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  1. jkeeley

    Heavy Metal

    What happened to Heavy Metal?
  2. jkeeley

    syndicate , partnership or crew on 1D35?

    ID 35’s are great but to sail one requires bunches of crew. Why not buy melges 24. Less moving parts. Going from a 70’s racer cruiser to a complicated 35 footer will be a test. The melges can live on a trailer and be more fun for less.
  3. jkeeley

    What is the boat on the left?

    Evelyn 32
  4. jkeeley

    how fast is it?

  5. jkeeley

    how fast is it?

    A perfect example why sailing is declining. Looks real family friendly, and affordable.
  6. jkeeley

    what was it?

    Went to see JB Express before Christmas. Made an offer to purchase the boat. Could not get the deal done. The boat is pretty far gone, lots of deck delamination. Major project. Really sad to see it in such disrepair.
  7. jkeeley

    what was it?

    Not at all been restoring boats for 20 years. Daunting I guess if your not able to do the work yourself. I have the shop and the knowledge. If the structure is sound how looks is really irrelevant. The process is the same. Someone asked “how do the get so wrecked”. They are over 30 years old. Good news here is that it hasn’t been used hard for quite some time.
  8. jkeeley

    what was it?

    It is Mace. Not as bad as it looks. As a hobby we redo old morc boats. Just gave Mace to Steve Shaw who has the same disease. Condition is only cosmetic. I would powder blast this boat and start over. Cool old boats that need saved.
  9. jkeeley

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Thanks SBBB, wanted to see Mace when it was new. In the middle of a major overhaul.
  10. jkeeley

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Does anyone have pictures of Mace. The g&s 25, trying to see the paint scheme.