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  1. nroose

    everybody doin' it?

    This boat has a blade rudder and a fin keel, but a bit more rocker than the most modern boats and the fin is much lower aspect ratio than most modern race boats, so not as quick, but fairly efficient, and a bit more forgiving against stalling. And above the waterline the hull has traditional shape with overhangs. I don't know what the real wind speed is, what their polars are, whether this works well, or whether they are pinching a little for some tactical reason.
  2. nroose

    Is this the Figaro III?

    Those 70s are big, but also decades old. It's really hard to know what conditions would favor which boats. I guess the F3 will have trouble keeping up for the duration, but I really don't know. Seems like the Riptide 41 is a more apt comparison to the F3.
  3. nroose

    everybody doin' it?

    Only a few feet above the boom, the leech is not above centerline. I am guessing that the foot isn't optimally trimmed, but the overall sail is close.
  4. nroose

    Plane Missing

    The fact that there's evidence that it wasn't an international conspiracy is the most compelling evidence that it was!
  5. nroose

    Plane Missing

    I think if we are to find this thing, we need to use a fleet of something like this:
  6. nroose

    Team NYYC

    How about: If enough of you buy our sails, we'll be too busy building your sales to come whup your asses!
  7. I keep seeing this on my new post filter. Team NZ and Team NYYC are headed toward an epic battle!
  8. I will be surprised if it is not quite different from the original simulated videos.
  9. nroose

    Team NYYC

    About Ameresco, a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Company George P. Sakellaris
  10. It's going to be exactly the same. Actually, they will fail to build physical boats, so they will just sail simulators against each other, and it will be that same simulator! I am interested in seeing what really happens. I hope no one gets killed.
  11. nroose

    Swede 55

    This is the nicest one! A shame it was not built.
  12. nroose

    Oracle Team USA

    Whoa! You won the internet! Congrats!
  13. I love the look of gaff rigs. I love to sail them. But my experience is that they have a much lower power to drag ratio.
  14. nroose

    Team NYYC

    Uh... In general, bigger is more expensive. And less OD is more expensive. And bigger OD is more expensive. And generally it's harder to do OD if you go bigger, because more of the stuff that isn't OD can be very different in engineering. Sure, not "mutually exclusive", like playing professional American Football and professional baseball, as Bo Jackson did for 4 seasons, are not "mutually exclusive", but they are generally at odds with each other.
  15. nroose

    F-22 Update

    Actually, I was thinking that it would reduce the violence of luffing, so the sails would last longer.