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  1. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    Stern plugs disappear quickly. Thieves are less likely to steal wine corks which also work well in keeping the hull dry, and replacements aren't that hard to find around a club.
  2. The best sailing film for a long time

    Because it is so expensive to make a movie on the water, it has to appeal to a larger audience than just sailors for the producers to afford it. That is why you either need some celebrity sailing a boat or some Crowhurst type disaster or you can just watch The Reef (what happens when the keel falls off your sailboat).
  3. The best sailing film for a long time

    Who wants to watch a depressing film about Crowhurst? I can think of dozens of stories that would be more uplifting. How about a movie based on Race to Freedom : A Tale of an Impossible Around the World Journey by Vladislav Murnikov?
  4. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I still don't get why they supposedly could not use the sails. If indeed they could not use the sails, why is the sail cover not on? If it was a halyard problem, they should have more than one halyard and there does appear to be what looks like a spinnaker halyard that is operational in the photo. If it was the main halyard, there are apparently steps on the mast to climb up to the top as you can see in the photo. It actually looks like the main halyard may still be attached. Why would that be the case if they could not use the main. The jib only has to be unrolled, no halyard needed. If it was a spreader problem, again there are steps to climb up to fix it, but in the photo, they appear to be fine. Even if one spreader were completely broken, you could have sailed on the other tack. There are people who jury rig broken masts and do better than these two. I have yet to see any discussion of why they could not use the sails. It is possible that they actually had been using the sails, which is why there was no sail cover on, but were either navigationally challenged or were just total scammers.
  5. Hazards to Navigation Galveston Bay

    I've been pretty upset I didn't know how to get a GPS coordinate from my phone. I've never needed a GPS when within 5 to 10 miles from land because you can see where you are going or at least see the nav aids, even at night. Realizing I might need to mark an obstruction wasn't something that occurred to me, despite having been sailing for 50 years, it just never came up. I've never run into an obstruction before. I figured out how to get a GPS coordinate from my phone afterward.
  6. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I think the rope must have been hemp. None of this makes any sense unless you consider that maybe they were stoned the whole time.
  7. Hazards to Navigation Galveston Bay

    Here is what the the chart (11327) looks like. Whatever we hit was roughly in the middle of this screenshot. I clearly remember seeing the high range marker to the north of us, I know were were not close to either ship channel and am pretty sure we were on or west of the dashed range marker line, so we should not have been anywhere close to the only thing marked "Obstn" and "Subm pile." If we had been east or anywhere close to the low range marker I'm sure I would have remember. There are no other hazards marked.
  8. Best sailboat to teach a small child to sail

    I look at it this way. I've got a perfectly good Opti that I need to sell because my kid hasn't wanted to sail it for for years and never seemed to really enjoy it. I've also got a few much older Sunfish that I don't plan to sell because kids and myself still enjoy sailing them.
  9. New England Bzzz line

    Gouv is right. Buzz is too stretchy for vangs and outhauls. It works well for sheets because it does not kink and is easy on the hands and you should be adjusting your sheets as needed anyway. Having to adjust your outhaul every time you get a puff because the line stretches is not a good plan.
  10. Hazards to Navigation Galveston Bay

    It was a Catalina 22 with a 550 lb. solid cast iron swing keel held on by four 5/16" bolts. These bolts are kind of wimpy compared to others. A J22 has 5/8" bolts.. The fact that the keel is cast iron also means that the keel did not absorb any of the impact like a fiberglassed keel might. I'm sure the keel is perfectly fine. However, if we had hit near the bottom of the keel, I would have swung before breaking the bolts. The keel bolts had been replaced 12 years ago, and the boat has been dry-sailed. The boat has zero electronics other than nav lights and we were just out for a day sail. In Galveston Bay I've never felt much need for a chart for day sailing, because there really isn't much a chart is going to do for you just sailing back and forth. FYI - I know plenty about using charts and even took the RYA Coastal Offshore Course for fun just to see if there was something I didn't know. It wouldn't have mattered if we had a chart, because the obstruction was unmarked anyway. Because it is a swing keel and any bottom I might encounter is soft mud, I've never worried too much about grounding this particular boat because the keel is solid cast iron and can be raised. However, based on the jolt and sound of the collision, I'm sure we hit something solid and metal. The boat is not built for racing and has a wide flat bottom. Sailing it back on a reach without a keel is not really much different than sailing a sunfish on reach with the board up, you just can't sail to windward.
  11. Hazards to Navigation Galveston Bay

    Amazingly the keel bolts were sheared off with minimal damage to the fiberglass. Otherwise I'm sure we would have sunk. We hit very hard and it sounded like metal on metal contact. We did not have a GPS on board, and so could not mark the location. After the collision we continued on a reach in less than 10 mph wind, and actually did not know the keel was missing until we tried to go to weather, and the boat refused to change direction. We immediately realized what happened, dropped anchor and were able to get the attention of a motorboat to tow us in. We hauled the boat and of course no keel. While sailing without a keel sounds impossible, I found an article about a charter boat in England that had lost its keel and then sailed 100 miles on three separate charters before they figured it out. The first guy finally admitted to hitting a rock and they were able to recover the keel.
  12. Best sailboat to teach a small child to sail

    I agree completely. After swim test, capsize is next before any sailing. Two kids on a boat makes is a lot more fun and I think they learn more than with an adult on board.
  13. Scouts killed sailing into power lines

    Seriously? Kids died and that is all you have to say?
  14. On Saturday August 5th, I stuck some sort of underwater obstruction/hazard in Galveston Bay that ripped the keel off my boat. I was lucky the bolts sheared and not the fiberglass or I would have sunk. While the government chart shows "Obstn" in the general vicinity (I'll admit I did not have a chart on board), there are no markers for this hazard and "Obstn" on a 1:25,000 chart is really not all that useful when it is underwater. Unfortunately I did not think to mark it till later and so failed to do so, as I was dealing with getting free, but I estimate it near 29 37' 15N and 94 57' 50S. I found that the Galveston Bay Cruising Association had posted Obstruction near 29 37.399N and 94 58.201S. NOAA's mapping support shows a "wreck - Submerged, dangerous to surface navigation" at 29.62N and 94.96167W. My question is, why aren't these obstructions, hazards, wrecks at least marked with a buoy or some such? It's not like the government does not know they are there, they have marked it "dangerous" on their own website. In the future, I'm going to carry a cheap anchor from Walmart with some line something that floats to mark whatever I may run into. Of course that will be cheap insurance as it will guarantee, that I won't every hit anything again. doc00197420170807174324.pdf