IMHO no good way to save money and as you go further out you'll start trading the savings for time and possibly end up sailing less. Assuming easy access is important but you want to get out of the city: Up the Hudson River in Ossing there's Westerly Marina (Green Line Metro North, short walk), City Island (6 Train and then Bus), Mamaroneck (Red Line Metro North then walk), Port Washington (LIRR, then Bus, Water Taxi or walk). I ended up in Port Washington. There are a few Marinas, the Water Taxi operates a Mooring field and so does the North Shore YC. Getting there is for me easier and slightly shorter than City Island. I recommend to play with Google Maps and see what the commute options are.
  9. bilgejuice

    Garmin gWind Wireless 2

    What I was trying to say is that ANT would allow you to go straight to any device you like without having to buy some other Garmin middle box. Garmin is proactively preventing it. It's as if Garmin was to say their wind transducer uses WiFi but you need their special WiFi router to pick up the signal. Many phones have built in ANT support these days because of the same radio stack as BT and Wifi and the countless fitness trackers. It's just not being advertised much. Anyways, probably not relevant if you don't care. I didn't want a Garmin middle box that requires external power to read the signal.
  10. bilgejuice

    Garmin gWind Wireless 2

    I was looking into it for a while but decided against it. The use of ANT (same 2.4GHz wireless spectrum as WiFi or Bluetooth) over FDX is progress but don't be fooled by it in terms of openness or how it relates to ANT+. The ANT spec itself is open but the payloads may be encrypted and Garmin makes use of it. You can't use with anything other than Garmin devices. I guess what I'm trying to say is that their marketing material referring to ANT technology may be just BS depending on what you're hoping/looking for.
  11. bilgejuice

    Torqueedo Travel 1003 vs. Honda 2 HP

    Here are my results. No current, light wind on the beam. All measured in one go without changing direction and starting at 100% battery charge. I tried to measure in one knot increments from slow to full throttle. The 3-4kts is my sweet spot in terms of range. So far I've been using it only to get in and out of the marina and one battery charge should last for many weekends. I'm happy with my choice as handling gasoline on that boat would be difficult.
  12. bilgejuice

    Seascape 18

    I'd recommend to talk to Toralf. There is stuff on the price list that is mutually exclusive and other things that may or may not make sense for your sailing needs. The boat is sailing ready in its base configuration with high quality race grade fittings and gear (been mentioned before and can't be empathized enough). Everything else is kind of individual, dependent on your situation and I think you can walk away with a nice configuration that's smack between the two numbers that have been mentioned (+ delivery).
  13. bilgejuice

    Handheld Color GPS

    Just a random thought but some of last and this year's smartphones are waterproof. For example the Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhones. There are plenty of test videos about that on YouTube and they usually break way beyond their official rating (you don't want to take your boat that deep). Heavy duty (waterproof) cases are also readily available if you want to protect against drops or corrosion. Slap an orange GoPro style floaty to the back to prevent it from sinking. Install Navionics, or OpenCPN, or whatever and you're good to go. I know it's a bit absurd but you don't have to use them in the capacity of a phone.
  14. bilgejuice

    Torqueedo Travel 1003 vs. Honda 2 HP

    It's the one with the larger 915Wh battery (TT 1003C with short shaft to be exact). My boat is a Seascape 18 but I don't have it yet. It arrives next week in the US and delivery to me is in about 3 weeks. Up until then I've to take pleasure in measuring the engine's Bollard pull in the bathtub.
  15. bilgejuice

    Torqueedo Travel 1003 vs. Honda 2 HP

    Hey there, I'm a long time boatless lurker which will change very soon. One of the things I had to decide on is whether to go with a gas or electric engine. I was considering the Suzuki for a while but ended up getting the TT 1003CS which arrived yesterday. I'm happy to elaborate why I picked the TT but this and the other Torqeedo thread were very helpful in my decision process (thanks Bull). I'm quite excited to see how things work out (or not) and report back. I'll be in coastal tidal waters with no charging capabilities underway. Regard waterproof: It's rated IP67. The battery module is quite solid, same goes for the housing of the motor. I bet they can withstand submersion way below the official rating. The tiller is possibly the weak link with the IP67 rating. But it's important to remember that we're still talking about full immersion (read: it will run underwater).
  16. bilgejuice

    Instrumentation wireless/bluetooth

    @kgs113 I can't help with your query but I'd be interesting hearing how it works out once you get it setup.