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  1. You are quite a cut and paster BTL. Not real sure why you have to paste all that when you include the link. Perhaps you could do a little paraphrasing of your OWN opinion rather than hitting all the alt websites to try and stir the shit here. Not sure why some people think EVERYTHING has to have a fuckin political agenda. I'm so sick and fucking tired of fucking political rhetoric on both sides. Since I actually find the series worth watching, and having it rekindle thoughts from my late teenage days, does that make me a war monger or a fucking pacifist? Does that make me far left sympathizer or a far right "Get me Some"? Take your fuckin cut and paste shit and either sick it up your ass, or not. I don't really care. Just quit the fucking cut and paste.
  2. Watching the 5th episode. Pretty hairy shit. This guy John Musgrave is a tough mother. He has more than a few ghosts. I wonder how many American lives were lost directly because of the shitty M-16's.
  3. So Freddie, who was a bit thick, got a new job that required him to have his own transportation. Freddie had never owned a car before, and went directly to the used car lot on Main Street, just down the block from his favorite diner. Freddie, who was a bit thick, didn't have much money but figured he could maybe spend about $500 for a car. At the used car lot on Main Street, right down from his favorite diner, he found a car that had a large $500 sign stuck in the windshield. So Freddie, who was a bit thick, asked the used car salesman how much for the car. The salesman says "Freddie, you must be a bit thick, cause the sign right in the windshield says $500. But I tell you what, Freddie. You bring me cash and I'll discount the price by 5%". Freddie leaves to go home to get his money, but being a bit thick, couldn't finger out how much the car would actually cost after a 5% discount. So he goes into his favorite diner, which was right down the block there on Main Street. He sits down and has an idea, which doesn't happen often because he knows he's a bit thick. But he looks at Doris, his favorite waitress at his favorite diner on Mainstreet, and asks "Doris? If I gave you a $500 tip and you discounted it by 5%, how much would you take off?" Doris looks at Freddie, who is usually a bit thick, and replies "Honey, you give me $500 and I'll take off everything but my earings."
  4. I think that's more the case...SC just isn't very good. Not real sure how good most of the P12 is. But SC has had their struggles in the first coupla outings...certainly not top 5 material. Actually pretty amazed the coaches poll only dropped them 1. I guess it's just their winning streak has some beef to it. But one thing, Darnold looks like he'll be playing Sundays for sure. Dude is pretty good outside of the pocket.
  5. Were you watching a different game than I watched? Besides the eternal Texas Sucks motif, they did not want to win. WTF was the play at the end of the first half? No way SC should have scored, much less a 50+ yarder. Then at the end of regulation, when Texas finally stumbles their way into the lead, they let, I mean LET SC go the entire length of the field in less than a minute to score a tie, and then completely fubar'd the OT. Is that the same Texas Shorthorns you describe above? Cuz if it is your definition of worthy and mine do not collide. OU and OSU will hang half a century on them, and then put their 2nd team in for the second half.
  6. John was one of the best. How many Pendragons? You'd have a hard time counting on two hands. He'll have a good time racing the other IOR owners who beat him to the fair seas, and he'll have top notch boats and a smile on his face while doing it.
  7. Dude. Are you a reporter for CNN? You often pull quotes mid sentence without quoting "the rest of the story"? FFS
  8. Maybe they are measured. Do you know for a fact that they are not? You think they just pop them out and send them on their way? Again, this keeps creeping back that this is the fault of the builders. This is the fault of fucking cheating owners. There is nothing that anyone has presented on this thread that leads me to believe otherwise.
  9. Splendid choices most all. Gotta love the "I'm here to chew bubblegum" line from They Live. One I just saw recently, over a decade old, and then had to watch it twice to make sure I got it. Primer Extremely low budget, made the guys a goodly amount I think. And it's very, very good. Don't know why it took me a dozen years to ever see it. Primer. If you're into that whole space time continuum thing.
  10. Fast...The J70 class rule allows for fixing shit. It allows you to replace broken stuff. If your keel gets pitted or gouged from use, repair it. The rule specifically allows for that. What it doesn't allow for is reshaping. That's the issue here. The OD rules are pretty simple, and they work. They even worked in this case, as the keels that didn't measure WERE NOT tossed because the owner tried to repair them, they were tossed because the owner reshaped them, got caught, and subsequently got tossed. This has nothing whatsoever to bad class rules. It has to do with the mentality of certain racing owners. 99.86% of racing owners around the world don't cheat. The other .14% hopefully get caught and get their comeuppance. It just so happened in the case of the 2017 J70 World Championships, a big percentage of that .14% showed up at once and skewed the numbers.
  11. You guys have to give it up with the comparisons to Stars and facking 505's. Those are not "production" boats. The j/70's are. Their rules are such that unless specifically allowed, nothing may be changed. Period. No tolerances like 5 0hs, Snipes and Stars who made those tolerances originally for home building and multiple builders. Certainly, each boat is not identical due to many factors, including human, but I have a hard time believing that every top J70 team "shopped" their boats before purchasing. Perhaps, but I'm betting not. I assume that each J70 mold was made from one plug. They may shop out the foils and keels, I really don't know. But the bottom line is it is a production boat, with strict rules. Changing the shape or profile of any appendage or hull form is verboten. Period. Do not cheat and you can play. Cheat and get caught, you may not play.
  12. Hopefully Frankie G won't mind a cut and paste here...but thought it pretty humorous not to mention pretty fuckin spot on.... Apology from Equifax CEO, Tom Equifax Good morning, America. I’m Tom Equifax, founder & CEO of Equifax. As you’ve probably read, a hacker recently gained access to a couple of files, which contained extensive personal & financial information for 143 million Americans. It even had some Social Security and credit card numbers in it, which is going to mean big trouble for a whole lot of people. And I’m sorry that any of you think I give a shit. I mean, look. I even put this apology behind a paywall. That’s how much I don’t care. Really, my misanthropy should be obvious. If I cared about people, would I get rich running a company that reduces people to a number? A number based partly on whether you owe corporations enough money? We literally decide if you’re worth anything to society, and it has nothing to do with what you do, or think. Saving a baby from a fire doesn’t help your credit score at all. Credit score companies are evil, and I love running mine. So why would I care if we lost enough data to ruin 143 million lives? I work on ruining all your lives, every day. This is a freebie. This is boner material. Just imagine how many fraudulent lines of credit are gonna come out of this! I’m gonna get to drop so many of your scores, based on things you didn’t even do. And it’s gonna be awesome. Some of you have probably realized by now that Equifax was founded 118 years ago, and you’re wondering how I, founder Tom Equifax, am still alive. It’s because I use dark magicks to convert the sorrows of the poor into vital essence. And so long as Equifax remains in operation, there will be more than enough poor-sorrow to keep me alive, underground, in a bunker, where I will sleep through the coming nuclear apocalypse, and re-emerge to rebuild society as its new God. Why did I decide to use poor-sorrow, instead of rich-sorrow? Because fuck poor people. You heard me. Don’t act surprised! I obviously hate poor people. All credit scoring companies do. Credit scores only really hurt poor people & middle poor people (that’s what I call the “middle class”), and that’s on purpose. If you’re rich, the score doesn’t really matter, because you have enough collateral for anything, or you can just make a bigger down payment! Donald Trump has a horrendous credit score, and it doesn’t matter. Never did, never will. A billionaire with terrible credit gets to be President & tear this planet down, and your unemployed ass can’t even get a used car. Credit scores are really something, aren’t they folks? You know, if I had things my way, you wouldn’t be able to know your life-number without paying us. You only get that one free report a year because the stupid government makes us. In a better world, in the world I will build once this one burns in atomic hellfire, the mutant survivors will just never be able to rent an apartment or get a loan, and they’ll never know why. They’ll walk around with an ever-present sense of doom & dread, wondering if today’s the day their hidden society-rating drops too far for them to keep on living. That’s the Equifax dream. So, 143 million people now have to worry about their lives being stolen out from under them. Because we’re allowed to know everything about you, but we can’t be bothered to be responsible, because we hate you. I can already feel the poor-essence flowing. Get bent suckers, FUTURE-GOD TOM EQUIFAX Frankie G. A professionally loud comedian. I particularly enjoy writing fantastical satire; so, if you want orcs commenting on legislation, you’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE! Related reads Ground Rules for my MAN COVE Frankie G.
  13. I'd never seen or heard this by Jimi. Acoustic 12 doing "Train a Comin'".
  14. It was a bit rhetorical...but 505 is a good answer. While maybe not 160+ at the worlds a very strong fleet, great sailors, good handle on measurement aspects at championships. And of course......Gate starts!!!
  15. Once again...I must be missing your point. Personally, I think the class is showing pretty large huevos to be 86ing those who have cheated. Big names, expensive programs, yada yada yada. I can't see where you guys are coming from saying the class is going downhill and will be PH in a coupla years. This action, this week, is GOOD for the class. While it's mystifying why some would think they are above the rules, it's a handful. Other than that handful, there are 170ish at the party. Show me another OD class that active and that strong.