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  1. stief

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    Socrates and Bill . . . from Simon McLoughlin's "Bill Hatfield’s global odyssey deserves a little commotion" in The Australian
  2. stief

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    Cute tribute from friends: "Bring it on home". Bill should be crossing any moment. Amazing achievement. Deepest respect. (cred to Ross Mclean for the find )
  3. stief

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Nice summary Pil. And agree about Nic. Couple of questions (curious about the influence between the VOR and the S-H, since so many of the sailors I hear about do both). Any thoughts whether the VOR experience helped or hindered Scallwag this S-H? I was kinda wondering if we might see a whole new level for them, somehow, but didn't seem to make much difference. and, did you pick up any hints whether the VOR's efforts made much difference getting more women and under 30s into key rides and positions? Cheers, and best wishes for this year too.
  4. Dunno. Latest amendment to the TOR NOR disallows carbon in sails for the IMOCAs (post 462 above).
  5. Ah. Found more here (from 6 years ago) I guess I mistakenly confused "black Twaron Aramid" with carbon in the VOR sat streaming issues (live finish coverage problems). Thought I read somewhere that the sails hampered the signal.
  6. I wondered about that, but thought it odd the carbon exclusion was specifically for the IMOCAs. We'd seen problems with sat streaming on the 65s and 70s, so I was reading Read to see if his new improved sails might also be more 'transparent'. And speaking of carbon fibre sails and your other post about lighting storms . . . was glad the carbon boats survived the lightning in the doldrums these past few years. These modern boats too often seem like floating anodes, about to burst into candles in the dark.
  7. Ken Read said something similar in a promo piece for North Sails a few weeks ago Sounds expensive for this VG, and maybe the TOR. Might be the reason TOR Amendment 2 will not allow carbon fibre sails
  8. stief

    Sydney to Hobart 2019
  9. While awaiting the S-H thread start, here's some drone highlights from the last VOR
  10. stief

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    "It's never over until it's over". Another one dodged. Bill estimated a few days ago that he might finish in early March, so a few more months of slow daily dread and fascination.
  11. As quoted, However, the close racing fleet will not be eligible for the Triple Crown. That can only be won, now, by an IMOCA The "close racing" will be a new trophy. Kinda like a 'Little America's Cup, I guess. Well, at least the winner of the "VO65 Trophy" will be unique and in perpetuity, never to be challenged again. Bleagh.
  12. Re the course, this from amendment 1 to the NOR
  13. Maybe on sooooome leg, The latest Amendment to the NOR is working hard to advantage the IMOCA boat (s). A couple of examples. No penalty for foil replacement, and VO65 to be sailed with 11 people. That should slow down the 65s
  14. stief

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    Looking good for Bill to get across the ridge and into the easterly flow beyond Robinson Crusoe Island. Cool. Didn't know that Caribbean island was this one. Thanks Wikipedia Hoping no earthquakes . . .
  15. stief

    Francis Joyon IDEC Asian tour

    Snipped from today's report.