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    Gunboat 68

    Boat porn
  2. rmw207

    Gunboat 68

    Soma, a great looking bit of boat port congratulations on hull 1. How are you going to power her. Best Ross
  3. Thank Paul Good luck getting the mast problem resolved. I was wondering if your tri could be dried out on a favorable beach. Is there any protection on the running gear. Given the large beam , finding a travel lift or other facilities could be an issue Best Ross
  4. Paul You have built a terrific yacht and hope that you have much success with your business. very unfortunate that the mast failed, but this happens quite often to many different designs for a myriad of reasons. Thank goodness the crew and yacht returned safety without any other dramas. Would you please comment on pointing and tacking angles achieved , we're you able to emulate M&M's thetheoretical polars What was your relative speed vs wind on various points of sail. Thanks Ross