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  1. moody frog

    Pier View (Cowes) closing. End of an era

    Wow !!! Where, ages ago, I misspent my twenties The then, very nice, publican Clive moved to East Cowes in the late 70's
  2. moody frog

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Recollections too of a year never to be forgotten. HKG did not charter boats, they had Vanguard and Uin Namara,, Dubois twins built locally, and La Pantera a new Peterson built in Japan. France had Revolution, Jubilé (former Yena II) and I believe Accanito by Joubert. Jubilé was 2nd AC (3rd overall) in the Fastnet just behind Eclipse. Revolution was 3rd or 4th AC in Fastnet, Accanito retired (rudder I think) Silver Apple of the Moon might have raced for the Swiss, and Yes ! the daggerboarder Evergreen was there, good choice for that Fastnet
  3. moody frog

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    IIRW, that Silver Apple was a Palmer-Johnson '75 one ton raced by Holland and Pattison in the '75 one-ton, which became Spanish for the Marseilles One Ton cup, where I saw her. It would be: '75 Silver Apple one-tonner - '76 Silver Apple H.T - '79 Silver Apple of the Moon.
  4. moody frog

    Morning Cloud III

    Taking the risk of being pedantic - 5 was alloy built by Martland, which allowed RH to rebuilt the little "extreme" 77 stern in a new one for '79. (interesting stern comparison between MC '77 and Marionette '77) - 4 was not "that bad" and pleased her next Belgian owner as Phantom II, till he sadly died when tacking her during Cowes Week '79 ! P.S: 5 survived the Fastnet, yes,, and they must have been happy in retrospect to have broken their carbon rudder stock in the Channel race
  5. moody frog

    What class is this ?

    Although Florida and a typical 1960s French class sounds a strange fit...... this looks very much like
  6. moody frog

    New imoca boats

    And, besides the Gpma engineers JK can draw on the cluster of engineering and 3D offices located in Valencia, who have been involved in previous foiling projects inc. Gpma.
  7. moody frog

    ton fun

    Yup, conditions were different according to boat size, boats between 22 and 25' IOR suffered the worst of the low on or close to Labadie Bank; the shallower part of the Land's End / Fastnet leg.
  8. moody frog

    1st JPK 11.80 launches

    Custopol is a clue to Gery Trentesaux' involvement. RORC racers should pay attention
  9. moody frog

    Bigger Swan info

    You should definitely check the Wauquiez Centurion 47, classic lines by Dubois, and different arrangements with either 2 or 3 double cabins.
  10. moody frog

    Tether clips

    Yup, Mike Gibb was a brilliant engineer, could be very much forward thinking if not always in line with market expectations. Pitifully I can't remember which of his famous sailing connections had inspired that work. Incidentally, Gibb had just heavily invested into investment casting, a technology shortly to be killed by Wichard's cheaper forged technology. (they successfully moved the casting operation into other businesses, though)
  11. moody frog

    Tether clips

    Most probably true, from my memory chandlers looked as thinking "over complicated and expensive", in the early days
  12. moody frog

    Tether clips

    Mike Gibb introduced the double-effect hook earlier than the Fastnet disaster. That was prior '77, when I stopped working for them. Gibb's hooks were investment-casting S/S, which offered the same side resistance as forged, expensive though. Nota: still having mine 40years ! onwards, but never had to put it to test..
  13. moody frog

    Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    From the tracker he looks like going downwind to Ushant. Fast crossing the busy cargoes "railway" from the Lizard to Brest might have been deemed dangerous, which is understandable. The last miles watch will be tough enough like this.
  14. moody frog

    Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    I guess he IS pessimistic on radio scheds (fingers crossed ;)) but his team and officials don't look so Just on local FB 37 min · DÉC17 Arrivée du trimaran MACIF à Brest dim 9:00 · Quai du Commandant Malbert, 29200 Brest, France 1 280 personnes intéressées That's Sunday morning, which would mean crossing line late Saturday (FR) at the latest.
  15. moody frog

    Team Actual west-ward tour

    Friday is very close to Saturday ....... Good that the start-finish line is that wide