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  1. feenstrap

    Restraining headsail when on deck

    +1 to sails ties.
  2. feenstrap

    How bad are oversized hanks?

    Hello anarchists, For my 30 feet old skool IOR boat i have just converted the mylar #1 and dacron #3 headsails from luff groove to hanks. Changing headsails with a luff groove is no fun single handed, hence the conversion to hanks. Now it seems i have had the sailmaker to use the Wichard 65mm hanks instead of the 55mm ones. The forestay of the boat is 6mm rod and these hanks seem way too big. The gap between the forestay and the sail luff is now about 3cm. How bad is this gap for actual sail performance? Should i replace the large hanks with smaller ones, or is it no big deal? Can you help me with my buyers remorse? Cheers, Peter
  3. feenstrap

    Garmin 158i to B&G Hydra 2

    Yesterday i managed to get the Garmin and B&G talk to each other. Just for reference, connect the black wire on the Garmin to - 12v and to the blue wire on the NMEA FFD. Then connect the white wire on the Garmin to the brown wire on the MNEA FFD. Happy days.
  4. feenstrap

    Garmin 158i to B&G Hydra 2

    Thanks for the manual, i did not have the B&G one digital. I already set the baud rate to 4800 on the Garmin through the menu. Maybe the voltage is giving issues, as the Garmin uses the 12V - for NMEA ground.
  5. feenstrap

    Garmin 158i to B&G Hydra 2

    Hello forum, As my old MLR Valsat 03 finally decided to give up, i have purchased a new Garmin GPS 158i. The Valsat was connected to my B&G Hydra 2 NMEA FFD with just two wires (brown and blue) and i had high hopes the new Garmin could be connected as well. So far no luck connecting both. There is no GPS data like SOG/COG/BTW shown on the NMEA display at all. Digging in the old B&G manuals i noticed the MNEA FFD uses 'the latest NMEA version, 0183 1.5'. Maybe the Garmin output can just not be read by the B&G due to the FFD being rather old? It would be nice to know if connection between these two units is possible at all, before i spend more time on this. It's not like a must have or anything, but having GPS data available on the FFD in the cockpit would be nice. Thanks for any insights!
  6. feenstrap

    Best hand bearing compass

    Been using a Plastimo Iris 50 like forever. Great little compass, robust and affordable.
  7. feenstrap

    Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    Very nice job. She looks sweet!
  8. feenstrap

    never fuckin' mind

    I want everything. Would that include a bullet from this gun?