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  1. seems like the perfect boat for the light air PNW here in Seattle!
  2. seems to me that you can get the computer to perform incredible real time analysis of boat trim across a million sensors and simplifying the answer down to a "push this button" option for the dumb piece of meat in the seat driver. you still then adhere to manual control rules but the decision making has been automated. its possible to see in the cockpit video they blur out what looks like some sort of screen. communicating effectively what the computer has analysed into a consumable action that the driver can execute at 40 kts with spray seems to be the key. it could be as simple as push this button to 2 and turn this switch to 4. the programming could also be helping with proactive actions as they come into maneuvers. I assume there is very accurate real time GPS and associated course layout. The speed at which maneuvers come up is the real issues at 40kts. getting everyone onboard up to speed with what the next action is in a particular situation is the hard part. sure you can practice but there are so many scenarios. 100k lines doesnt seem like much for what could be possible. Jeez you could do real time video capture of waves and wind patterns and calculate optimal driving directions.
  3. Is it set up for watching recorded races on-demand? I RARELY ever watch sports live any more, with my kids' youth sports, ballet, my own outdoor activities, work, and just family time, I simply don't sit down to watch anything during the day or prime time, typically watching things after the family is asleep. It has sucked that the organizers have botched this so badly that they have pushed people like me away, but I will put up with it and pay if I have to to watch the races recorded if the system works, and that has been the biggest problem with watching the pirated feeds, they are gone when the racing is over. right. in comparison to the online footage for the americas cup; this is a piece of steaming dog turd. where are the full race replays? even the highlight reels are just random snapped bits of video with no context. utter crap
  4. im sorry but it may have been a good event locally but the online media is terrible. where is the story telling. where are the full replays of the race
  5. Ok I guess the tech is still pretty new but surely without the constraints of rules and mass production it should be possible to build a very cheap add on package to a hobie that's basically foolproof/self height regulating? I guess the biggest factor would be for damage because of beach landings rather than deep water docks. I.e. Why do I need to buy a whole new nacra?
  6. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/sport/other/team-nz-let-foiling-genie-bottle-and-now-theres-no-putting-back it seems to me that there is market demand for a cheaper "hobie style" foiling cat why arent we seeing boats like the wild cat come with a foiling package? or even the regular hobie 16? http://www.hobiecat.com/sail/wild-cat/ Are there others out there I dont know about (not a moth)?
  7. right but that sailaway price is much higher spec than the boat from 30 years ago. what gets me is the cost difference between the jeanneau in Europe on Euro's versus a new one here in the states. it would be sail away $125k in the US if they honored the current exchange rate.
  8. Im not sure the economics are that far away. base jeanneau 349 is what ? 120K ? - sure you can add every feature that didnt exist in the 60's like pressurised hot water and the price goes up. I'd argue that the production manufacturers are doing a pretty great job at getting to scale to bring the prices down. people today have far more areas to go spend their money on. $1200 a year for cell phone plus the cost of iphone. upgrading cars, entertainment, travel. boats get a smaller share of wallet.
  9. spot on. we are actually seeing some product management being done by the larger scale manufacturers who understand the changing dynamic of the potential customer base. I have to confess a sick love for all things halberg rassy but the reality is with the plethora of hobby's and distractions for money available these days compared to 40 years ago; the idea of a Jeanneau 349 actually ticks a lot of boxes at the right price point. (oh and its marine ply under that laminate not MDF :-))
  10. if it gets people out boating (I won't say sailing) and perhaps one day they see the error of their ways but have now firmly fell in love with messing around in boats than its not a bad thing. but boy quite a sight!
  11. so whats the white material that's wetted out at the start and end before the paper and bag layer goes on? is that just to stop the carbon sticking to the plug?
  12. Not the best photo but here's our Carter 30 getting a new paint job on the River Orwell many years ago