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  1. Still has that new sewage smell!!!
  2. Sage advice - the difference between the $40K offer and $79K insured value could easily be gobbled up in legal fees, and a better award does not mean she'll be able to collect it.
  3. gspot

    max clew load - f31r

    Just make sure you have a piece of spectra as a safety in case the thing explodes...
  4. The best part was when they said "It's on a soft reef..." I feel bad for Laura - regardless of potential holes in the legalese she was clearly trying to do a good thing and is getting screwed...
  5. gspot

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Yes, my success with VMG is entirely on longer distance courses with several miles between waypoints - I can't imagine using it successfully for RTC racing so if that's their target market it makes more sense for them to discontinue it...
  6. gspot

    Corsair Pulse 600

    I've certainly won a few races using VMG to select the favoured tack where there are current variations across the course, but maybe it's because we're just amateurs and not professionals...
  7. gspot

    max clew load - f31r

    If your sail foot is 14'3" per the standard F31R sail plan, and assuming the clew load and your traveler are essentially vertical, the traveler load under full main would be around 2,412 lbs, so about 200 lbs of bending force on the boom - should be pretty easy to design a boom to handle that.
  8. gspot

    max clew load - f31r

    I think it would be reasonable to assume for design purposes that the vertical load is the same as the 2,200 pound clew load stated above with the outhaul load at say 10% of this figure.
  9. gspot

    max clew load - f31r

    We just built a new boom for our F82R, and in my head the much more important question was what kinds of loads would be on the boom. We've been using a single long soft shackle from the mainsheet tackle directly to the sail clew, so the vertical leach loading effectively goes right around the boom, and the only longitudinal forces on the boom itself are from the outhaul, which is substantially less than the sheet load. Another approach would be a pair of soft shackles - one from the mainsheet tackle around the boom, and another around the boom to the sail clew, which would add a crush load to the boom, but again the only longitudinal forces on the boom are from the outhaul, which again is substantially less than the sheet load. So a good question for your boom designer would be which load vectors he is actually looking for given his proposed design?
  10. gspot

    Iridium Go

    That could well be - I really don't know much about the transceivers for Starlink. They have however apparently been testing Starlink in military planes but not sure about the details or how that works.
  11. gspot

    Iridium Go

    Keep a close eye on SpaceX Starlink - it's going to be a complete game changer once operational.
  12. gspot

    Iridium Go

    I found Iridium Go to work pretty well, but it’s still dated technology and reminiscent of the good ol’ days of 9600 baud modems and not anything like a modern broadband or ADSL connection, so manage your expectations!
  13. gspot

    Using your new anchor with kinetic rope

    For my application I found that G7 has a similar link size to BBB (not sure if this is always the case) so I suspected there were some old unused gypsies laying around from when people upgraded their chains to G43. So I posted what I was looking for on a cruising forum and voila - somebody had one laying around and sent it to me for the price of shipping!
  14. gspot

    Using your new anchor with kinetic rope

    One way to reduce the weight of an all-chain solution is to go with G7 chain - you can substantially reduce the size of the chain for the same breaking strength. Or you could probably just reduce the size of the G43 chain and be fine anyways - I recall Evans Starzinger writing somewhere that they used an old piece of 10mm climbing rope as a snubber with their all-chain solution and expected it to quickly overload and break, but it never did even when anchored in 50+ knot winds, which indicated that the load on the system was generally lower than expected. As such I think anchor chains are generally oversized...
  15. gspot

    R2AK 2020

    According to this video on wilderness drives you would have had to pedal backwards if facing aft - is that what you did or were you somehow able to reverse the pedaling direction?