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  1. moody frog

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Daily small reports in the press, a few TV and radio news - not everyday - + prior and later interviews with the skippers. B to B meetings etc... for them to organize. RTW records get big coverage though. Gitana is a "special case"
  2. moody frog

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Both these teams, like Sodebo, run 7 digits yearly budgets and a high number of employees (crazy a it may look for one race a year), flying a repait team, toolboxes and spares is no object
  3. moody frog

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    IIRW, the IMOCA project was masterminded before and beside the Ultime problem. As the marketing operation they are , BP team wanted to add some "political correctness" and start a "girls too" policy . They felt that a 2nd hand boat would be adequate to start a long term program; Armel- without a boat and on the pay roll - became an accidental adequate coach. FWIW
  4. moody frog

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Although I'm not privvy to any information, one answer may lay in this quote from the organisers PR " after having obtained the green light from the maritime authorities," The Atlantic ruling Admiral has two main priorities in his job - keeping Brest fairways clean for Nuclear submarines. - keeping the traffic lanes and DST's clean and duly controlled. I would guess that he is a bit nervous seeing 4 extreme boats racing at 30+ knots in those waters and that his staff certainly remembers Banq Pop disabled and broken in Brest entrance a few years ago. A few miles west of West-Sein any mishap would be limited to the yacht's fate. F.W.I.W P.S: Admiralty priorities has always been and is now, more than ever, a problem for yacht racing from Brest.
  5. moody frog

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Nice pick F.B ! I just have to wonder whether a Sea Bubble will stay rotting on a mooring on the Seine for ages now ..... :)))
  6. moody frog

    Fastnet 40 years ago

    As it sometimes happens, these 2 pics just appeared thismorning on Facebook. Miller one-ton Ceil 3 on Tne Tuesday morning with the following commentary. " Taken from a light aircraft on Tuesday morning. It waggled its wings so we assumed that they would report us in so we stayed off the VHF as there was a lot going on. They did not report us in and so we reported missing until we met HMS Broadsword RN off the Scillies on the way back from the rock. As we were experienced sailors we all went to the heads immediately after the forecast on Monday evening. The last man in came out through the door, after we hit a wave, holding the handle. A bucket took some handling that night. We lay a hull, no sails up with the helm lashed down and everyone off the deck until getting underway on the Tuesday morning, One man under the hatch looking out on occasion but there was not much one could do. I can still remember the grey walls of water and the hiss as they went by." Comments; - smart to have had decent storm sails ! - Pics from the air do not pay justice to the Waves size
  7. moody frog

    Fastnet 40 years ago

  8. moody frog

    Fastnet 40 years ago

    FIJI BITTER " There does not seem to be a lot about that disaster on SA, after all it happened 40 years ago. There is the recent "Fastnet 1979 photos" thread with some rescue photo's, that did not get any traction. Not a lot more on YouTube either, but this one is an amusing follow up on the Grimalkin guy that was rescued after being left for dead:" Besides the fact that there are few witnesses on this forum anymore, this was such a unique situation that we would need to be a damn good writer to convey the atmosphere. As for pics, when one of us undertook to take pics of the crew 24h after the wind started to abate, we asked why he had not taken any pic during THE night, he said that he had been too concentrated on himself and the sea and had no idea then he even had a camera. I guess this is why there are has been so few onboard pics around. People brought down to the basic principles of survival. Re-tracing the route on that 40th anniversary, I realised that I was missing 12 to 15 hrs on the way back. Guess I just slept like hell in the now fair weather, body must have used any resource available for 24 hours.
  9. moody frog

    Fastnet 2019

    Yes, JPK is special and those successes owe a lot to his personality. Some 30 + years ago, we were sponsoring a youngster, who was one of the top 5 sailboard racers in the world (Div II). His early maturity and practical attitude was striking and I admired it. Quite unsurprisingly he quickly became the manufacturing honcho of one of the top builders in that class "Jaguar". With the demise of that company (and class) he, then, started JPK as a semi-custom board builder. Nowadays when the big French brands are run by marketing "whizzs" and have to grant big distribution margins to fill their huge capacities, the time of smaller yards who build to the size of the market and aim to supply real sailors with no-compromise boats has come. Quite logically he shines amongst these 2 or 3 yards. That he is the only IRC racer amongst the yard bosses obviously helps too. I'm a fan .....
  10. moody frog

    New imoca boats

    Facebook: Loads of Arkea Pics to comment on .........
  11. moody frog

    Schooner No. 5 Elbe Sunk in Collision

    I can testify that this is the way it is done in the French Navy: "x° to the right or left (rudder angle), steer at xxx° (course)"
  12. moody frog

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Well put P.Wop ! A.F.A.I.K, most serious Insurance Cos. require: An independant 3rd party to " approve(d) it suitable for this purpose" A chartered surveyor to "approve(d) the whole loading scheme before departure" and ...... insurers are definitely tough litigators.
  13. moody frog

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Nice one ! Now the situation may not be as simple as Folly seems to say as you'll see on this clip from many moons ago - when everything was on paper, that insurances are "in the name of God" ! under who the captain himself sails/ Woud be God against God, then.
  14. moody frog

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Was confronted to such a case a few years back: crushed boat insurers claimed on crushing boat insurers - who paid and handled the case with shipping agents -
  15. moody frog

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Yup, one question is whether she was rig-up as the early rumours stated. At least some lawyers shall be able to fund a new yacht of their own As for me I somehow wonder about current Maxis crossing on a cargo deck and being confined to day races