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  1. Charged and deterred it with bear spray or a gun, or just charged vaguely towards her then wandered off? The latter is pretty common, it happened to me the other week walking my dogs(black bear with cub). my younger dog decided to be an asshole and barked at the bear instead of shutting the fuck up, bear didn't appreciate it, but not the first time I've had that happen with a bear. The back roads driving isn't uncommon towards the north end of the island, lots of people prefer to bomb around on the gravel roads, myself included(normally). Some like me because it's scenic and less traffic, lots of nice spots to stop for the dogs to run around off leash. Others because they are idiots and want to drink while they drive. I used to frequently stop for naps/pee breaks/walk the dogs around somewhere pretty breaks too, unless we were going far or I planned to sleep more than 20 min, I'd leave it running because if it didn't start for whatever reason, you might be waiting quite a while in an area with no reception for help. Myself I'm leaning towards there is something sketchy going on but wrong place/wrong time rather than the people who disappeared doing something bad, they really sounded like a couple normal guys on a cool adventure. I remember a few years back hearing of a few people getting flagged down in weird situations and someone trying to attack/kidnap them, enough that I asked my girlfriend at the time to not stop if flagged down and just call in anyone looking like they were in trouble instead. I've quit driving the gravel routes unless needed and no more stopping in sunny spots with the windows down for a snooze.
  2. There's a bunch of weird stuff going on the island at the moment, one of the guys was a friend of a friend of mine, and my friend is of the opinion there was no way they would be mixed up in anything sketchy and is leaning towards the bear or wrong place wrong time theory. They also mentioned there was another weird disappearance around the same time, and something about a van that was found in the woods from someone else who went missing around the same time with blood on the drivers seat. To be honest I was only half paying attention because I was busy fixing something on their truck, but I don't think I'd be hitchhiking myself or picking up hitch hikers for a bit around here... Scary stuff.
  3. jgbrown

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    @Sloop John B I guess I must be a glutton for punishment I called him back after he called me three times, each time from a different random number, where I would call back and get a neighbor etc. He was very clear to tell me right off the bat that he wasn't in a hurry to sell and the boat was a great value, because the owner before him paid 42k 10 years ago and it used to be owned by doctors in Vancouver... Also that in his highly educated opinion the teak was fine and just needed to be re-caulked in place because at the bow the teak was thick enough to pull fasteners and re-countersink. When I suggested that the high traffic areas were in a different state with the teak worn down below deck drains, rot spreading around stanchions etc he announced that he had called me 8 minutes before he had to go to a dinner and now had to go. After 5 requests(2 in the call and 3 emails) I still don't have an answer as to whether or not the boat has any sails. any additional rigging or parts available... He suggested I put my questions in an email(that will be the third time I've done so) and he'll call me back again after that.
  4. jgbrown

    Interior Plywood Repair options

    I did some testing a few years ago with regular interior, Baltic Birch, G1S exterior grade and Marine grade. Baltic birch was awesome from the point of view of precision of it's manufacturing, lovely to work with, nice and stiff too, it failed so quickly exposed to any kind of moisture. I still like to make battery boxes out of it since it shapes so nicely on the router etc, but they get glassed. Still lasted better than the interior plywood which had some sort of water based filler I think, the filler swelled up and failed in <3 days the plywood soon after. G1S seemed to last almost as well as the marine grade in water but wasn't as nice to work with(at 100$ less per sheet that was OK). Many boat builders use good one side, and most customers opt for that for the cost difference.
  5. jgbrown

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    To be honest it wouldn't have even hit my radar for here if not for the "take it home for Father's day" part. Maybe if you hoped your dad would get a divorce or you just really didn't like him. "So dad, I know you're getting up there in years, but how bout a few thousand hours of work on something someone else didn't finish". A free 50' hull(I'm guessing it's hull only left now too now that it's free, They never mentioned a rig either so even back then it was probably minus a mast then too) is the gift that would keep on taking.
  6. jgbrown

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/boa/d/catalina-27-tall-rig-summer/6612921926.html SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. I learned to sail on this boat and is a good sailer! started some projects on it but decided to sell it. (I bought a smaller sailboat) I have over $12000 dollars in to this and would like to see it go to someone that would appreciate it. it has a 1 cyl 6 hp petter diesel tabernacled mast, custom stainless steel bow sprit with two anchor rollers, the bottom was extensively redone fixed all the blisters and keel with fiberglass and gel coat (have pictures), and new bottom paint, which should be redone. started installing a diesel heater, took out the alcohol gimbled stove and replaced it with a new stainless steel fixed cook top. interior is dirty, has raymarine navigation system gps chart plotter knot meter and depth gauge, new drive shaft and cutlass bearing with three blade prop, setup for three batteries, ( two house and one engine). rigged for single hand sailing, new main sail, three storm sails, out board motor mount for a backup engine, and a rail mounted propane barbecue. comes with a trailer with a extended tongue . possible trades for collector car or?
  7. jgbrown

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    The perfect gift for someone who hates their father.
  8. jgbrown

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    I couldn't get Craigslist to email. Anyone else have any luck?
  9. jgbrown

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    https://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/boa/d/38-jeanneau-1980-gin-fizz/6589142100.html New (2016) BETA 38 hp Diesel engine, 55hrs Aft cabin, New Raymarine GPS Plotter,New 12V & 110V Electrical Panels Roller Furling. Solid boat Needs some Interior updating 19500
  10. jgbrown

    Interesting new DIY Catamaran build

    How much flotation do you need to add under something before you consider it a dock instead of a boat? I'm impressed it made it in the water, but I think he might be a little stern heavy... As a houseboat it's not bad really, I still think the Mcbarge must have been a design influence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McBarge
  11. jgbrown

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Yep, right by the ferry dock.
  12. jgbrown

    Hull now needs faring.

    Ah the old labourer who can fuck up an anvil with a rubber mallet. God loves them because nobody else could.
  13. jgbrown

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    In fairness to the cold moulded boat guy, this wasn't his as far as I know. The whole dock in Ganges(Saltspring Island) looked like a floating field of broken dreams and WTF moments. All had massive forests of bottom growth there were several half submerged dinghies on moorings, couple boats on the rocks on the beach etc. I'm no expert but it's a cumulative disaster to me. Any one of these would be doable. For example if the boat needs a repower, but everything else is good. Or the hull engine, rig and everything else are good, but the deck started to fail and needs to be torn off, any underlying problems fixed, reglassed then reinstalled. Honestly the windows are the least of my concern, the cabin side is solid mahogany, so worst case, cut it out and install a new 1x12" of mahogany and done. Or the bottom was covered in growth and in unknown shape but above the waterline was cared for. This boat is like a truck your buddy gave you for a case of beer as a teenager when he got a real job and got tired of covering rust holes in duct tape, after his older brother got done beating on it while learning to drive, after that guy's cousin gave it to him when he got tired of fixing the free truck he got when his parents got tired of using it as a farm beater to haul the nasty shit around on the farm they wouldn't use the "good" truck for. I suspect my numbers are not totally accurate(I'm not a wood guy), but I would wager on being +/- 25% with my ballpark of 150k if the hull is good and the underlying deck structure is OK if it was done as a full paid project. 1500 hours sounds like a lot(for reference we are going to be done a complete refit and interior modification and upgrade package on a 37' powerboat that sank last year, and we'll be in the 300 hour ballpark.) but on something like this the scope of work just creeps like crazy. To fix properly it's down to a crowdfunded job if enough people wanted in and to play with it a bit after it was done, where I was throwing in a ton of labour for free and space for free in exchange for keeping the boat after, or a wealthy backer who had fond memories of the boat and wanted to use it for a couple seasons after but mostly just loved the stupid thing irrationally, neither of which is likely. I'm still debating on option two, patch it up quick and dirty to buy a few years before salvaging it(In current condition it would barely be worth salvaging, the rig and keel are of value but the keel value will be chewed up by trucking/disposal, the few years of use will offset that). Nothing is so far gone that I couldn't buy myself a few years to play with it I think, but nothing left is good enough to be worth repairing except for the amusement of a paying audience due to it's historical significance and an appreciation for watching people do fundamentally illogical acts, or a person with more money and sentiment than sense to whom 150k is pocket change.
  14. jgbrown

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Maybe that's why he won't show the boat in person?