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  1. HookEm

    Can you trim the jib sheets in cocktail dress?

    Too sheer for a cocktail dress. I think is must be a nightgown.
  2. HookEm

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    Get a Colgate 26, No wheel and no marine head, but it has lots of cockpit for your guests and is reasonably quick. This may seem harsh, but if you can't sail with a tiller, you should get lessons. In fact, the Colgate 26 is used to teach people how to sail by some sailing schools. I've been daysailng for decades with mixed crew and no marine head and it's not an issue. Have everyone go before heading out and have a porta-potty or bucket in case of emergency, or they can wear swimsuits and take a swim or better yet, keep tabs on everyone and head to shore in time.
  3. HookEm

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    I like hats and kept the first one I got from 1999. All the ones I got after that I gave to the crew. Just seemed like the right thing to do. Some really liked the hats, others could have cared less. My kids have walked off with most of my regatta T-shirts.
  4. HookEm

    What's your boat beer?

    Depends on the situation. For shorter races with smaller boats, leave the beer on the dock. 12 pack of beer = 9 lbs + 10 pound bag of ice + 5 pound cooler = 24 lbs. Bottled beer weighs even more. How much sense does it make to buy expensive titanium hardware just to add 24+ lbs. Cold beer on the dock is also an incentive for the crew to win the race and be the first back to the dock. And yes, I have even tried Styrofoam coolers just to save weight.
  5. HookEm

    PFD Upgrade Time

    I think the dummy also allowed him to surprise us by dropping it overboard at random times when we weren't expecting it, to see how fast we would react. Part of the drill is yelling crew overboard and throwing the predesignated buoy, pole, life ring, etc. to the victim. As this thread points out, this could be critical if their PFD does not inflate. Also designating a crew as a spotter is critical as you will lose sight of the crew overboard on all but the calmest of days. Most probably already know this, but if you don't rehearse periodically, you will most likely be sloppy, forget things and put the crew at risk. There are, of course, other considerations, but I'll assume everyone can look it up for themselves.
  6. HookEm

    PFD Upgrade Time

    While the thread is focused on what life jacket will save your life, maybe someone can comment on something a Yachtmaster instructor in Scotland insisted was true. He said that if you fall into cold enough water you will die of a heart attack before you die of drowning. I think it may have been his way of not requiring us to rescue an actual person during the course and to instead rescue dummies. Any thoughts?
  7. HookEm

    Ankle Brace for Dingy Sailing?

    Thanks. I guess I need to find an orthopedist or physical therapist who understands sailing. For some reason trying to explain it to them so far has gone nowhere. However, in the mean time they have me doing all these exercises to build up the muscles in the ankle. I just don't trust it will be enough for serious sailing.
  8. HookEm

    PFD Upgrade Time

    With all the debate over inflatables vs foam, I'm not sure anyone has really stated the obvious, different situations call for different safety gear. If you are solo on a dingy and falling in means you may be there awhile needs one kind of vest. If you are out cruising in 5 knots of breeze and 95 degree day with friends who could easily pick you up, an inflatable even if might fail is probably better than nothing. I some times even use a kayaking foam vest which has a lot of mesh and is much cooler on hot days. As a kid, I often used a foam ski belt, which often fit the bill, but is not coast guard legal. I don't think there is any one solution for all situations.
  9. HookEm

    Storing a gasoline engine,fuel, electrical

    My kid has left his Jeep at his girlfriend's house for extended periods while at college, often a semester or two. Only issue he ever had was the battery would go dead. A set of heavy duty jumper cables (4 gauge copper or bigger) is all it takes to start.
  10. I injured a tendon in my ankle running a half marathon and the injury causes issue hiking. I'm looking to see if anyone else with an ankle injury has used anything other than the usual braces you can get at Walgreen's or CVS for sailing. Because I'm sailing in salt water, something that does not have to put in the washing machine after every sail would be nice.
  11. HookEm

    Chesapeake Bay Debris Cancelling Racing

    Having experienced the Hurricane Harvey floods, just stop and take a breath. You will survive if you miss a few days of sailing. Flood waters are gross. There is a lot more nasty stuff in flood water than you want to think about. Spend you time helping someone whose home got flooded instead.
  12. HookEm

    oh Craigslist, you don't disappoint

    For a $1? https://houston.craigslist.org/boa/d/sail-boat-100/6633066354.html
  13. HookEm

    Gouv in a Laser again

    I spoke to the Laser rep last Sunday, who had come down from Connecticut for the Laser Nationals to the Houston Yacht Club. Sorry for failing to ask her about the parts/boats situation. Got side tracked on other topics.
  14. HookEm

    How do you define bad crew?

    Bad crew is the one you were counting on to be there, then they bail on you at the last minute.
  15. HookEm

    E-nav on the cheap

    Maybe it's just me but this thread makes my head hurt. I though the whole idea of going off on a boat was got get away from all the electronic crap. If you want to navigate on the cheap, get a compass a, paper chart, a Garmin etrex (for $89 on Amazon) and a pair of binoculars.