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  1. VOR 2017-18

    And then you have to negotiate with the French via an Italian ........ this won't end well at all ....
  2. AC36 Auckland NZ

    all Kiwi's hey Bro .......... National Rule Beached As .......
  3. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    Bloody hell, that prodder needs a rigger just to tune it ........ or is it to measure the wave in front ????
  4. Ha I thought you would have at least mentioned the Bull 9000 best bang for buck I reckon ........ But the Mum36 is an epic boat ... Edited - Then again a Melges 32 for sensory overload although maybe a little more than you want to spend & there is that offshore CAT2 compliance issue
  5. Oracle Team USA

    What ever, a coupe of bolt on's (detachable penis) never hurt anyone, move on ......
  6. 1: To quote - "Doom & unmitigated Failure" at the moment there are many people already invested into this format (whether it be yachties & the General public - how many times have you been asked how good these weapons are?? in comparison to watching paint dry/grass grow with a couple of over valued shit boxes) & this will also detract the commercial investment & therefore it's inevitable demise within a couple of years which will then transform into, if any rich fuck gives a fuck a DoG race & we'll be in the same situation otherwise it's lost forever. 2; Give the person a Visa 3; Yep agree 4; Yep Agree 5; Never happen refer 1 = that's what AC is all about
  7. Hamster Wheel positioned close to the forward beam designed by Dyson Fans to generate extra pressure into the wing .........
  8. Secret Weapons?

    That will not end well the next time they go down the mine shaft .....
  9. Think the boundary engages the competitors more, those with the better tactics will get through along with that tad more boat speed for a couple of them .... Edit - there is more passing than in F1
  10. Team NZ

    Yeah, a bit like your left hand having a headache .......
  11. Team NZ

    Ummm = Money But given the chance i'm sure he will shaft them, he is a racer after all .... on that note don't think for 1 second that they are all thinking the same. These blokes are on the edge looking for ways to fuck you over, who ever you are, what ever flag you you represent, it's what they & we do. To deny it is weak , bring it on .......
  12. Live Racing Thread

    Refer Page 4
  13. Make that 4, the other teams 2, must be a typo ??
  14. Live Racing Thread

    Got good breeze on the right, ETNZ let them go, the old chestnut - Stay between the mark & opposition. OR had awesome hieght & speed mid course towards the top mark
  15. Live Racing Thread

    The inside boat gets the overlap Electronics on board The Umps use this data to assist calls.