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    sailing, photography, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, boat building, electronics, communications.
  1. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Quite a punt for a 2 minute margin!
  2. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Said the got to Kiribati but their boat was too big so they decided to head for the Cooks. Then got there and there were all these dangerous atolls and things allover the place so they decided to head north. I won't be watching again either
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Wish I had some of the 10 knots when I went through the cooks in September, could have used that. They made really good time down to there though, must have averaged 4.5 knots to make it from Hawaii to the Cooks in 20 days (said in the interview that they were there about May 25th) , just before the white squall took them that was
  4. Help: Friend's Dad is Lost at Sea

    Really? With a heartbeat? Citation?
  5. Team NZ

    This is common problem with current video editing style. It sucks.. it is like the producers and directors have forgotten that the video audience can't see the big picture live. It is the same across all sports and even common in nature documentaries. It seems to be a trend in the TV world.... like I said it sucks.
  6. I agree... they had me too. I saw OR make less mistakes than NZ in the RR, then saw NZ struggle in the first few races against OR before suddenly getting it all together ( or just putting it all together if they had been sandbagging ).. Nobody deliberately throws four races just to stage a comeback. NZs incremental progression has been superb. Having said the above.. If the wind range for the remaining races is higher we'll see closer races. Me thinks.
  7. Team NZ

    True that.
  8. Team NZ

    They could be turning their mics off; I've definitely noticed various players (various teams) moving their mics away from their mouths to have a quick word, I'm sure the discussion is still there even if our ears can't hear it. Pretty easy to have a button somewhere that disables the intercom. What do the media rules say about what must be broadcast?
  9. Team NZ

    Some kind of moir pattern due to looking through the mesh?
  10. Team NZ

    Yea I was thinking that. All kinds of angle of attack changes. Must be feel bloody odd.. Over-steer as it deflects one way and under-steer the other.
  11. Team NZ

    Agreed.. But AR have been error prone, and brilliant at times... NZ should beat them but based on that inconsistency.. OR are going to different I suspect and less likely to make errors. I could be wrong, I hope I am, but even PB agreed that the AR boundary cockup was a lucky break in that race, the other being maintaining a foiling tack when AR fell off the foils; again something that OR are less likely to do. Anyway. Anybody notice how much lateral deflection there is on the rudders? When the underside aft looking camera is showing them you can see the rudder blade deflecting 5-10 cm.. very impressive.
  12. Team NZ

    Where is your evidence. You think your word is gospel or something? You have not and can not provide any evidence so your whole argument is just based on personal attack.. Anyway your an arsehole so your blocked
  13. Team NZ

    That's what I said. If you read wot I rote ... Oracle won't make those mistakes, especially the boundary penalty.
  14. Team NZ

  15. Team NZ

    That was not a forced penalty. It was stupid mistake by AR. The boundary rights prevent forcing a penalty in that situation. It was just a cock up by AR.