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  1. jgbrown

    Rebuild, replace, repower

    Yeah, grabbing by the outside would definitely be a bad plan. I checked with the shop today that did the one where shaft was unavailable. They said they put couplings on on a dummy shaft section. That while not ideal, and slightly more expensive as I remembered, it can be done when there isn't a simple alternative(boat in the water unable or unwilling to be hauled out).
  2. jgbrown

    Rebuild, replace, repower

    Really? Guess I learned something new, my bad! As a general rule we always send it all together, since that's the best way to go, but I had to have one done without. Other than mentioning it would cost a bit more(and it did) I didn't hear of any issue with it from the machine shop. EDIT: What's the reason it must be sent together?
  3. jgbrown

    Rebuild, replace, repower

    Just watch out with some(PB blaster incl) around seals. Give things a good blast with heat fMaybe not an issue since you're considering rebuild, but often gets forgotten with stuff like that ATF/acetone mix. Good practice to take it off, clean it and reinstall it, good time to get the face trued up too. Put a couple house clamps to keep it in the boat while you do. Easier with the motor out space wise, but then you need to make a puller plate. Socket in between flanges works well, bring a few lengths of socket though, so you don't end up in between ranges covered by length of bolt and socket length. If you have to press too hard you and don't keep the pressure even across all the bolts you can create problems. That could be entertaining for an audience...
  4. jgbrown

    The Kraken cup

    https://www.theadventurists.com/the-jibber/?category=Kraken+Cup Not quite a fleet of SJ24s but looks like there is some drifting involved.
  5. jgbrown

    Recommend a ratchet crimper

    https://www.pacergroup.net/controlled-ratchet-crimper-for-heat-shrink-22-8-awg/ One like this. Not quite as nice as the Pro-HST, but you can buy alternative die sets, it also covers 8ga. I like it better than the FTZ/generic parallel jaw ones, because it delivers a better crimp, and you can keep the handles closer together when working in tight spaces. Bit more of a pain to get the barrel lined up exactly because the jaws are slightly wider than the FTZ/generics but with a little practice that becomes straightforward.
  6. jgbrown

    Modern wiring standards

    Yes, non adhesive heat shrink is not very useful for this. I don't think I've even had any around in years.
  7. jgbrown

    Modern wiring standards

    If you don't want to have to fuck around with it again, put a bit of heat shrink large enough to join from sheath to sheath if joining 2 multi conductors. If not, I like a bit of heak shrink shrunk full over the outer sheath, a bit over the start of the multi conductor wire, and less so as it goes along to provide a bit of strain relief.
  8. Thanks. A rubber chicken would be a totally suitable mascot for such an event.
  9. jgbrown

    1982 J/36 for $20K... issues?

    Guess they put the bow back on on that one?
  10. jgbrown

    Question regarding tape.

    heat shrink to hull tape. White UV resistant, clean removal for 6 months.
  11. jgbrown

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    https://pensacola.craigslist.org/bod/d/1985-sailboat-com-pac-yacht/6732205409.html 1985 Sailboat Com-pac Yacht live aboard - $3900 18' liveaboard for 4k$ good deal....
  12. jgbrown

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    https://pensacola.craigslist.org/boa/d/learn-how-to-buy-fix-sell/6752100653.html I'm 80yo can't do it myself anymore, have 35yrs experience to share with the right person, have made a very good living/lifestyle. You own and operate, I'll consult so you don't make mistakes. It's a great business with almost no overhead. Example: Buy a Boat 17ft to 30ft on Trailer for $1k put $500. into upgrade Total Cost $1500. sell for $5k not a wish ticket but real profit of $3,500. Call me to discuss details or email Because nothing says make money flipping boats like hiring a paid consultant.
  13. Someone pay for the food and I'll go and take the duck along, not sure I have Rimas's flair or drifting navigation abilities though...
  14. jgbrown

    Tattoo 26- WTF???

    Don't forget people who have had to fix the fucking things. Those people hate them too. I remeber the hardest part about glassing one that bumped a dock was not cutting through the hull during the grind for a bevel We literally ended up sanding it to try and get a decent bond width. Never seen a boat with less glass than a shower stall and made of nothing but badly wet out chopped strand. They are expensive for how well they aren't built. A half rotten ferrocement boat is cheaper and stronger and doubtful it sails worse.