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  1. 2017 Race to Alaska

    http://tracker.r2ak.com/ That's odd as it's on the right hand side of the page for me. I also think the coverage is excellent. As in the past, the daily description (the Daily Fix) is as brilliant as the race itself. That said, the first R2AK will always be my favorite.
  2. Everglades Challenge 2017

    Sure wish that rift would heal. Always enjoyed following you and DeadCat.
  3. Everglades Challenge 2017

    For whatever reason, the guy in a 17-foot sea kayak couldn't get back in his boat. Did he try with a paddle float? Did he use his radio? There's no mention that he required any medical treatment after the USCG rescue. Would be nice to hear the details for safety reasons. On the other hand, a guy sailing a Hobie AI had a medical issue - per one report he has no recollection of the ten hours prior to his rescue but had the presence of mind to anchor his boat and swim to shore. No call to the USCG; instead he used his flashlight to signal another competitor who picked him up. He was hospitalized for two days. I'd be mortified if I had to be rescued by the USCG, unless I was injured or my boat was sinking. I sure wouldn't plaster the rescue video on my FB page (if I had one), as if it were some sort of badge of honor.
  4. Everglades Challenge 2017

    There was a rumor on FB he was becoming hypothermic. If true, understandable to stop fucking around and summon help. But I don't understand the capsize...wasn't it fairly calm the past 24 hours? What's the water temp in Florida Bay? I presume he was wearing a drysuit,
  5. Everglades Challenge 2017

    Another great EC for that 78-year old kid. Legendary.
  6. Everglades Challenge 2017

    That's pretty cool - also quite awesome on the part of Piglet/AngryFatKid given the intensity of training done by the Finlay guys. Amazing performance and endurance.
  7. Everglades Challenge 2017

    When you posted about that head-to-head race, I couldn't figure it out as I never found their track after they arrived at CP3. Checked both the WT and RaceOwl to see the position of the two kayaks but only IronBob showed up. Today, the WT tracker shows them still at CP3. RaceOwl, at Choko.
  8. Everglades Challenge 2017

    Here's Coastie & ClamCounter's account of their trip: http://watertribe.org/forums/topic/coastie-clamcounter-2017-everglades-challenge-update#post-31002
  9. Everglades Challenge 2017

    Coastie never stopped at any checkpoint. SewSew did.
  10. Everglades Challenge 2017

    "One boat actually decided they were going to launch anyway (as they presumably forfeited the race in doing so) --- one of the crew yelled "Freeeeeedommmmm" (a la Braveheart/William Wallace style) as they went on their way..." Easy to identify who that was by Fred, the pink flamingo.
  11. Everglades Challenge 2017

    Here's the record book: http://www.watertribe.com/Events/RecordBook.aspx Aside from Randy, an impressive performance is that of IronBob and the Juice in their tandem kayak. Started in the area of Bradenton Beach, well north of CP1. They're now at Marco Island.
  12. Everglades Challenge 2017

    SewSewWP90, Tracking Point - 7.06 kn Position: 25.762950 -81.524140 Date/Time: 3/5/2017 9:49 PM Nm From Last Tracking Point: 1.13 Hours From Last Tracking Point: 0.16 Knots From Last Tracking Point: 7.06 Nm From Last Msg: 63.22 Hours From Last Msg: 6.36 Knots From Last Msg: 9.94 Nm This Leg: 104.80 Hours This Leg: 10.79 Knots This Leg: 9.71 Total Distance: 162.34 Nm Elapsed Time: 39.04 Hours Average Speed: 4.16 Knots
  13. Everglades Challenge 2017

    Again, please help me understand why he started where he did instead of CP1?? I guess you'd have to ask Randy. Spawn elected to pack up and go home due to the work involved in relocating and re-rigging, that the delay put a couple crew against the wire for getting home, and that the times wouldn't likely be 'official' thus they wouldn't lower last year's time. I Sew Sew official start or going rogue .....today ? Looks like official, per the current WT results: http://www.watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeResults.aspx
  14. Everglades Challenge 2017

    Spawn and another entry, RumLine (17' custom Wherry) are shown as DNS on the WaterTribe results. http://www.watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeResults.aspx