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  1. J T

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Devil's Triangle? 0 x 160 degrees ? Boats go in but they very rarely come out? Oh, my aching ass. I have never heard such a pile of shite. There is absolutley no way these two spent 5 months on that boat floating around down to the equator and back to Japan. Not to say that either of them look good -- but they don't look like they've been through a 5 month harrowing experience. No Fucking Way. Somebody in Hawaii has to know them. If she spent 2 years building that POS with a black girlfriend, she didn't do it without making some kind of scene.
  2. J T

    Moovie Review Threade

    Joe Bob, correct me if I'm wrong, got his start in the Pink Section of the SF Chronicle. At least that's the first time I knew of him, and that had to be 30 years ago or there abouts. Joe Bob Goes to the Drive In Movies. Everything was rated off of his all time favorite movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Rated in buckets of blood and breast. ie: 2.5 buckets and 3 breasts...Joe Bob says Check It Out!
  3. J T

    Moovie Review Threade

    Pardon me if this is supposed to be a thread for newer flicks, but saw a few that were older. someone mentioned "The Lobster" which I thought was pretty groovey. Along those same lines, with a definite bend towards the sick and twisted, try 'CHEAP THRILLS" . Coupla years old at least, funny as shit with a good, fairly unknown cast. I'd give it 3.5 snags just for the twist factor.
  4. Ah...yeah, I think I may be past the foam roller help. I actually have a big assed exercise ball that I used on my back...can no longer use it unless i want to shed tears and wind up on my hands and knees. But thanks for the two words anyway.
  5. Vas es das foam roller?
  6. Yeah...thanks for all the input. Got a second opinion from another Neuro dude today. Considering a third, however it looks like I might need several before one tells me a different scenario. This guy suggests the same surgery. The good news is that both have said the same thing, that even though it's a relatively major surgery, the outlook should be pretty glowing. Since it's L4-5 S1, the degeneration of the disc is fairly confined and thus will be a fairly short cage. Nothing like the Frankenstein XRay that was posted earlier. Thank god whoever that was took it down, it really gave me nightmares. They slip a stainless and teflony disc in between the L4 and L5 to lift and separate from the belly side then flip over to install the cage around the whole schmear. Some stainless steel screws and smallish parts that fit in the palm of your hand. Still gives me pause for sure, but as before, I'm pretty tired of constant pain and not being able to participate in almost everything I used to find enjoyable. Currently scheduled for the surgery on the 10th. Puts me out of anything but the house until the first of the year at least.
  7. J T

    Harvey Weinstein

    Maybe he's the only one that will continue to do her...have you seen Lindsay lately? Yeeesh!
  8. J28 and PB...yeah, thanks. I've done a lot of what you speak. In the pain realm, I've done three injections, with and without CTS and one cauterization of nerves. None helped at all with the actual back pain, and little if any relief on the sciatica end of things in the lower extremities. I've gone through a fair amount of chiropractic conditioning over the years, and actually think that exacerbated the problem, and might be one of the reasons I'm where I'm at now. I do have some arthritis in the areas of the disc problems, but the doc seems to think that's not the cause of most of the pain. Last year I did see another specialist, and at that point, he wanted to do a laminectomy. I was totally against that as the sciatica is not the main problem. Since that time the discs have continued to degenerate from the last MRI performed in June. I've had a total of three MRI's in the last 2+ years, and countless xrays. I'm not approaching this blindfolded, I'm just fairly averse to having knives and foreign objects around my person. I do also agree the fucking is overrated, and you may have noticed it was listed third after sailing and golf. I want my fuckin younger body back, not to mention my life. Youth is wasted on the young.
  9. Sorry to hear you're going through it too Chum. I have looked into laser at the Laser Spine Institute locally. I think it's, for lack of a better term, a scam. First, Blue Cross doesn't cover, which right there should tell you something. Secondly, after reading up about laser surgery, laser works great on soft tissue. Can't do anything skeletal. Do some checking on your own, but I'd run from any Laser Spine Clinic.
  10. So, I've had pretty severe back pain for well over a year. It's kept me from sailing, golfing and fucking with any joy or regularity. I've been scarfing hydrocodone a couple times a day for the last 15 months. Disc degeneration between L4,5 and S1. I've been putting it off and putting it off, but I think I'm finally going to listen to my surgeon and go for the surgery. It's called a 360 anterior and posterior interbody lumbar fusion. They go in from the belly side and the back side. Up to 4 days in the hospital and up to 8-12 weeks recovery at home before work. Sounds fuckin horrid. Question is, has anyone here had this done? What was the outcome. Did you get relief? I'm pretty tired of feeling shitty 24/7, but I really don't wanna feel shittier. I miss sailing, golfing and fucking. If I do it, it pretty much has to be now as I'm just about through my deductibles on insurance (After going to the ER a couple of weeks ago with a kidney stone and the bill was over $12K FFS). Any stories good or bad might help, but I think I'm pretty much in. Back Surgery info.pdf
  11. J T

    Bump Stocka

    OIC now...they're good for the reign of terror aspect we witnessed this past Sunday evening, and for your fuckin' erection. Well then by all means, we must continue to foist these little jewels upon society for the benefit of your boner. I am assuming there is a bit of tongue in cheek in your post...the bottom line is there is no redeeming quality in having these on the market. There is certainly a prospect of hurting more people than empty refrigerators in a field, not to mention your boner, as small as it may be.
  12. J T

    Bump Stocka

    So...I haven't gotten through the rest of this thread, but have a question for you, Spatial Ed. Are you saying that bump stocks and high capacity mags DO have a place and are necessary in "civil society"? I'm a weapon owning civilian, and for the life of me (or anyone else) see no redeeming quality or reason these would possibly exist, except to reign terror as seen this past weekend. I'm not wanting to get into any kind of rights issue, I just want someone to explain why anyone would want/need either of these.
  13. J T

    Tom Petty DTS

    yep...just read it on MSNews as well. Not many details yet, but apparently some sort of heart failure. A shame, never one of my true faves, but a legend for sure.
  14. J T


    So Freddie, who was a bit thick, got a new job that required him to have his own transportation. Freddie had never owned a car before, and went directly to the used car lot on Main Street, just down the block from his favorite diner. Freddie, who was a bit thick, didn't have much money but figured he could maybe spend about $500 for a car. At the used car lot on Main Street, right down from his favorite diner, he found a car that had a large $500 sign stuck in the windshield. So Freddie, who was a bit thick, asked the used car salesman how much for the car. The salesman says "Freddie, you must be a bit thick, cause the sign right in the windshield says $500. But I tell you what, Freddie. You bring me cash and I'll discount the price by 5%". Freddie leaves to go home to get his money, but being a bit thick, couldn't finger out how much the car would actually cost after a 5% discount. So he goes into his favorite diner, which was right down the block there on Main Street. He sits down and has an idea, which doesn't happen often because he knows he's a bit thick. But he looks at Doris, his favorite waitress at his favorite diner on Mainstreet, and asks "Doris? If I gave you a $500 tip and you discounted it by 5%, how much would you take off?" Doris looks at Freddie, who is usually a bit thick, and replies "Honey, you give me $500 and I'll take off everything but my earings."