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  1. neuronz

    Team NZ

    Looks Like lots of twist in the jib but not in the wing.
  2. neuronz

    Cost of America's cup foils

    Understood, but eventually you will want to go to the next pillar and I think a bow mounted foil will not be very helpful for that as the foil will amplify any pitch motion. A transom mounted foil will counteract the pitching and still offer the possibility to influence the motion at rest.
  3. neuronz

    Cost of America's cup foils

    Talk to these guys hullvane. The foil is applied behind the transom, but IMO that is a much better place than the front if you actually want to go fast in waves. They mainly work with monohulls, but have applied it to catamarans before. There is a new active version that could probably be tuned to provide pitch stabilisation at rest as well. I am not affiliated, but I believe in the product and I think it might just be what you are looking for.
  4. neuronz

    barberhauler exits

    Thanks! That is the stuff I was looking for. I think some filler will solve the alignment issue. They also make very cool screwable threaded through Deck bushings.
  5. neuronz

    Coefficients of friction of bottom paints

    The effect of surface roughness depends very much on the thickness of the boundary layer. Roughness elements within the boundary layer cause far less drag than anything sticking out of the boundary layer. Since the thickness of the boundary layer increases along the length of the hull and assuming motivation and accurateness decrease with working time, one should start fairing at the front where it has the biggest impact.
  6. neuronz

    barberhauler exits

    Forgot to mention that the channel is not perpendicular to the hull. It is not easily seen in the picture, but the tunnel hits the edge at approx. 45 degrees.
  7. neuronz

    carbon mast halyard exits

    Our halyards are slowly cutting through the mast since there is no chafe protection on the upper end of the long hole. How do people usually solve this issue? Simple add another stainless steel plate like at the lower end? From the inside or outside (well below upper hole end)? I am a bit worried about perforating the mast by drilling too many holes in close proximity. Any other options/methods?
  8. neuronz

    barberhauler exits

    Our boat used to have barberhaulers. We have not used them so far, but see benefits for spin and especially code0 trim. The are setup quite neatly running through tunnels from the edge of the deck into the cockpit. The issue is no one ever put any thought into the tunnel exits which means the barberhaulers used to saw into the deck (see pic). We would like to fix this, but have no idea how. A piece of metal would probably help. How have others solved this?
  9. neuronz

    Changing Mast Rake

    Order your new standing rigging with a turnbuckle in the headstay. The additional cost will be negligible and you will be able to finetune your rake.
  10. neuronz

    mactac antifouling bottom?

    I think it will be a lot smoother than the average paint job. And then I expect its fouling release properties to be quite good, so a quick wipe or some higher speeds should get rid of everything.
  11. neuronz

    mactac antifouling bottom?

    I have not tried it yet, but it sure looks interesting. I talked to our local distributor and it is supposed to last at least 5 years. The surface needs to be super clean, though as any particle on the surface can seed marine growth. You will have to pay a professional for the application as it is too complicated for DIY. And the surface needs to be prepared to like new condition. I still think it is attractive, though as it lasts and there is basically no maintenance between seasons.
  12. Does the boat have a vang? Then I would attach the keel hoist to where the vang connects to the boom.
  13. neuronz

    Judel Vrolijk Pro-25

    Still wondering why at a time where sportboats with a-sails became massively popular and people started retrofitting their boats someone tried to sell an otherwise very nice boat with spinnaker gear.
  14. neuronz

    Carbon lifeline covers/roller

    We are using small diameter plastic piping from our local hardware store (originally intended for cables I believe). They come in 2m lenghts, 1-2€ per piece.
  15. neuronz

    Corby 33 Rebuild

    Keel bulbs seem to be in great demand lately. We have a leftover stubby keel for a 4ksb sitting at home. Literally minutes after advertising it online I had a guy calling me to ask how big it is as he is looking for 3T of lead.