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  1. I know they aren't conpetitive. I compete in an other class. What I'm looking for is a project, not a basketcase. Something from Annapolis to Jacksonville would be ideal. Anything stuck in a barn needing a home ?
  2. mothman505

    How to move Snipe across the country ?

    Once upon a could find someone on Craig's list that was going across country that would take some gas money p!us., or a trucker that had less than a full load. Would anyone trust that any more ?
  3. mothman505

    Wanted, racing type dinghy

    No 505s near me and my crew just went blind. I've had a Snipe before so I know them too.
  4. mothman505

    Wanted, racing type dinghy

    Send me an email address and we can exchange info. My sorry laptop doesn't want to send pics. in the forum.
  5. mothman505

    Wanted, racing type dinghy

    Not so new. I'm just getting to old to singlehand my 505. And, I need a project for the winter.
  6. mothman505

    Wanted, racing type dinghy

    How do I find more ?
  7. mothman505

    How to move Snipe across the country ?

    Tell me about it please.
  8. mothman505

    Wanted, racing type dinghy

    I've got a pretty good 505 but need to sell it and get something a little less complex. I'm thinking a Snipe, would be just right (especially a classic), but would consider something of the same size. A wood boat would give me a project over the winter. A partial trade for the 505 would really be good as well as finding the boat on the lower East Coast, Annapolis to Daytona Beach.
  9. I've got two Snipes I'm interested in. One in California and the other in Onterio, Canada. I live on the coast of North Carolina. Who has moved a boat this far and how ? What did it cost or what arrangements were made ?
  10. mothman505

    Is it possible to make a very small sailboat go fast

    I bought a used Laser sail for $25 that was in pretty good shape after I cleaned it up from an ad under "Laser for sale ads" on an internet search. I think you'll find several cheap. Good luck.
  11. I have sailed a 505, M-16 and a Flying Dutchnan, etc singlehandedly and use a continuous job sheet with no real problem.
  12. mothman505

    Melges M16 ISO mast boom sails

    I used the top of a Star mast. It was excellent as the original mast was too heavy. I've got a really good set sails I'll sell. 252-649-7761.
  13. mothman505


    Where's the picture of the shinny little 16 year old and her parents in their Antifa shirts? She's just the useful idiot of the moment.
  14. mothman505

    Craigslist Finds

    I built 2 "Southeaster style" moths. On about 30 years ago in Melbourne, FL and one about 8 years ago. I had to guess at the dimensions as I couldn't find the old Mechanics Illustrated plans from the early 50's. I'm probably too heavy for it. My Cates will definitely beat my Scow. I knew The Halsey family as I sailed at Florida State in 1967-8.
  15. mothman505

    Craigslist Finds

    I think I built the last Southeaster in about 1971 in Sacramento. No one knew what to make out it. I did modify it by adding more sail area and a double bottom. It was VERY fast. I still sail a moth of the same design which is only fast enough on a reach to keep pace with other moths.