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  1. mothman505

    Craigslist Finds

    I built 2 "Southeaster style" moths. On about 30 years ago in Melbourne, FL and one about 8 years ago. I had to guess at the dimensions as I couldn't find the old Mechanics Illustrated plans from the early 50's. I'm probably too heavy for it. My Cates will definitely beat my Scow. I knew The Halsey family as I sailed at Florida State in 1967-8.
  2. mothman505

    Craigslist Finds

    I think I built the last Southeaster in about 1971 in Sacramento. No one knew what to make out it. I did modify it by adding more sail area and a double bottom. It was VERY fast. I still sail a moth of the same design which is only fast enough on a reach to keep pace with other moths.
  3. mothman505

    Gybing. Board, yes or no

    I've got an older 505 and a few old classic Moths. Both allow gybing boards, but do they really work?
  4. mothman505

    Force 5 questions

    I picked up an abused Force 5 but don't understand how the self- bailer works. There is the hole in the cockpit where there appears have been a plug that has been torn off. There must be more to it or it isn't a self-bailer. Also, the mast tube won't hold water, so I assume the base of the mast tube needs reinforcing like is done with a Laser. How is the mast base built (wood and glass or all glass)?
  5. mothman505

    17 ft. Unstayed mast questions

    I'm building a mast for my Laser out of Western Red Cedar. Remembering Finn masts, I am questioning if it should be hollow and what diameter it should be at the base. The other possibility would be to have a sail track so I could use other sails if desired. Would Weldwood type 3 be OK?
  6. mothman505

    Exciting High School Sailing Dinghy

    I sailed FJ's in college like so many other and liked them enough that when the Air Force assigned me to Sacramento I sailed FJ's there (1969). I've owned several scows, FD's, J-24s, a Star, etc. and have a 505, a beater Laser and classic moths now. They are all different and fun to sail/race. As long as everyone has the same boat (moth excluded). My experience with high school kids is that very few were that serious about sailing/racing. They did miss having their cell phones. Just saying !
  7. mothman505

    5o5 worlds

    How can American do so cosistantly well in the 505 and we do so poorly in the Olympics?
  8. mothman505

    Re-imagining a trashed laser

    What's a Russian Laser ?
  9. mothman505

    Re-imagining a trashed laser

    I salvaged a laser hull and repaired it enough to use a classic moth rig and get it sailing. But now it's time to rip off what's left of the deck and start over. At least I can repair the hull from the inside. I was considering doing the deck 505 style. For a mast, I was thinking of a deck stepped aluminum section i have for the bottom with a wood top, or all wood, stayed. I have other boats to sail so this is one looking for ideas.