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  1. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Scariest thing I have ever seen
  2. Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    That is the same type of glove, the one I was wearing in the incedient had full fingers at the beginning of the day. I cut the tips off that one as everything between the pinky and the thumb is a bit shorter now
  3. Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    Truth is I was wearing gloves and they got chopped off too and I don't know what exactly happened
  4. Doug its nothing that personal, but over the years you have driven me to madness more than once
  5. Just to put it out there my ideal boat would basically be a superfoiler with centerline T foils one of these https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/557294, a flight controler and a couple servos. Anyone that says that a z foil boat is better behaved than a moth should think real hard about it, Scale an A cat to 11ft and it would be almost unsailable, the interia in the pitch axis makes it a bit easier.
  6. How its called - 3 take aways

    How about some more info on what it is like to be placed into a team like Q and the 52 series. I think it would be very interesting to hear/read and some around here might learn something. Very impressive, everyone is so good at every job they do. Everyone on the Quantum team is amazing I dont know how to explain but it is the way it is.

    Would try to focus on the bow, luff of the kite, AWA, and check in on boatspeed vs target
  8. How its called - 3 take aways

    So the thing that is newest to me is a 52ft tiller boat. Everything else that I have driven with a tiller are fairly neutral, this thing can push and pull hard when it builds a bit of momentum.
  9. what is it?

    Something he who shall not be named knows more about how to make sail with its uPtIp foils..
  10. Melges 24 Worlds

    Sorry about not putting up a crew list. On the boat is Kyle Bavin, Norman berge, Charlie Smythe, and of course Jonathan Mckee.
  11. I will resist commenting from here on out as someone who has the time to comment all day long versus sailing know much more than me.
  12. If you built a control system with sensor trailing the actuator you would Get laughed out of controls class. From my memory response improves up to around two wavelengths of the fundamental frequency with lead. Past that great reduction in improvement. But believe the hype of someone who is using other compromised foiling boats as proof what a good idea it is. Where's the video instead of single pictures
  13. the wand is in the wrong spot
  14. New Flying Phantom Essentiel

    No problem but I don't think you are giving a fair appraisal of the talent either. Fast boats shifty conditions, and sometimes stuff just rolls your way.
  15. New Flying Phantom Essentiel

    We saw in the Olympic final that the pool of talent in the nacra 17 class was pretty shallow. If you can do two penalty turns in a 15 minute race and still pass all but the other medalists it suggests that there were a number of people in the top ten that weren't competitive. Maybe you should look at race results a bit closer
  16. Team NZ

    Wonder how far the tip would have to come out of the water for you?
  17. Full foiling Nacra 17

    Simon, Macca is spot on here
  18. 2016 moth worlds: Hayama

    If it is light be ready for the little doggie
  19. Solid Wing Sails on Dinghies

    Easy enough to do but has to happen with an inducer. The real holy grail is to be able to get the LE to twist with aerodynamic pressure
  20. trickle down

    UptiP is that now a registered trade mark?
  21. trickle down

    Yes I understand, I feel a bit sorry about feeding him the troll but they need food too.
  22. trickle down

    Hah still no info and I can sense the panties getting tighter. Sorry all on vacation in Hawaii and its the only time I ever have the time to read all of the spewing