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    Finding out who my real daddy is... I'm starting to think it isn't really Wilt Chamberlain like my mom said...More importantly big breeze, warm waves, blast reaching and titties
  1. Bastard

    The Megabyte thread

    Delta dinghy ditch run this weekend... 30 mile pursuit race downwind (mostly) from Rio Vista to West Sacramento. Mostly DDW in fact once you hit the ditch... would be a lot more fun if it were a little more reachy. Shipping channel is pretty narrow so you have to sail pretty deep or hotter and gybe 10,000 times. Megabyte starts in a group with Lasers, Banshees, Force 5s etc. but I think I'm scratch boat in the group again so I'll be chasing the rabbits. Did well against my starting group last year. Won in my starting group pretty handily but I guess that didn't count for much, they scored the Lasers as a one design group within start group, and in the over all got passed by a lot of the kite boats Thistles, 5 ohs, FDs etc. about 2/3s of the way down the course when the breeze filled and they could square back and go for it. I ended up 4th in the Open/Portsmouth division and 7 in the overall. If I can limit the death rolls and avoid going down the mine shaft it ought to be fun. Got me a little waterproof speaker for the ipod so Metallica will be my watch captain. Go the Megabyte! P.S. I'll be flossing my S/A flat bill for good luck!
  2. Bastard

    The Megabyte thread

    Haven't had a chance to try the MKII yet. I'd love to demo one before dropping the scratch on one. It would be interesting to be able do a side by side comparison but for now since I'm not doing any real serious racing I haven't pursued it. I figure I'll do it if my MKI rig gives up the ghost. I'm just glad there being made again, from what I gather it was pretty hard to get the rigs from the old builder at the end. I was kind of wondering too; It sounds like the MKII is a little whippier and more bendy than the MKI, that it depowers a little quicker in the puffs. I was thinking a stiffer rig might be better for me at 6 foot 215lbs?
  3. Bastard

    The Megabyte thread

    More accolades for the Megabyte... just had the best day ever... 4 hours of blast reaching back and forth on a two mile stretch of river in 15-20kts and in some spots 2-3 foot ebb chop rollers. I could drop in, bottom turn and cut back to smash the lip then plane through the back of the next one drop in... epic! Pissed I didn't dust off the Go-Pro but this is just the beginning of the best few months for sailing on the Delta. Megabyte handled the conditions with ease. Go Megabyte yeah!
  4. Bastard

    The Megabyte thread

    Thanks I'll hit you up next spring... it's kind of an annual pilgrimage for us. For the Megabyte I can't help but think (like any dinghy these days) the start up cost has got to be a deterent for many. I know everybody needs there "cut" nowadays and everything's more expensive but for new boats to be in the several to tens of thousands dollar bracket and you can pick up a decent laser for a grand... I'm no genius but especially for someone starting out it's a tough sell. I never could have afforded a new one. Maybe I'm old school but I bought mine to re-create the memories I had as a child bombing around for hours on a $500- Hobie Holder. When I got back from Maui I wanted like hell to get one of those sick one man outrigger canoes (surfskis?)I saw people paddling. Thought it would be sweet here on the Delta. Did some research... basic boats start in the five to eight thousand dollar range... I'm not saying there not worth it, someone spent time developing and making it. I'm just saying I can buy a lot of Cotsco kayaks for that. I'm no cheapskate its just hard to justify on the expense report to go paddle about. All this aside I love my Megabyte. It was well worth what I put into it. Fast, clean layout with just enough controls that it doesn't become a burden. Well built and fun.
  5. Bastard

    The Megabyte thread

    Nice to hear somebody else is actually sailing one. Just got back to Cali from two weeks in Maui and there wasn't a day gone by that I didn't wish I had mine with me! What a killer venue, it always surprises me there isn't more sailing there(Maui) but with the lack of marinas I guess there are accessibility issues.?. Seems the couple of marinas there are full of tour/snorkel boats. Did see a couple of Lasers in drive ways. If only they knew the ways of the Megabyte.
  6. Bastard

    never fuckin' mind

    never went to bed with an ugly woman... but I sure woke up with a few
  7. Bastard

    The Megabyte thread

    Hey guys just checking in... I've had my megabyte for about a year now and love it here in the Delta (Nor. Cal). It's a blast in big breeze, planes out on a dime. Just found this thread on Anarchy this morning good to see it. There's been more discussion here in the last month than on the class site in the last year. This brings me to my point, it may help generete interest if the class site were updated. It's a little hard to figure out new things are happening with the boat when the site opens with results from regattas two or three years ago. Just a thought... I remember trying to research the boat before buying and had a hell of a time finding info. The boat is fast, easy to rig and launch, comfortable (I'm 6 foot 195lbs.) and just tweaky enough so you can tune shape and still have time to enjoy the ride without being overwhelmed. I'm still rocking the MKI rig and sail (can't afford the new one Paul hint hint $$) and feel in control in the big stuff. I'm an ex rigger so I went crazy with the 1/8" spectra everywhere I could and things seem to run through the microblocks alot more smoothly especially in the lighter stuff. But alas now I'm rambling.. Peace out.