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  1. Foils

    Unfortunately I', still looking, how do I enable 'Ignore'?
  2. Foils

    What is the link to set up the ignore function please?
  3. Spawn of tin can ?

    Interesting.. Will always give that starboard rights!
  4. Foils

    Ha! DL can also be credited for the color scheme (rEd) that Artemis 'stole' from his pond toy. Geni-Us that knows no bounds
  5. Frog

    dont uPseT anyone
  6. Frog

    The Dogfather of fLoiling?
  7. Frog

    Looks like theres a bit of floatation in those outrigger foils? I'd be worried about them bashing on the bottom in a bit of chop though.. Looking fwd to more progress pics- Cheers!
  8. Frog

    outrigger assisted mono? Whatever it is, it certainly looks interesting and nicely built too. Thanks for the new thread, I wasnt really following the other one so glad I checked on it and saw this machine. Please keep posting pics, info and videos when available..
  9. Corsair Pulse 600

    I love the look/idea of this thing Groucho.. can you start another thread about it? It much prefer to read about it right now than the Pulse. (Just jealous, cant afford one yet)
  10. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2016

    A pretty comprehensive list Mark, I concurr.. Orange foils esp a good call. The only extra I would add to this would be the masthead airbag system mentioned here http://www.f-boat.com/pages/background/capsizearticle.html A friend of mine here with a Little Barrier Express cat has made up his own, with a autoinflating lifejacket incorporated- not as yet tested in the field...
  11. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2016

    From VMR Whitsundays Newsletter https://vmrsamsonpost.wordpress.com/activations/august-16/ "Activation Report 17/08/16 Skipper: Paul C Crew: Tom & Roger Task: Search & Salvage, near Double Cone Islands Called out at 1330. A trimaran contesting day 5 of Airlie Beach Race Week had capsized 1 mile from North Molle in an ebbing full moon tide and 25 knot winds. The crew had been taken ashore by another boat and we were tasked to locate and secure the vessel. We left at 1415 with a spare anchor on board and collected a bouy/marker from MSQ and redezvoused with the crew at Abell Point before heading out. At 1450 we started a pattern search with wind and tide in mind – it would be somewhere between North Molle Island and Double Cone Island, but white caps made it difficult to spot the trimaran’s white hull. Our search was unsuccessful – as had our attempts to get a helicopter, due to their busy schedules, combined with a storm front moving through. At 1730 the skipper/owner of the stricken vessel had engaged a helicopter and within 15 minutes it found the vessel one mile from Double Cone – just outside our search pattern. We were there in a few minutes and one of the vessel’s crew attached lines to the hull. With all 600 horses in action we made several attempts to right it with another storm brewing, but were unsuccessful and towed the vessel to a shallower area, bearing in mind the vessel’s still attached 15 metre mast and rigging. Their crewman swam back to the vessel to retrieve our main tow line and attached the MSQ marker bouy. At the owners request we used our second tow line to drop our spare anchor and headed back to Abell Point. Hay Point VTS was notified and a SECURITAY message issued. We were back in pen at 2000 – almost 6 hours in stormy conditions. Time on job: 5¾ hours. PS: For further information about the aftermath of this activation, please see our Facebook entries."
  12. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2016

    It doesnt LOOK too bad.. but weird. Siamese twin catfish?
  13. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2016

    Wrong boat mate. Has no cabin and some funky foil thingies on the bows. Thats the puppy, Cheers. Zeavard is 30ft i think, aborted its circumnavigation in WA and was sold off..I dont think it had the bow canards like the 22ft version. The 22ft'er has some interesting concepts but smelt a bit fishy to me when i read the report on how "well" it went in the bay 2 bay. Cock crowed too early it seems..? If anyone on the ground can get some 'goss' from the owner/builder Len Surtees while at Hammo Id be very interesting to see what is up with it. Also if anyone has sailed against it that could make some observations would be interested in hearing them also.
  14. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2016

    So is the Surtees cat mortally wounded, or just off cruising instead? Last race 1, DNF race 2, DNC race 3... not a great debut. Just one pic of it sailing will satisfy my curiousity, more details would be appreciated.. anyone?
  15. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2016

    From VMRs Facebook today.. "Just a quick response to some of armchair experts who seem to be saying that VMR Whitsundays coulda, shoulda, musta done more for "Closer to God" after it capsized. Please keep in mind that VMR's primary role is to save lives at sea, not to get involved with search and salvage of abandoned vessels. The crew had been taken off safely, so there was no real need for VMR to get involved. However, at our discretion, we may do so as a service to the boating community, which is what happened last Wednesday. Some folks have asked why VMR did not right the tri. A trimaran is very stable when upright, until a large force causes it to capsize. It then becomes even more stable upside down, especially with rigging and sails still attached. The crew of VMR1 made a number of attempts to right the tri, but as this one is more than 10 metres long, and therefore bigger and heavier than VMR1, the chances of success was small, even in calm conditions. A proper tug boat MAY have succeeded, but VMR1 is not a tug boat. The other comments relate to the anchoring of the vessel and how it broke the mooring. The owner was onboard VMR1, and it was his decision to anchor the vessel. He was fully aware how long it would have taken to tow the vessel to a safer anchorage, especially with 15 metres of mast and sails hanging down below it. This also seriously limited where it could have been towed to. The owner was not able to get back to the vessel for 36 hours, by which time there had been a number of full moon tides, and several storm fronts had moved through, hence it was no real surprise that the vessel had broken free. The ground tackle would have had to have been much more substantial than could have been carried by VMR1; maybe an anchor suitable for a small freighter, a few tonnes of chain, and a 150 mm hawser!! The reality is that VMR Whitsundays did the best they could do in the circumstances, and at least we gave it a go. To top it all off, we have lost our spare anchor, chain and one of our towlines. " https://www.facebook.com/VMRwhitsunday/photos/a.241339302690035.1073741827.232876100203022/659658577524770/?type=3&theater