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  1. A big project!

    Don't know what his plan is, but there certainly is a market for classic wooden yachts. Two rules though to attract wealthy buyers. 1- Have a strong pedigree and the "stories" to go with it 2- Be restored to "Bristol fashion" Tally Ho certainly fully fulfill "rule 1" Good luck to him.
  2. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm ? was the question,, If one looks at it from boatbuilding there is certainly a gale coming.! In Beneteau group latest published figures Lagoon cats are over 45% of sailboats sold in T/O (including Jeanneau and Beneteau) boats) while rival Fountaine-Pajot is very close to Lagoon,, Add the South-African yards + others like Outremer or Sunreef ....... multihulls are a very sizeable chunk of cruising sailboats sold. Sorry to shout; handling mistake
  3. Driving the West Coast of France - Thoughts

    As Laurent says,, not much to be seen in Saint Nazaire regarding racing sailboats,, just the huge cruise-liners in build. As for Brest, forget it:: zero to be seen except on R.T.W arrival days. I would not go much further North than Port-La-Forêt the home of C.D.K and Mich Desj with close-by Concarneau, a nice old city with a small superyachts yard and Roland Jourdain's base with "Safran", perfect place for a dinner / lunch.
  4. Shocked and sad, In the late 70's the office I worked in was inside the Maas compound, (I can still remenber the smell of the resin from the Standfast 40 laminating). Impressive operation and impressive man, designing,, building.. a lot .. and helming to win on the water, so impressive that I did not realize he was then still in his 30's ! A great man of yachting.who deserves to be long remembered.
  5. RIP Doug Peterson

    Cool and efficient ! To me DP and R.H typified the sailing 70's,, So long Mr Peterson, be happy wherever you are and thank you for so many great sailing days.
  6. Ultime / G-Class Development

    http://www.ultimboat.com/ultime-news-4 That's his plan, he is out of a job and out of a sponsor (PRB are mothballing the IMOCA till 2020). Money remains to be found !
  7. Coolboats to admire

    I said from the beginning with my wife. If I can't make it with her I won't make it with anyone. I also said if we ever got divorced I would by a 10,000$ boat and just leave. Well... This boat is looking better by the minute. A few things may be common, but if you look at all craiglist pics, it's a much much "older" hull shape and keel. lots less to admire (but I'm totally biased from youth experience)
  8. Ultime / G-Class Development

    After G XVII was slightly shortened, the "only" thing which prevents her to be an Ultim is that her foils trimming is "assisted", which up to now is not class legal. Gitana team hopes on the Class to change their mind on this. Probably once they have raced their own boats and faced Gitana ..... How is their foil trimming assisted? It doesn't really make sense to allowed assisted foil trim and not sail trim... Assisted may not be the right word. What I understand is that they want to be able to trim foil position in 2 (3 ?) dimensions at the tip of a button, just like in the A.C Whether they ultimately want to link that to some kind of INS system I do not know. In other words, not replacing man-power but improving trimming speed.and response time lapse.
  9. Plastrend/Composite Technology 1976 Peterson 1/4 Ton

    Dutch FB page "1/4 ton zeilers" just featured Lowell North's '74 Peterson 25 https://www.facebook.com/kwarttonzeilers/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
  10. My newest project

    Had to tell it once ! Ruby makes my day when I look at your posts in the next morning
  11. double down

    + 1 Nothing new: single luff double ply has been around for quite sometime. French/HKG sailmaker Ancel-De Vries built a pretty good business with those on small newcomers boatsin the early 80's. just to have it fade away abruptly. (don't ask me why !) Note: Double headstays were common, long long time ago when i was a kid (Big spins were considered as monsters), they were a nightmare, with piston hanks catching the "lazy" headstay in tacks when not jumping misteriously from one to the other
  12. "Dis is Sayula"

    Tabarly was against the concept of handicap racing, so probably yes! !!! As he was one of the best RORC (pic 1) and CCA (can't find pic of shortened + bowsprit P-D II) rule tweakers, I somehow doubt this, but .... what do I know
  13. Ultime / G-Class Development

    After G XVII was slightly shortened, the "only" thing which prevents her to be an Ultim is that her foils trimming is "assisted", which up to now is not class legal. Gitana team hopes on the Class to change their mind on this. Probably once they have raced their own boats and faced Gitana .....
  14. VG & IMOCA prospects

    Yu R welcome And... do not forget this summer attempt at a 4th Figaro crown, busy years ahead.
  15. VG & IMOCA prospects

    Here we go again, http://www.letelegramme.fr/voile/imoca-beyou-c-est-reparti-pour-un-tour-19-04-2017-11481649.php Jeremie Beyou secures big 5 years budget with "Charal" largest French meat-processors (and once Kersauson sponsor) New VPLP full-on boat to be built by CDK for 2018.