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  1. J T

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Devil's Triangle? 0 x 160 degrees ? Boats go in but they very rarely come out? Oh, my aching ass. I have never heard such a pile of shite. There is absolutley no way these two spent 5 months on that boat floating around down to the equator and back to Japan. Not to say that either of them look good -- but they don't look like they've been through a 5 month harrowing experience. No Fucking Way. Somebody in Hawaii has to know them. If she spent 2 years building that POS with a black girlfriend, she didn't do it without making some kind of scene.
  2. I honestly admit to reading this out loud--kind of under my breath, as I'm apt to to with anything Snaggs has written, and then laughing in full on guffaw. Houwe imbaeriszink
  3. J T

    Wahine 26

    Now wait a minute. Even non-sailing women and homosexual men (NTTAWWT) will do some sort of shopping or price checking before just writing a check for $192K. When they do they're going to find a shit load of options for spending on a boat, floating condo or whathaveyou. When they do, what is going to send them over the edge for this 26 footer, this Mac26 lookalike, when they could have a nearly new 2017 Hanse 385 that is decked out with Nav gear and sails, for more than $30K less? This Wahine 26 is one of the better ways I've seen lately to make a small fortune in the boat business (considering they're starting with a large fortune).
  4. J T

    Moovie Review Threade

    Joe Bob, correct me if I'm wrong, got his start in the Pink Section of the SF Chronicle. At least that's the first time I knew of him, and that had to be 30 years ago or there abouts. Joe Bob Goes to the Drive In Movies. Everything was rated off of his all time favorite movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Rated in buckets of blood and breast. ie: 2.5 buckets and 3 breasts...Joe Bob says Check It Out!
  5. J T

    Moovie Review Threade

    Pardon me if this is supposed to be a thread for newer flicks, but saw a few that were older. someone mentioned "The Lobster" which I thought was pretty groovey. Along those same lines, with a definite bend towards the sick and twisted, try 'CHEAP THRILLS" . Coupla years old at least, funny as shit with a good, fairly unknown cast. I'd give it 3.5 snags just for the twist factor.
  6. J T

    Playboy announces 1st Transgender Playmate

    No man....I mean the magazine only showed a hint of bush...the gals had pelts from button to kneecaps. I was sneaking PB's from dad's closet way before any of them showed Beaver Cleaver. Then the day came when Uncle Bob G started the Pubic Wars in Penthouse. Liv Lindeman was a perfect blond for my teenage eyes...
  7. J T

    Playboy announces 1st Transgender Playmate

    Please. Make it all stop. We need the 70's back. Natural tits, tan lines, maybe a few freckles and just a hint of bush.
  8. Ah...yeah, I think I may be past the foam roller help. I actually have a big assed exercise ball that I used on my back...can no longer use it unless i want to shed tears and wind up on my hands and knees. But thanks for the two words anyway.
  9. Vas es das foam roller?
  10. J T

    Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    If the frame of thought has gone to smaller is easier to handle, it may not sound glamorous (in fact the glam factor is fairly low) but I've put a fair number of single handed and short handed COMFORTABLE miles on a Beneteau 477. Tall mast with beefed up standing rigging, deeper keel, one electric winch for the halyards, lazy jacks and the obligatory roller furling, it was very simple and easy to keep going at a decent clip. Great headroom down below, genset, watermaker, otto to steer. Very handy little package for the price.
  11. SF Bay has never been and probably never will be a big Mega-Yacht center. The main reason is that there is really not much in the way of good cruising for the megas. SoCal has a much more cruise-able coastline with a number of islands such as Catalina. Bay area is relatively cold and windy, and not conducive to the Grey Poupon and Pimms Cup crowd. Cruising to Monterey is usually wet and chilly on deck of anything but the megiest of megas. Richy Rich who lives in the bay area and owns mega yachts, do not keep them in their own backyard. I remember when the Treasure Island Sailing Center started way back when the Navy decommissioned the island in the late '90's. The St. Francis Foundation started the sailing center for small boat sailing and part of the deal they got from the Navy was to make it accessible to the community. Carrisa has been there from the early days and has done a great job, along with a handful of others. It would be a shame to see it adversely impacted for big boats that are pretty much non-existent in the bay area.
  12. J T

    Eggshell rant

    PWop....I want your life. If this is what you have to rant and complain about, you sir, are in pretty fucking good shape.
  13. Yeah...thanks for all the input. Got a second opinion from another Neuro dude today. Considering a third, however it looks like I might need several before one tells me a different scenario. This guy suggests the same surgery. The good news is that both have said the same thing, that even though it's a relatively major surgery, the outlook should be pretty glowing. Since it's L4-5 S1, the degeneration of the disc is fairly confined and thus will be a fairly short cage. Nothing like the Frankenstein XRay that was posted earlier. Thank god whoever that was took it down, it really gave me nightmares. They slip a stainless and teflony disc in between the L4 and L5 to lift and separate from the belly side then flip over to install the cage around the whole schmear. Some stainless steel screws and smallish parts that fit in the palm of your hand. Still gives me pause for sure, but as before, I'm pretty tired of constant pain and not being able to participate in almost everything I used to find enjoyable. Currently scheduled for the surgery on the 10th. Puts me out of anything but the house until the first of the year at least.
  14. J T


    Unknown what happened the first time...but...