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  1. it's a jungle out there

    Nic Douglas, AKA SailorGirl, as usual knows what's up. V
  2. Laser 2 spars over the years

    Well, I guess there's a second option ;-) Make your own! Your hull looks in much better shape than mine. I have some work to do in the days before weather improves enough to sail Especially around the dagger board slot. She probably has a few more seasons in her yet.
  3. Laser 2 spars over the years

    Ugh, the only real way to get a proper mast-head anything is buying up someone's old mast. And there are two versions: fairlead versus sheave box. I have the sheave box version. First found a sheave box replacement (Just google HA9 Sheave box, can't post links to commercial sites right? ) that could go in, but I'd loose a couple inches of haul on the main halyard, and since my main sail was (at the time) not much better than an old bedsheet, I didn't want to do that. So, I found a guy getting rid of his L2 in parts, so I bought his old mast for $125, and a non class legal main from Intensity. I don't know where you'd find one in Texas, other than asking at your club, or seaching ebay or craigslist. Cannot wait to get going in the Spring. Good luck man!
  4. Laser 2 spars over the years

    Didn't bother replacing the sheave. Found a new mast that was in less awful shape than mine. Has all the fittings, nothing bent (slot at the bottom of the mast where the halyard comes out is mangled. Just need to get a new tiller and extension and do a little sanding and filling on the rudder and daggerboard. And, I need to pull out and fix up the autobailer. Seems to stick. Guessing the rubber bands have dried up and busted long long ago. Winter projects! Then fingers crossed she'll last me a few more seasons before the cockpit falls out (it's a little springy). Not bad for less about a grand for: Hull, 2 masts, foils, trailer, dolly, new running rigging, two spinnakers, a jib, a main, and a new main from Intensity. Can't wait for May 2016. woot.
  5. Laser 2 spars over the years

    In case anyone is still interested, the sheave box can be replaced by this: an HA9 sheavebox that i can get at Fogh Marine in Toronto. Will buy and advise on the replacement process.
  6. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Ugly and once again... beautifully kept! It seems a little overloaded. Johann Tanzer built a good boat, but couldn't design above the waterline for shit. I always thought the 22 looked alright: I guess some people shouldn't be allowed to do standing headroom? Either way Tanzer is keeping a lot of people on the water. I got back into sailing on a friend's Tanzer 26 when I moved to Toronto. It is ugly too. You totally don't notice when you're on it. Leant to sail a keel boat on a 22 in Montreal. Pigs, crazy rudders, but they took care of us.
  7. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Hey, just curious... I enjoy reading this particular forum, especially being able to chatbdirectly with Bob Perry! I mean come on man, Legend! But I want to know if anyone signed up for the weekly digrst also gets a ton of emails every sunday starting at midnight? I,ve received 15 since 12am... And counting! I suspect i will get another after this post... Mod?
  8. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Found this gem in Gananoque Ontario. The kinda ugly only the designer or owner could love.
  9. Laser 2 spars over the years

    So, I got the sheave, had to wait a few weeks due to sh*t storm at work (I run a big restaurant kitchen), but finally yesterday I managed to put it in. The pin is about half the length it needs to be so the old one will sub in for now. The difference is huge. Before it was like trying to pull and elephant with dental floss. Now it just zips right up the mast. Such a treat. Now I can get the jib up, sail away from the dock into the wind (where I sail, the wind invariably hits the dock from the south while the dock's fingers point south east) then just get that baby up easy peasy. Now if only we has some wind here... oh there it is. gusting 50 on Sunday. maybe not. Oh, and here's a picture of what I pulled out of the masthead... notice how the sheave is chewed straight through. and the pin is a ragged mess. Gotta find a new one before it eats through the teflon bearing inside the new sheave. laters
  10. Laser 2 spars over the years

    Should cantp's suggestions fail, I've found a source online but will confirm its the same dimensions should I have to go the DYI route and replace the sheave ad hoc. Thanks for the help everyone. Also - it's probably just a standard Harken sheave. Part # HK303 I believe... So, I finally got the information I was looking for all along. After getting the sheave out, I was alarmed at the damage done not only to the sheave, but to the pin as well. The halyard had ripped right through the sheave and into the pin making it nearly impossible to achieve any kind of fluid motion when hauling the main up. I can't post pictures from my iPad so far as I know, but when I get to my computer next I will post a pic. Anyway, purchased a harken HAR303 to replace it and have it on good authority that it will be fine. That is, a second good source cantp1. Can't wait. My hands will thank me. And I won't look so silly careening her over at the dock to get the sail up.
  11. Laser 2 spars over the years

    Should cantp's suggestions fail, I've found a source online but will confirm its the same dimensions should I have to go the DYI route and replace the sheave ad hoc. Thanks for the help everyone.
  12. Laser 2 spars over the years

    Your mast is newer than your boat. Your mast is an early nineties pedigree. May also be an English build?? You can try contacting Fogh marine in Toronto. They used to carry all the parts for the L>>. Otherwise try Boathouse in Montreal. Basically you need to find an old catalog kicking around to find the part # on the sheave. The boat itself comes to me from a friend who got it from her parents who used to race it back in the day. I imagine that they had to replace the mast at some point. I'll ask her. K. Will Drop in at the boathouse and see what is what. And should that fail, I will check out Fogh next time int he TO area. Likely soon. Thanks.
  13. Laser 2 spars over the years

    So here are two photos of the masthead. As you can see (sorry the second is a little blurry. Was hard to keep her steady.) There is no fairlead, just a sheave in a plastic housing. Can't be seen here but the sheave is squared off as well. I need a replacement for this part but have had no luck finding any mention of it anywhere. Based on the hull number, it is a 1982 August production model.
  14. Laser 2 spars over the years

    Definitely fun. And widely available here in Montreal. I believe this one has the telescoping mast though I'm not 100%.
  15. Laser 2 spars over the years

    Definitely not racing. Just messing around. Any chance to get out on the water and find a bit of peace and quiet. It needs a lot of attention though. The horn cleat is broken off and née replacing, and the sails are well and truly stretched. Hull is in good shape but the auto bailer isnt very efficient so I have to take that apart. Probably plugged with something. Yeah, not sure about the hull number. I always think about that stuff after I've left the dock. I'll find out on Monday when I get out next. I'm also going to take a picture of the plug.