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  1. gspot

    Race to Alaska best boat

    I think this is a great article and I'm really excited to see you guys out on the water! Regarding the question about your team's biggest weakness, you cited experience with the race itself and knowledge of the Inside Passage. I'll offer another suggestion to explore: Your team is undoubtedly skilled at high-performance sailing, but it looks like most if not all of your experience is on short or medium-distance courses. Do you know how your bodies react to sleep deprivation over longer courses (i.e. several days) and how you can compensate for or manage these reactions? For instance, some people do just fine with 20-minute cat naps, while others require a few hours of solid sleep at a time. And how does nutrition play a role for your individual bodies? Alex Thompson said he posts simple instructions on how to carry out tacks and gybes that he can follow in a sleep-deprived state. Testing and learning to manage your own reactions to sleep deprivation would be very helpful before you get to the race course.
  2. gspot

    New Corsair 880

    Looks like a cool boat and a great way for Multihull Source to get some publicity! Each to his own, but strikes me as a tad expensive for a first boat, particularly given the reasonable supply of used Corsairs and Farriers on the market at less than half the cost. Have you at least sailed a Corsair/Farrier boat to ensure that this is what you're interested in? I agree with Wayne - looks like a tad too much dihedral (windward float is quite high out of the water) - but maybe it works on this boat?
  3. gspot

    Strange Corsair question

    Looks like a cool boat! We have an F-82R which is essentially an F-25C built with foam and glass instead of balsa and carbon, and is essentially a successor of the F-25A. There's a good page on the Farrier website that describes the differences between the models and their evolution. The F-82R is the "racing" version and the F-82R is the "cruising" version, with the main difference being the height of the mast - no changes are required to the boat itself to accommodate the taller mast, so I personally wouldn't have any concerns about this F-25A having a taller C28 mast - in fact I would consider it an excellent upgrade! Good luck!
  4. gspot

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Typical self-deprecating British humour?
  5. Even if it only steers to the apparent wind or a compass heading, a Raymarine linear drive with gyro controller is still a substantial upgrade over a wheel pilot, for a very reasonable cost. Get a custom Edson tiller arm for below decks and you have a good backup in case your wheel linkage fails. And it will be pretty reliable as long as you don’t try to integrate too many inputs and gizmos.
  6. gspot

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Very cool! Por Favor also did multiple VanIsle360s and three Pacific Cups, including winning their Pacific Cup division in 2014. Incidentally two of my crew from the VanIsle360 photo above, including the guy in the blue jacket, were on the Por Favor VanIsle and Pacific Cup crews. So the owner of Por Favor had ~10,000 miles of hard ocean racing before doing the 2015 R2AK, and their competitiveness against much faster boats demonstrates exactly how boat selection is far from the only factor in waging a successful R2AK campaign. I believe they raced the VanIsle360s and Pacific Cups with a crew of 4 and the R2AK with a crew of 3, with 1-2 more for local RTB racing.
  7. gspot

    craigslist , scam or not?

    Similar variant discussed in this thread:
  8. gspot

    craigslist , scam or not?

    It’s a well-known scam!
  9. I think the key is to have reasonable expectations. In my experience, the Raymarine linear drive units are rock solid and the gyro-equipped units can even take sea state into account to a degree. For example, I think it's reasonable to expect a gyro-equipped Raymarine to "learn" the sea state enough to steer the boat in a straight line with normal rhythmic pitching and yawing in seas under say 2-2.5m, but expecting it to initiate and maintain a surf in 4-5m seas is probably expecting a bit too much.
  10. gspot

    Don't climb solo

    ^^^Exactly!^^^ I've climbed a 60' mast on more than one occasion with a pair of prussiks - one attached to a harness and one attached to a foot loop - it takes a while, but I can't imagine doing it with rolling hitches. I do prefer a Petzl Grigri and Microcender but I don't normally take them with me on other people's boats. I also like to use a second halyard with a redundant rappel device (e.g. figure 8, ATC, Munter hitch) as a safety backup.
  11. gspot

    Hydra Net vs 3Di

    If everybody's sails (or anything) lasted forever that wouldn't be particularly good for the people trying to sell new ones from time to time...
  12. gspot

    Multi 23 Questions

    I seriously considered an M23 (and Diam 24) before settling on a Farrier design, and I'm SOOOOOO thankful for Ian's ingenious folding mechanism which makes the boat so much quicker and easier to launch and retrieve, and also fit in a monohull-sized slip if visiting another club for a regatta. Of course it's much less of an issue if you plan to leave the boat in the water for the season and sail off the mooring.
  13. gspot

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Awesome pics Russell - totally agree! This is one of my favourite pictures from the first R2AK: We were in Johnstone Strait that same day as part of the Van Isle 360 - Elsie Piddock was in front of us and Por Favor just behind. Here's the view from my monohull: There has been a lot of talk of light air, but you also need to expect 35+ knots at times.
  14. gspot

    Race to Alaska best boat

    A huge benefit of the Farrier models is trailerability - they are easy to splash in different venues without having to do an on-the-water delivery or spend a day assembling. That also makes it much easier to get back from Ketchikan than some of the other options.
  15. gspot

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Interesting that the XS 35 (basically a modified R 33) hasn't come up in this discussion yet - I think that would be another great contender! Last I spoke to Randy Reynolds (about a year ago) he had one of each on hand - one with a 14' beam and one with a 16' beam. He would even help deliver to the PNW. They were relatively inexpensive as well, and probably the best bang for the buck on the West Coast in terms of performance.