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  1. 2017 Garda Moth worlds

    Maybe Blair is controlling it from the beach riding a bike. Does Pete's new boat have a wand? SW
  2. 2017 Garda Moth worlds

    Exactly. The AC sailors being in Bermuda was one of their selling points for holding the regatta there. My comment was tongue in cheek. SW
  3. 2017 Garda Moth worlds

    Bermuda. Not sure the dates, but apparently all the AC sailors are going to be there for it because they live in Bermuda...
  4. 2017 Garda Moth worlds

    Perth 2019 - ready to buck the trend.
  5. 2016 moth worlds: Hayama

    With so much development going on that pushes the limits of the class coming from professionals (ie salaried sailors, sailmakers, boat builders etc), it could be possible that the main office bearers of the class being volunteers is leading to a situation where the inmates rule the asylum as there is just not enough time for the volunteers to stay ahead of the game. The "hard arsed bastard" that appears to be part of the solution is a big commitment to take on, especially if they have to pay to travel to across the globe every 12-18 months to the worlds regatta, and then compromise their own regatta (assuming at this point they can afford the time to train) arguing with people about their sail numbers because they didn't read the SI's and ISAF guide. its an interesting issue, and I'm sure its not isolated to the Moth Class. SW
  6. 2016 moth worlds: Hayama

    I think they just shut their eyes Phil and use their Jedi powers... its the only way I can explain it... SW
  7. 2016 Australian Moth Nationals

    Photos from practice racing are up on the facebook page. Link below. SW
  8. 2016 Australian Moth Nationals

    48 Entries so far, some pretty big names on the list. Boats from Tas, Vic, NSW and QLD are on their way, as well as internationals from ITA, GBR, HKG and JPN Should be a cracker!! Entry List is here: http://www.sopyc.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Moth-Entry-as-at-17th-December.pdf More info on the facebook link below! Cheers SW
  9. 2016 Australian Moth Nationals

    NoR and Entry Form is now active online at the website below All entries received before 31st October 2015 are in the running for the Early Entry prize draw. International Sailors welcome... http://www.sopyc.com.au/…/2016-international-moth-australi…/ Cheers SW
  10. 2016 Australian Moth Nationals

    Planning is still ongoing or the 2016 Moth Nationals. We have some sponsors lined up, and some solid prospects also, and there is a fair amount of chatter going on over on facebook. BTW, free camping at the club, OR, discounted apartment / houses available locally if you don't want to sleep rough. More details on facebook. If you have any questions or comments, drop them in here and I'll respond ASAP. Cheers SW
  11. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Must be interesting to try and gybe without a bridle to hold onto... hopefully see some more photos soon! SW
  12. 2016 Australian Moth Nationals

    We released our event logo last night. IMCA-WA are proud to release the event logo for the 2016 Australian National Championships for the International Moth Class. The Moth fleet are invited to return to the birth place of the Foiling Moth on the Swan River and enjoy the consistently fresh Fremantle Doctor seabreeze. South of Perth Yacht Club located in Applecross on the Swan River is proud to host this prestigious event. All Mothies are invited to come and join us for what will be an awesome event. More announcements are to come soon regarding exciting sponsors, logistics to get here, notice of race and more. Cheers SW
  13. 2016 Australian Moth Nationals

    I think it is still early days, if you are a member of IMCA in Qld, NSW, Vic or Tas you will probably get an e-mail from your national rep soon. If you don't, give them a poke and ask what's their plan is. Subsidised travel was voted in at Sorrento, however I think the mechanism stil has to be sorted out. Cheers SW
  14. 2016 Australian Moth Nationals

    Phil: That's great news about the container. Agree that freighting boats and flying is the quickest way, driving is a trip in itself if you have time to enjoy the trip and stop at a few sights. If you guys all agree to fly on the same flights we can probably arrange to pick you up from airport if you don't want hire cars (especially if you want to camp at club). Keep the comments and ideas coming guys., now is the time that we can help with logistics for those that are undecided. Cheers SW
  15. 2016 Australian Moth Nationals

    Our trip to Sorrento from Perth was staged as follows: Perth to Balladonia. Balladonia to ceduna Ceduna to Bordertown (Vic / SA) Bordertown to Sorrento (via ferry) On the way back Melbourne to Adelaide Adelaide to Ceduna ceduna to Balladonia Balladonia to Kalgoorlie kalgoorlie to Perth Basic rules were On the road by 6am Daylight driving only Fuel / lunch break at midday In bed by 9pm Worked well with a 3.5yr old in the back Other guys pushed it with 3 drivers and a short sleep each night, did it in 3 days. Cheers SW