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  1. Tip and Shaft have a few more details about the preliminary NOR GTrans|en&
  2. ???? Maybe they were starry-eyed after Alex T's speech to them extolling the business, and they were the ones getting played. Yes, some have managed to speak to a few in the class. After the Hong Kong leg, Tip and Shaft spoke with Antoine Mermod, President of the IMOCA class,, the past president, and a few others. T&S also get a dissenting opinion from Romain Attanasio (worried a MAPF budget would push him out). There's more, but on a bladder break and heading out to the boat for a few days. Surely those closer to the French sailing scene could answer your point better|en&,1500004,15700019,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700186,15700191,15700201&usg=ALkJrhj8B3b-2Y5e2vzE2raqDQnlENTvPA
  3. stief

    Footage of Heavy Air

    OP dinghyboy is asking about a mashup of VOR footage, so I'd put in a plug for TBRU in Capetown racing a kiter in heavy air. C'mon Dragon, you know it would fit!
  4. Yes, lots of good bits in those articles. He's Canadian, after all, so no surprise there I was especially intrigued by the 'data' mention. Few say much about the fact VOR and Farr have amassed a huge and invaluable data set (every 10 seconds of 7 x 2 x 100,000 nm) of the characteristics of a top rated round the world sailing boat. Bruno is right. What a huge advantage a newcomer to the VOR data might have. Even a mediocre sailor who had such crossovers and polars and load limits (147 sensors, IIRC), plus whatever special settings each team discovered, might find that a winning advantage. No wonder 49/51 owners and top architects wanted access to the VOR. Brisius, Salén and Litborn must be tempted to flip the VOR for a quick profit in a couple of years, but I imagine there will be all kinds of clauses protecting the IP. Has anyone here actually seen the actual text of the sale? Yep, "information is the new oil".
  5. Snicker. btw, posted the wrong link above (that's to SS's part 1 article). Part 2 is
  6. I suspect the IMOCA sailors would be glad to go retro if it meant they might get away from being huddled in their cave for 6 hrs (IIRC, that was the number Armel gave last VG) having to do routing and navigating. And if an OBR wasn't allowed to help sail the boat, the rugged solo sailors could have their own vanity paparazzi who would cook, clean and answer the comms and record the noble solitary sailor The good looking companionable ones would be a dream for any solitary sailor seeking fame and appreciation. No more clak clak clak.
  7. SS's 2nd was pretty good too but it mostly fit the NYT gender thread . . . FWIW, is the easiest way to keep up with the FP.
  8. As Potter has been saying. Stripping down some kind of Super 60 to make it suitable for a Vendee is intriguing. Easier to remove weight from a VOR boat than to beef up a Vendee boat. Re "the boat is totally not relevant", I laughed and wondered if you had managed to poke the Bruno in a sensitive spot. Nonetheless, 49 of 51 IMOCA owners want the VOR. Was looking for BD to say something more about the media platform and contacts that I suspect they lust for. How much weight does that add? The VO65 had to be a bus to carry around all that equipment. Stick the same gear on an IMOCA? Change the rule so that an OBR doesn't count against single handing definition?
  9. Thanks to Shanghai Sailor for getting more from Bruno Dubois on the Front Page about the changes (and more).
  10. stief

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Hmmm. Works here in OSX and Safari (even the Windy Currents layer!) --navionics map doesn't play well with Windy, but works with PredictWind layer; lat/lon very tough to see in all weather layers.
  11. Jan Litborn? ("Atlant Ocean Racing Spain, led by Richard Brisius, Johan Salén and Jan Litborn")
  12. stief

    Footage of Heavy Air

    Good tag Low-altitude Drone (can't get this particular vid to embed here, from some reason)
  13. stief

    Footage of Heavy Air

    Yachting World posted "6 of the best heavy weather sailing videos" JBC's tags are really useful . E.g., OBR James Blake description Drone shots of AkzoNobel surfing big waves in the sun. Slomo of wake peaking up into a geyser of whitewater. Nicho on the helm as they surf fast in big wind. Wake shot with big waves overtaking. Slomo of stuffing the bow and whitewater coming aft over the cockpit; Justin ducks. Slomo big-wave shots. Slomo of crew stacking aft. Nicolai on the helm with big waves behind him. duration 00:02:39 leg Leg 7 link people Chris Nicholson and Nicolai Sehested published Tue, 27 Mar 2018 14:52:16 UTC seconds 159 tags Drone, Favorite, Slow-mo, Southern Ocean, Surfing, Wake, Washing Machine and Waves team Team AkzoNobel video url
  14. AT had the reputation of being a boat-breaker.
  15. stief

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Gotta like the whimsy and humour of the editors. Audio quotes Ken Allen, CEO DHL Express, who says . . . . "she really embodies all the DHL values." DHL should use this as their logo, and the text "We can help you achieve your dreams"