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  1. Tether clips

    Yup, Mike Gibb was a brilliant engineer, could be very much forward thinking if not always in line with market expectations. Pitifully I can't remember which of his famous sailing connections had inspired that work. Incidentally, Gibb had just heavily invested into investment casting, a technology shortly to be killed by Wichard's cheaper forged technology. (they successfully moved the casting operation into other businesses, though)
  2. Tether clips

    Most probably true, from my memory chandlers looked as thinking "over complicated and expensive", in the early days
  3. Tether clips

    Mike Gibb introduced the double-effect hook earlier than the Fastnet disaster. That was prior '77, when I stopped working for them. Gibb's hooks were investment-casting S/S, which offered the same side resistance as forged, expensive though. Nota: still having mine 40years ! onwards, but never had to put it to test..
  4. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    From the tracker he looks like going downwind to Ushant. Fast crossing the busy cargoes "railway" from the Lizard to Brest might have been deemed dangerous, which is understandable. The last miles watch will be tough enough like this.
  5. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    I guess he IS pessimistic on radio scheds (fingers crossed ;)) but his team and officials don't look so Just on local FB 37 min · DÉC17 Arrivée du trimaran MACIF à Brest dim 9:00 · Quai du Commandant Malbert, 29200 Brest, France 1 280 personnes intéressées That's Sunday morning, which would mean crossing line late Saturday (FR) at the latest.
  6. Team Actual west-ward tour

    Friday is very close to Saturday ....... Good that the start-finish line is that wide
  7. Transat Jacques Vabre

    Leo, one thing which strikes me in this TJV (or am I taking my dreams for reality) is the younger generation coming up fast and hard. I believe this is a significant aspect of SMA performance, and one needs to come down to De Pavant to find one "usual suspect " after Dick-Elies This is even more true in Class 40. Healthy if that's right
  8. Jeanneau Fun 24 - Anyone with experience?

    Steam Flyer told most, if not all, of what was to be said. The Fun O.D was developed by Joubert-Nivelt at the request of a French Businessman, who, despite owning in succession a successful 1/2 tonner, an Admiral's cupper and a Worlds winning one tonner, wanted to answer the "inflation" in 1/4 tonners sizes and costs, by a trailerable one design class. J/N had previously developed a small 1/4 tonner with a Soling rig (of whch there were plenty near new ones on the 2nd hand market). They tweeked it to the looks of their then current half tonners. As the sole owner of the drawings and name, this businessman granted the building rights to Jeanneau in France, to Ranger (part of Bangor Punta as Jeanneau was) in the U.S and to Lillia the Italian Star builder. (Incidentally, as he had trademarked the word FUN, he sued each and every windsurf board manufacturer to erase the word Fun from their board names ....) The class had a short revival in France, kind of 8 years ago. http://fra-classefun.blogspot.fr/ It is still lively in Italy. http://www.classefun.it/ You'll find pics etc... in there
  9. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Jean-Yves Bernot, the longest standing guru and quite a number of RTWR records under his belt.
  10. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Ushant to Good Hope timing to be watched
  11. A big project!

    Don't know what his plan is, but there certainly is a market for classic wooden yachts. Two rules though to attract wealthy buyers. 1- Have a strong pedigree and the "stories" to go with it 2- Be restored to "Bristol fashion" Tally Ho certainly fully fulfill "rule 1" Good luck to him.
  12. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm ? was the question,, If one looks at it from boatbuilding there is certainly a gale coming.! In Beneteau group latest published figures Lagoon cats are over 45% of sailboats sold in T/O (including Jeanneau and Beneteau) boats) while rival Fountaine-Pajot is very close to Lagoon,, Add the South-African yards + others like Outremer or Sunreef ....... multihulls are a very sizeable chunk of cruising sailboats sold. Sorry to shout; handling mistake
  13. Driving the West Coast of France - Thoughts

    As Laurent says,, not much to be seen in Saint Nazaire regarding racing sailboats,, just the huge cruise-liners in build. As for Brest, forget it:: zero to be seen except on R.T.W arrival days. I would not go much further North than Port-La-Forêt the home of C.D.K and Mich Desj with close-by Concarneau, a nice old city with a small superyachts yard and Roland Jourdain's base with "Safran", perfect place for a dinner / lunch.
  14. Shocked and sad, In the late 70's the office I worked in was inside the Maas compound, (I can still remenber the smell of the resin from the Standfast 40 laminating). Impressive operation and impressive man, designing,, building.. a lot .. and helming to win on the water, so impressive that I did not realize he was then still in his 30's ! A great man of yachting.who deserves to be long remembered.