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  1. Dont forget poor old Chutzpah....... SMB 3 had a new hull (read 3.5)put underneath the existing deck and rig as did Alfa/Shockwave 72. Loki and Limit were altered mid build. Inside Limit you could see where they had chopped and changed it. One of the established issues with these boats was the placement of the chines, most of the people involved believed they were too low.
  2. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/more-sport/sydney-to-hobart-winner-to-have-new-skipper-lithuanian-boat-to-join-race/story-fnducgor-1226478120608
  3. Probably because I think she is now up on the hard at SCM. But it could just be one of those new lightweight power line poles poking up over the bridge...... Does GR have top mast diamonds instead of top mast caps/cathedral style rigging???
  4. Shock 40 in Melbourne for the Summer???? (Edit: Going to Brisbane) As for a coach, Brett Young would be worth while looking into, he is based is Adelaide but spends a bit of time in VIC.
  5. Yendys? The most backward city I can think of. Edialeda? I like it, but it will be Yendy's for Hammo and maybe Airlie. Just a charter. Boat is owned by Karl Kwok. Not sure if it will stay in OZ though.
  6. Yendys? The most backward city I can think of. Where is Bribon now? WTF? Not in the USA so why would you give a f*ck? Thanks for the bump in the thread though, forgot about this one, good work keeping it up the top of the pile.
  7. Bribon not headed for VIC. Will be landing in Brisbane soon, will be at Hammo named after a certain backwards city.
  8. Is Philosphers measured for IRC with all these mods? Sounds like it is no longer of the same design year! Don't get me started....... Same hull factor???? Same rig factor??? ................
  9. They don't want to listen, they just want to believe! BTW what is story with the other one at Kettering that I have never seen off its mooring. Blue and Red stripes with MH rig Who built them both as well? I heard you!! So when was Whistler designed/built?
  10. But it doesn't end there....... I beleive your boat along with Supernova now have the CR keel on them after both having the same issue of draft exceeding depth at different points on Sydney harbour!!
  11. Just a roughy, but here goes: Original boats had the larger mast head rigs, a beut looking navy blue boat called Kingtide was the original timber plug. Local hero, Tuffies Foxy Lady, the original Amante amongst others. The original BH36's. In that build process, Sunsail had about 6 dumbed down versions built with shorter rigs for the charter fleet. These included one of the boats that Evo mentioned up thread. Saltshaker amongst others. Definitely mast head rigs, just shorter than the earlier IMS models. After those, there was a great boat called Pamela C built for a car dealer in Pittwater. It had a carbon mast with non-overlapping rig. It had the same keel as the IMS boats but I believe that has been changed since. It did very well in the early days of IRC and was a well campaigned boat that was put together well. The Carbon mast was a glamour for it's time. Next cab of the rank was a current MHYC boat but was originally for a pittwater owner called "Stormaway". 2nd boat with a swept back rig, although this one was alloy. Conventional poles but has since been retro fitted with a bowsprit I think. This boat was the first with a heavier T bulb fitted to the keel. Following on from that, Sydney Yachts launched the "Sports" which was basically Stormaway but with a long retractable bowsprit. TWU was one of the first with Supernova and a QLD boat which is still on the market called Springfield or somthing like that all similar boats. There were about 5 or 6 of these built. Supernova had a stepped in stern, but still an enclosed cockpit. After these boats, a new deck mould was built, a smaller fixed/plug in bowsprit added and a new refined keel and possibly rudder was fitted, this became the CR. Plenty of these built, one of the first was the new Amante. The old IMS/masthead Amante was sold to Hobart and became Pieces and now Whistler. It now has the swept back rig but still the original keel AFAIK. As I said, a couple of handfuls made of this model. One of the last was The Philosphers club. Less said about this franken boat the better. Ugliest boat on the water today. Stripped out downstairs, tiller steer, stern scoop, extended dick on the bow to allow for bigger jibs etc etc.... I know there will most likely be a few errors in the above but I reckon it makes a good story.....
  12. That will fix it. And there is currently only one Chutzpah? You should get out more I wouldn't know how many Chutzpahs are still active, maybe there should be one more??? I get out plenty, thanks for your concern.
  13. And who named the boat that???? If it's the one that came out of Westernport Marina, it was called, wait for it.... Midnight Rambler. Could that be the above mentioned IOR 40? The Hick was changed after sale, I saw it in Melbourne a while back and was named something else. Putting the "name withheld" aspect aside, i can understand they want to rename the boat because it is pretty famous under that name after winning the 1998 hobart? Yeah, as above.... a bit sad. Make their own history with the boat. Happy for you, but I can't understand why you would ever do it.
  14. Can any of you blokes tell me what the Hick 35 ex Midnight rambler and ex Chutzpah was called during it's stint in Melbourne? It's back in Sydney now and re-named Midnight Rambler, causing a bit of confusion during last Friday nights race to Flinders, they were out for a "practice run" and radioing in with Sydney coastal patrol. We were doing the race on the same patch of water..... We can't work out why they would re-name her back to Midnight Rambler, if they wanted the orginal name it was Chutzpah wasn't it?? For the record, the boat was sold with the name withheld, was in the contract, but it doesn't stand for the next on-sale..... Bit sad... but whatever floats their boat.....
  15. Local Hero 1.059? new rig?? Same rig, no overlapping headsails. Well thats the way it was at Audi..........