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  1. fucket

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?

    I could do solid glass, but if people are using teak for this job, solid glass seems like massive overkill. And fucking heavy. We're not talking about a grand prix boat here, but still a tight one design fleet. I'm not looking to add 20+ lbs if I don't have to.
  2. fucket

    Putting Boat on the Hard suggestions

    If you're planning on doing rudder work, think about that beforehand. Once you are on the hard, you would probably have to dig a pretty big pit to be able to drop the rudder. I don't know what boatyards are like by you, but you may want to pay them to drop the rudder when they are pulling the boat.
  3. fucket

    Lewmar 40 2 speed

    Man, I think you might have used too much relish.
  4. fucket

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?

    Bumping this, as I have a similar project on the burner. Need bases for Lewmar 40s, about 6" x 1.5". Currently thinking about casting them out of thickened epoxy in a cake pan. My previous plan was to do basically the same thing, but with a few layers of biax on the outside. Another idea would be to do biax with a core of end-grain balsa or something. Here's a wacky idea that I had: wet out a long 1.5" strip of biax. Put it on top of a 1.5" strip of some kind of light, flexible foam and roll the whole thing up like a roll of duct tape to make what would essentially be a GRP spiral with the foam serving as a separator. GRP top and bottom to finish off. Or how about this: GRP molded around a disk of some low-density home despot foam. Drill winch bolt holes slightly oversize and glass in five GRP tubes with an ID of what I need for the bolts. Any thoughts? I'm sort of bouncing around between ideas here as I don't think I fully understand the forces involved.
  5. fucket

    Slack leeward shrouds

    No, you had it right, I'm attaching it to the halyard and taking the scale down to each chain plate. Your question just doesn't make much sense in that context. I use this scale: I put the hook on the halyard and take the end of the tube down to the same spot on each side. The length of the halyard is adjusted to get the results to fall on the scale of the scale. If the distance from the halyard sheave to the chainplate is longer on one side, the scale will read a higher number on that side than on the other. It's the same idea as taking a halyard down to the same spot on both sides but controlling for how much tension is applied to the halyard.
  6. fucket

    Slack leeward shrouds

    I'm not quite sure what you are asking here. If your uppers have the same tension but one is short, then your mast won't be in the center of the boat.
  7. fucket

    Fairing SC27 rudder

    I'm going to print this post out for careful study. I've done my share of fairing, but there's gold here. Thanks for the effort.
  8. fucket

    Slack leeward shrouds

    Yeah, it's awesome. I stole the idea from my sailmaker.
  9. fucket

    CF Mast damage at through-fitting

    I would probably through-bolt both fittings together.
  10. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    Event parking rates due to Bluesfest. If it was much cheaper, the whole garage would be full and you wouldn't be able to park at all. CYC was running a free shuttle to and from Belmont.
  11. fucket

    Penetrating fluids

    Similar, but funnier.
  12. fucket

    CF Mast damage at through-fitting

    Tube seems the way to go.
  13. fucket

    Slack leeward shrouds

    I do it with a fish scale on the end of the main halyard taken down to the chainplates. Adjust until scale reads the same on both sides.
  14. fucket

    Dear Dr. Rules

    What's a mark of the course?
  15. fucket

    Dear Dr. Rules

    What's a mark?