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  1. HookEm

    E-nav on the cheap

    Maybe it's just me but this thread makes my head hurt. I though the whole idea of going off on a boat was got get away from all the electronic crap. If you want to navigate on the cheap, get a compass a, paper chart, a Garmin etrex (for $89 on Amazon) and a pair of binoculars.
  2. HookEm


    Hey, I"m just an old guy who left his glasses at home. To my fuzzy 1970s vision, it looks like the pole sticks out pretty far past what looks like a slot headstay (on left of pole, maybe it's the angle?), and there is a white line or forestay or something on the right of the pole father out in the way (no, I'm not talking about the guy, pole downhaul, or pole lift, they look fine). It may not matter because they appear to be on a close reach to wherever they are headed. Surely, they won't need to jibe to catch the boat in the picture, because they will never catch them.
  3. HookEm


    Hope the pole is where they like it. Not only is it on the wrong side of the forestay, it appears to be on the correct side of an inner stay. I would think it would be a problem to "trim," adjust, whatever, the pole in any direction.
  4. HookEm

    Racing Dinghy with Easily Stepped Mast?

    Why do you need a mast that can be stepped by one person when you are considering a two person racing dingy?
  5. HookEm

    Lost in the Fog

    Thought maybe they were just out of cell range but the article says that "the passenger, communicating with the Coast Guard on a cell phone, helped guide the rescue crew toward the vessel by listening for the horn on the Coast Guard rescue boat." Maybe it was a flip phone? I thought a 45 foot Coast Guard vessel would have had radar, thermal vision or some such.
  6. HookEm

    Dear Dr. Rules

    If it is a mark, my rule books says a yacht which touches a mark which begins, bounds or ends the leg of the course on which she is sailing shall retire immediately, unless she claims that she was wrongfully compelled to touch it by another yacht, in which case she shall protest. Clearly a DSQ for failing to protest. If it is an obstruction, a yacht after fouling an object may, in getting clear, use her own anchors, boats, ropes, spars and other gear; may send out an anchor in a boat; may be refloated by her crew going overboard either to stand on the bottom or to go ashore to push off; but may receive outside assistance only from the crew of the vessel fouled. There is no provision for pushing off. I'm sure this clear it up.
  7. HookEm

    Adrift Movie

    Rotten Tomatoes: Adrift - critics 80% audience 82% All is Lost - critics 94% audience 63% Captain Ron - critics 24% audience 51% However, I don't watch movies based on what critics think.
  8. HookEm

    Laser Performance?

    I appreciate Gouvernail's contributions. For those that have not met him, please understand he is the real deal and has worked his tail off to promote Laser sailing. However, as mentioned earlier in this thread, one of the Laser's big issues, is that the hulls don't last long. I understand, that if you can get one, that new bare laser hull goes for $4,699 plus freight. To have to spend another $4,700 every few years for what should be an inexpensive one design class is ridiculous. Old used Laser hulls are pretty much worthless. The $4,700 does not include $600 a year for a new sail, plus all the travel expenses etc. That assumes you have the $2 to 3 thousand of other parts required that thankfully last much longer. Many will say that it is still cheap, it should be but it is not. It adds up. Sure sailing can be outrageously expensive, but that was supposed to be the whole point of one design. Years ago some guy figured out how to make a boat out of two sheets of plywood so lots of kids could learn how. At least there is competition for the Opti class among builders. I think it's too bad there is not a similar structure for Lasers where lots of companies were allowed to build. LP could just charge a royalty and just collect checks. An opti hull still costs about $3,000, but it will last for a long time.
  9. HookEm

    THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    Stern plugs disappear quickly. Thieves are less likely to steal wine corks which also work well in keeping the hull dry, and replacements aren't that hard to find around a club.
  10. HookEm

    The best sailing film for a long time

    Because it is so expensive to make a movie on the water, it has to appeal to a larger audience than just sailors for the producers to afford it. That is why you either need some celebrity sailing a boat or some Crowhurst type disaster or you can just watch The Reef (what happens when the keel falls off your sailboat).
  11. HookEm

    The best sailing film for a long time

    Who wants to watch a depressing film about Crowhurst? I can think of dozens of stories that would be more uplifting. How about a movie based on Race to Freedom : A Tale of an Impossible Around the World Journey by Vladislav Murnikov?
  12. HookEm

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I still don't get why they supposedly could not use the sails. If indeed they could not use the sails, why is the sail cover not on? If it was a halyard problem, they should have more than one halyard and there does appear to be what looks like a spinnaker halyard that is operational in the photo. If it was the main halyard, there are apparently steps on the mast to climb up to the top as you can see in the photo. It actually looks like the main halyard may still be attached. Why would that be the case if they could not use the main. The jib only has to be unrolled, no halyard needed. If it was a spreader problem, again there are steps to climb up to fix it, but in the photo, they appear to be fine. Even if one spreader were completely broken, you could have sailed on the other tack. There are people who jury rig broken masts and do better than these two. I have yet to see any discussion of why they could not use the sails. It is possible that they actually had been using the sails, which is why there was no sail cover on, but were either navigationally challenged or were just total scammers.
  13. HookEm

    Hazards to Navigation Galveston Bay

    I've been pretty upset I didn't know how to get a GPS coordinate from my phone. I've never needed a GPS when within 5 to 10 miles from land because you can see where you are going or at least see the nav aids, even at night. Realizing I might need to mark an obstruction wasn't something that occurred to me, despite having been sailing for 50 years, it just never came up. I've never run into an obstruction before. I figured out how to get a GPS coordinate from my phone afterward.
  14. HookEm

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I think the rope must have been hemp. None of this makes any sense unless you consider that maybe they were stoned the whole time.
  15. HookEm

    Hazards to Navigation Galveston Bay

    Here is what the the chart (11327) looks like. Whatever we hit was roughly in the middle of this screenshot. I clearly remember seeing the high range marker to the north of us, I know were were not close to either ship channel and am pretty sure we were on or west of the dashed range marker line, so we should not have been anywhere close to the only thing marked "Obstn" and "Subm pile." If we had been east or anywhere close to the low range marker I'm sure I would have remember. There are no other hazards marked.