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  1. After G XVII was slightly shortened, the "only" thing which prevents her to be an Ultim is that her foils trimming is "assisted", which up to now is not class legal. Gitana team hopes on the Class to change their mind on this. Probably once they have raced their own boats and faced Gitana ..... How is their foil trimming assisted? It doesn't really make sense to allowed assisted foil trim and not sail trim... Assisted may not be the right word. What I understand is that they want to be able to trim foil position in 2 (3 ?) dimensions at the tip of a button, just like in the A.C Whether they ultimately want to link that to some kind of INS system I do not know. In other words, not replacing man-power but improving trimming speed.and response time lapse. I don't think. Incidence of main foil will be trim by rackable rudder only. As only the rudders will benefit from incidence control assist, through an hydraulic system. Hama foil will remain fixed in 2D and 3D. As far I understand, it was like this, on mod70 Gitana15 used as a prototype. it's an half control system, compare to an AC50, with less complexity, weight and more manageable for RTW.
  2. Yellow will be faster this time, many studies tend to prove it.
  3. next generation of foilers can additionally to knew foil shape, bring knew shape of hull undervater, with V form as motorboat maybe. righting moment coming from hull will be less important, so to make the hull more comfortable through wave at high speed, V could be better than flat.
  4. interesting things is, at the exception of the DNF's (s josse & p meilhat), the final podium ranking was already acted and done on day 28 of the race. (beginning aussie zone) I mean coq, hugo boss and le cleach in first.
  5. Conrad rocks. Great story teller and always positive despite the setbacks. (What a contrast to the angry man video from Hereema). Indeed. Another interview with Conrad with the focus on the electrical supply (probably from about 4 days ago). He mentions the burns on his hands are now good, and something about saving the solar panels in the mainsail. http://www.futura-sciences.com/planete/actualites/energie-renouvelable-vendee-globe-voilier-zero-emission-conrad-colman-top-10-65729/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter He seems to just "work the problem" with a positive outlook. I think that is the key personality trait of these guys.I wonder what this guy could do with a faster boat. He might really have "the right stuff". I think he will be back and with a big budget next time. Clearly tenacious, engaging, competent and with NZ/US citizenship, English first language, competent French second-language, French wife, he ticks a lot of boxes for a big French sponsor next time. +1
  6. Clean, leave your sarcasm at home. He´s just telling what he thinks and you don´t have to be a formula one driver to see that this sport is dangerous I'll use my sarcasm where I choose ET1, and a great place to use it is when someone says something like 'it is above acceptable risk' without explaining why their chosen level of risk is relevant. What you said: i.e. 'this sport is dangerous' - is still a mostly useless statement, but it is at least slightly objective - 'dangerous' is a bit more fact-based than the term 'acceptible', which includes the concept of 'acceptance'. In other words, without an explanation of what he or she means by 'acceptable' risk, oceanwwgg's comment means literally nothing - which is why I asked him which boat he has. Few things bother me more than people with no connection at all complaining about the levels of risk with no context. So let's talk about 'acceptable' risk and what it means: Do the sailors 'accept' the risk of a RTW multihull race? Do the sponsors and/or boat owners? Do the media 'accept' it? Do the medical advisors 'accept' the risk? How about the national sailing bodies? What about ISAF? And if all these people and organizations - all of them likely with more knowledge and experience and stake than oceanwwgg - accept the risk, doesn't that mean it is 'acceptible' on its face? How about the fact that there was already a RTW race for giant multihulls more than a decade ago without any capsizes, and that safety has come a very, very long way since then? Clean I will leave with ur sarcasm as my answer would lack of subtility."acceptable risk" ? in 2002 route du rhum 5 or 6 orma tri capsized, no one die but rescue were on the biscay golf spot in less than 3 hours or less. I think Race mode , rtw or on any spot, conduct to push harder on the boat and on the skipper than on a "Record" mode and for me it's too dangerous. by nature multihull capsize, since 40 years in the north atlantic, but it's manageable by team and rescue team. mixing solo rtw race + multihull and south ocean, it's not. If an imoca capsized, a solo sailor can solve the situation and save his ass alone, on a multihull he can't, he's fucked. Groupama 3 crew when they capsized in 2009 were very very very lucky, they were less than 200 miles from australia. Everybody is free to register in or like any race, but this ultim race project could turn too much as a " Gladiator game" to my taste. But I know some couch beer sailor will love it, are u one of them Clean ?
  7. imho, this 2019 ultim trimaran race around the word is above acceptable risk, even with top sailors. Sooner or later a tri will capsize, specifically because of the solo format and small fleet means rescue from other sailors problematic. Without speaking of the attrition rate that can lead to a finish with only one competitor. multihull crew racing around the world should be better for safety
  8. I'm still so sad about Seb Josse... I think his boat is quicker downwind than BP and was catching up which would have made it very interesting. No photo of the damage has been reported. I guess they are protecting it for the new owner, whoever that is. Please do another VG in 4 years Seb ! +10 without initial technical issue with rudders, seb would have fight for top 2 ranking
  9. would be interesting to screen last 8 winner of VG and last 8 second place, and check which one of them in the last 28 year has to deal with minor or catastrophic problem and solve them.fyi in 2008 m dejoyaux get at the start a 40 h delay to fix ballast.don't know if it's the worst a winner had have to face
  10. maybe a dumb question, but was it an option for seb josse and gitana team to drop their damaged foil in the bottom of the ocean, to repare the foil case and continue the race on one foil only. (as alex)
  11. considering seb josse heading, looks like abandon could be a valid option for gitana. hope I am wrong, what a week
  12. Perhaps "putting his racing on hold" includes not worrying about violating the ice limit, especially if someone shoreside can give him reasonable confidence that there isn't ice immediately on the other side of it. He could always go back and re-start from that spot, a la JPD, if/when he feels safe doing so. ^ That's how I read it. Head south for a few hours to avoid the worst of it, and don't worry about the AEZ. for me too, it means first priority is to save/fix the boat & security, he isn't anymore in racing mod for the coming hours. cross fingers seb deal well with the hairy low and fix the f...g foil