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  1. I am trying to play by the rules and it was a good deal. See you LCSC in august big fleet anticipated. RL
  2. Weta anarchy

    I think the traveller system is ok, but now because the sheet position is behind the end of the tiller you have to cross over the main sheet rope. Not like a laser where the sheet is lead forward on the boom to the forward cockpit. Only a problem in heavy winds when you have to work the sheet. My 2 bobs worth.
  3. You really can't go past the weta for sheer fun and convenience
  4. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2016

    I've bought a WETA......................... What colour ............................ Yellow..............blah blah blah
  5. GoPro mount for weta

    Hi all I have seen the GoPro training footage using a long stick off stern, has anyone tried the RAM fittings, ball joints etc, thinking of attaching a shorter one to the tiller . Clamp type with extenders on tiller or back beam, height may be an issue. Cheers
  6. Bay to bay. Who is in?

    That's BS if anything changed o/n at Garry's they would have noticed slingshot did not have SMS last year. I have given up sold the boat.
  7. Bay to bay. Who is in?

    the doughboys ran aground twice last year but still won PBH, figure that. I give shorty a good chance to win sportsboats.
  8. Looking for a Elliott 780 (AUS)

    final decision sold, did you buy it?
  9. Bay to bay. Who is in?

    Not much interest, last year Sunday was a farce, raced from Sheridan flats to Duck Is., about 30% of normal distance. Then we all had to sail around the top of Woody Is to get home. Have you got plans for a mother ship because not having one makes it very hard for boats that can't go to the beach o/n. There would be more coming from our club if we could organise. RL
  10. Weta anarchy

    Hi all So I have mothballed my laser, and bought a weta, sailed last week for the first time and can't get over this putting the tiller extension out the back of the boat when tacking. Has anyone tried the laser method , bridle over the top of extension and forward of blocks? What could go wrong? Thanks
  11. Looking for a Elliott 780 (AUS)

    Indecision , did that boat from NZ have carbon rig at the time?
  12. Looking for a Elliott 780 (AUS)

    Yes, advertised on boatpoint. Owner desperate to sell cheap. Sure it's heavy but a lot out there falling to pieces built too light there have been some full carbon builds but have not seen them in ads for some time. Rl
  13. Looking for a Elliott 780 (AUS)

    one in Bundaberg , fast all the gear