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  1. moody frog

    Classics racing Melbourne

    Superb !
  2. moody frog

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    From launch in '73 (!!) Revolution had been extremely spartan below, basically bare with hinging aluminium bunks and one single chart table + galley joinery. 4 or 6 years later, Jean-Louis Fabry, the owner, invested in a toilet - or m;be the rules forced him to do it ? - As a lover of very basic jokes he re-christened the boats as "Revolootion" and the joke went on and on, along the season, to what you saw.
  3. moody frog

    New imoca boats

    Yes same time as the mast(s) Single keel-strut manufacturer (milled steel)
  4. moody frog

    Loïck Peyron

    He has placed an order for a Figaro 3 (just like Desjoyeaux and Beyou ........)
  5. moody frog

    Figaro solo

    There is a selection competition - running every two years I believe , and again soon - where the Port la Forêt training center screens a few wannabes - with credentials - to choose one winner which is then sponsored by CMB bank and Brittany for a several years Figaro campaign (2 + 2 years). Luckily for Simon, very specific and temporary business reasons made the bank want to have an IMOCA campaign for 2020 VG ... IIRW, Vincent Riou is to run the team
  6. moody frog

    Figaro solo

    Yes Worthwile ! My curved arrow was purposely not precise as I was not too sure of what I remembered of a conversation held at 12pm But: what you say is roughly what I remembered of the conversation, Good Ltiri and Morgol are quite clear too at daylight. Many moons ago we were using it as a week-end lunch and drinks spot. You had to be careful with water height at low tide though and quite a few drinks were finished, sitting on the rail of the heeled yacht
  7. moody frog

    Figaro solo

    Molene archipelago is not too difficult (although I never tried with that sort of draft) and I find rock hopping to be now much easier with Adrena etc... at large scale.
  8. moody frog

    Figaro solo

    Tougher than anybody when it comes to tackle rough water on any sort of craft !! :)
  9. moody frog

    Figaro solo

    Leo and Shaggy, Further to my earlier quoted post, just got to talk this week-end with a friend who was on a race organisation motorboat. Key of the inside Ushant leg was a few sailors, led by Seb Simon, going through Molene archipelago instead of the main Fromveur channel, despite Fromveur being known for strong tidal current, they had more in the archipelago micro-channels. (and may be a better angle) So despite what I said old school ruled over electronics :)
  10. moody frog

    Figaro solo

    Hi Leo, Inside Ushant: I'm not close enough to the Figaro world anymore, but I suspect -specially in those low wind conditions - they would sail with the GPS loaded chart at large scale on a tablet. I tried that for fun on a motorboat (in comfort) what you can do is incredible. Electronics rule : the latest tool that everybody seems to have now is a software called WindBag by TekMor, which - linked to Adrena - analyses and redress AIS data from the other competitors. On his tablet the skipper sees whether he is sailing at 90% or ...105% of the other's performance : food for skipper's thought !
  11. moody frog

    Figaro solo

    To put things into perspective: Early Monday morning, North Coast of Brittany, Gildas Mahe, then in the lead, cheating the tide ...... Taken with my phone and no zoom, sitting on the beach.
  12. moody frog

    Dick Carter design boats

    Joran (post "Red Rooster") surgery
  13. moody frog

    Dick Carter 35

    Being built at Windboats, it has to be the '76 designed 3/4 tonner "Ragtime" series.
  14. moody frog

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    Yup, that's very surprising to say the least. 2 days later one has to flip through a number of pages of "Ouest France" and "Le Telegramme" (whose subsidiary runs the Dong Feng program !!) to find a small article. And that's a race won by French skippers in 2 of the last 3 editions........ May talk a lot about jornos being in the hands (sic) of the usual suspects' P.R officers
  15. moody frog

    Pier View (Cowes) closing. End of an era

    Wow !!! Where, ages ago, I misspent my twenties The then, very nice, publican Clive moved to East Cowes in the late 70's