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  1. There where only two laser sailors sailing Areo's out of the 13 in the last big regatta. The comment from every single one of them, whom I knew, was "When I'm sailing a laser downwind, I'm out of control." In other words, you didn't master sailing a Laser so this new toy is better. Like an Porsche with an automatic transmission.
  2. But if you improve the longevity of the boat then there is no constant stream of perfectly-good-enough-for-mere-mortals second hand boats, the second hand market collapses, new boat sales plummet, manufacturer support (if there still was any) becomes unsustainable, charter boats for the worlds impractical and so on. None of this stuff is quite as simple as it seems on the surface. Given the lack of new boats and kids aging up into the Laser class, the demand for boat is high. A boat from my fleet sold in less than a day; to a junior no less. A local dealer is struggling to get boats from LP and is selling charter boats at new boat prices to happy customers... in f'ng Mexico! Better build does not impact sales. It's all about the supply, stupid!
  3. There wouldn't be a replica sail market if LP had not been so greedy and raised prices sky high. As far as other builders, you can throw a stick any direction and find plenty of good builders. Rights holders do not necessarily need to be the builder. I suspect they leveraged the business to payoff something else. Remember, he owns several businesses and none of them are doing well. He fought the lawsuit to hold on to the value of licenses/rights/contracts. If they do decided to sell, the new owners will likely take on a lot of debit unless they wash it through bankruptcy.
  4. For many of us, we race OD and we can relate to the current format using OD. Starboard port tack crossing in the bottom of the Southern ocean. Near miss in the fog the first night after leaving port. Not sure what changes are coming, but I would not be interested in underfunded campaigns where the boats are in constant repair or dropping out because they ran out of money.
  5. I actually had an email conversation from an LP rep a couple of years ago when I was fleet captain. I informed him that we have 15-20 boats every week on Wednesday nights and that our SI state that non-class legal sails and replacement equipment were OK. He asked "What would it take to only allow class legal equipment?" I don't recall my response but it was most likely a figerative middle finger.
  6. Seb Marsset is on with Dongfeng! I hope Charlie and Mark are getting a team together.
  7. You guys had 6+ Areo's on a dock the size of a power room. Glad you found a fun boat.
  8. We have a Megabyte at CSC that goes out every Saturday. He launches from a sloping fixed dock that ends about 6" above the water. Only a Snipe or heavier would need/require a hoist. As a Laser sailor, I would want a long sloping ramp (fixed) that goes all the way to the bottom. Once I have the boat floated off the dolly, I still have something to stand on. A buddy can take the dollies back up or kick it over the dry side. Metal or some other durable grate would do. Booties required for safety.
  9. We have a similar set up for both of our ramps. Treated wood holds up very well actually since it will dry between usage. Use a piece of wood at the water's edge to hold your dolly wheels while you launch. It is not in the water continuously. Lasers, Sunfish, and V15 have no problems launching without putting wheels in the water. We do not use carpet and that might may be why it's so slippery. I am curious about the original poster's description of his current launch. The ramp is attached to the seawall and the drops down into the water. How deep is the water after the ramp? In the photo above, that is 15 foot deep water where LCYC has their dinghy dock. At TCYC, the ramp goes from the seawall into the water where it is knee to waist deep for several yards into the bay. They have a metal grate for the lower part and rough concrete (thankfully!) for the upper part. As far as ducks, that's a losing battle.
  10. We are lucky to have an enthusiastic group that travels. One guy drove home to Indiana to get his boat for this regatta. Another flew in and borrowed a fleet boat. When there are 15-20 Aeros on the line every Wed night on average, maybe I'll consider it.
  11. Save your money and buy a used Scot or Viper. Sailing Portsmouth is hell unless you really like your boat.
  12. You scuttle it near a merchant ship on a fake coastal delivery to Virgin Gorda and buy a new one. Then you pick up a new hull from a junkyard in St Georges +1
  13. At the Butterfly National Championship last month, one of the boats was struck by lightning. It was in the water tied to the dock. The fleet was at the club for lunch and to watch the weather before going back out. Destroyed the boat. Shrouds melted. Even the sail had burn marks. Photo link here. https://flic.kr/s/aHskye9xaT
  14. I am going to take you up on that challenge. It is common phrase that if you can sail a Laser you can sail anything. Is it a perfect boat? nope. Is it a well designed/built boat with a comptetive long life? nope. Will it make you a better sailor? yes. It is because of it's imperfection and sometimes wired settings that forces you to understand why. Recently, the winds were blowing 20 gusting 30 mph. Same conditions that we were in during the last Wurstfest regatta. I had to argue with the PRO to let the Laser fleet have their fun a few weeks back. Then last weekend, the Flying Scots were having a go in the same conditions. Safe harbor does not make a good sailor. Pushing beyond what you think you can handle is what makes for growth. New designs are fun but rob you of the growth. BTW, there is a local 8 year old who will not sail an opti like other kids. She prefers a laser boat just like her dad.
  15. Ok, View from the Back here. We are flying into San Antonio on January 7th. Plan is to tour Austin on Friday, stop of at AYC of course, check out Waco, and then head north to the McKinney area north of Dallas that evening. Check out McKinney/North Dallas area Saturday, head back to Aunt's place in San Antonio Saturday night, tough San Antonio Sunday, fly home that evening. Any input as to areas of Austin that are in the $300k range? And finally, in reality vs. chatter, how active is the Texas Centerboard fleet in the Austin/San Antonio area? I've gone to the AYC website, and it seems like its fairly sparse, that its more PHRF keel boat racing than anything else, which doesn't make my Finn feel that loved. Anyway, this is becoming reality, so I'd be grateful for any advise, areas to check out, etc., mainly in the Austin area which seems to interest us the move, in areas ranging from San Marcos to the South, to Pflugerville to the north. If you are going to be in Dallas on a Saturday, join us at Corinthian Sailing Club (www.cscsailing.net). The Laser fleet is scoring a winter series on Saturdays (www.dallaslaserfleet.org) First gun is noon. We have been averaging 15 boats on the line Wednesday nights and had 32 boats one night last Summer. You will be able to buy a comfortable home in Dallas for a fraction of California prices. We have a very active sailing/racing community in North Texas. Who knew there would be so many yacht clubs in Texas.