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  1. AC Youth Cup

    Im part of the team. We started this project like a dream between friends, everybody said us we were crazy, and yes we are. we made all by our selfs, nobody belived on us. But the months pased by, and the project went growing each day. Now we count with the support of all our country, and money its not longer a problem. a marketing company is making a good buissnes with the project. We are glad to anounce that Lucas Calabrese and Juan De La Fuente (470 Bronce at London) have joined the team as on water coaches. Also we count with the support of Santi Lange, as technical advisor. We now have to wait to be selected on December. We expect to be one of the teams at the YAC and we are making a big effort to reach there.
  2. AC Youth Cup

    Argentina is training in f18 to gain cat experience. Also they are sailing at soto 33, and soto 40 (fast big boats) to train team cordination. there are 3 f18 sailors, 2 470 sailors and 3 49er sailors. 5 with world titles, all with national titles. we are also in an advance training program 7 days a week. 4 days at the gym double turn. 3 days of running with hills, 2 days 16 km, 1 day 21km. our trainer lead Argentinian sailors to 5 olimpyc medals. we aslo have a sport doctor that is helping us to optimize our bodies and reach our max weight. Depending on the selection series on febaury, we will chart an x40 or sl 33 for our training.
  3. AC Youth Cup

    Just put like https://www.facebook.com/#!/Ac45YouthAgentinaTeam , in few days we are presenting our web page. Thanks Team Argentina