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  1. Flying Tiger

    If you have a measurement certificate with a sail plan and dimensions you can use those numbers and modify them according to your clutch layout. Remember it is always easier to cut excess off.
  2. ORC and sport boats

    I think sportsboats have become more competitive under ORC over the last few years. The Italian sailing federation even filed a complaint to the upcoming ORC AGM, that they have become too competitive. There is the traditional issue of using a single number to rate sportsboats since they are usually fast in light air and downwind in heavy air, but somewhat average in between. You will usually end up in one class with much bigger boats which will waterline you upwind, giving you a lot of dirty air on the beat. Additionally, a choppy seastate tends to slow them down more. On the other hand you will be pretty much untouchable in a downwind distance race.
  3. Gear Bags for Carry On

    This! But get the 49L rackpack. Organize stuff inside with good (read: expensive) zip-lock freezer bags that hold a slight vacuum.
  4. F-18 Main Decksweep

    Part of the gain will actually be in the lift distribution from removing area at the top. A tapered wing planform is better than a rectangular one. And then even a partially sealed root will help the overall efficiency of the wing. However, the positive effects vanish quickly with small imperfections in the seal.
  5. Scooped

    Corby used to slice wedges out the bottom and push the sides back together to reduce beam etc. I think they will do a similar trick with this one.
  6. Scooped

    There have been multiple GP42s across the fleet from the beginning so what are you complaining about? It's Fast40+ so 40 is more of a lower limit in my view.
  7. Smart Watch

    Garmin also offers the quatix line of smartwatches for boating. They have some build-in sailing functionality and can interface with Garmin instruments.
  8. Driving the West Coast of France - Thoughts

    Lorient should be at the top of your list. La Rochelle has a huge marina and sailing industry, but there are practically no race boats based there. So you will 'only' get to see the transat fleet.
  9. My newest project

    I think aluminium will corrode even faster!
  10. My newest project

    What's the name of the yard building the boat in Estonia?
  11. Nose-Down & FOILS WINGS CoEs / A question

    There is also a difference in wing pitching moments between upwind and downwind sailing. So upwind you want more lift from the rudders upwind than downwind and the angle of attack of the rudder foil can be reduced by bow down trim.
  12. Beneteau F30 Pulpit rebuild

    Since the uppermost bar is already at the headstay, I would simply connect those with a slightly curved bar. And then just put a piece of string between the bar and your anchor bracket or asym tack point to keep the sheet from snagging.
  13. Beneteau F30 Pulpit rebuild

    Any chance to connect both sides below the tack? Or forward of the headstay?
  14. Shouldn't the rudders be angled as well then? That would also create a more favourable rotation axis for bear aways when pressed.
  15. I sailed on a Grainger and it had the boards angled the other way around, tips in. I think having the foil 2-3 ft below the water will not be enough. It's not going to ventilate, but it will not help a lot, just create a wave. The MOD 70 design is quite different in that the foils exit more vertically UNDER the hull. And they are less horizontal as well, reaching a lot deeper.