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  1. Awlgrip touch-up

    Well, they aren't all exactly "tiny scratches," there are a few spots over an inch wide. The auto paint idea sounds like the ticket. Any idea on the best way to match a color?
  2. Awlgrip touch-up

    I need to color some filled gouges in ancient aristo blue Awlgrip. I know it's never going to look perfect (or possibly even good) but something has to go over the filler for UV protection and I'd prefer it to be blue. My original plan was to buy all of the shit and try to spray a little patch with a preval. That comes to $180 or so for just paint, closer to $300 with the primer. Plan B is to find the closest color of model paint (enamel) and just brush it on. Plan C is to put some fucking stickers or something over the scratches. Thoughts?
  3. Chicago Area III

    Great north spot right by the club, got moved to about as far south as they go now and right on the wall. They did assignment based on strict seniority, which is frankly, complete bullshit. I spent a long time with transfer requests and such to get my spot and now I have to start all over again with it because some old fucks who didn't care enough about what can their boat rotted away on to fill out a transfer request got to pick their spot.
  4. Chicago Area III

    I got mega-fucked on my new mooring assignment. Super pissed at them right now, maybe one more free spot next year.
  5. Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    Why not white electrical tape again?
  6. Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    The Seascape is a fucking toy compared to the boats being discussed.
  7. Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    You see the picture, the one you quoted in your post? You see where the guy driving is sitting, in red?
  8. Sending out Regatta invitations

    It might not affect the winner but it could change how the rest of the podium shakes out.
  9. Chicago Area III

    I'm not sure I believe in summer any more.
  10. Douses on a 105

    The best thing about a Mexican douse is you can basically just fire everything but the sheet and it just comes down. Inside on starboard is a big passing lane for us. I'd like to repeat something I mentioned again that I don't see most other boats doing - blow the pole early in the douse, it really unloads the sail, makes everything else a lot easier.
  11. Douses on a 105

    Mexicans are by far the easiest douse on a 105, we try to use them whenever possible. For Mexicans, we pull the jib out on the "wrong" side and dump the kite right into it, ezpz. One guy up front, kite trimmer moves to leeward shrouds before douse. When sail starts to come over, halyard and tack are blown. Trimmer keeps leech of kite forward of the rig / assists and then starts hiking once things are under control. Leeward: Trimmer grinds sheet in until bow can grab foot under jib, then moves to leeward shrouds. On call, big burp of the halyard and foredeck takes the midfoot down the hatch while trimmer guides the sail on to the deck. Once it looks like everything is under control, trimmer hikes. Windward: Trimmer hands off working sheet to pit and tensions lazy sheet. On call, trimmer grinds the windward sheet over as foredeck muscles the clew around. When the clew gets to the forestay, pole blown. Foredeck takes the clew right down the hatch while the trimmer gathers the sail on deck Once it looks like everything is under control, trimmer hikes. The quicker you do a douse, the less chance there is to fuck everything up.
  12. Doyle jib pictures

    That's an old jib. Sealark has a carbon Doyle jib now, looking for pictures.
  13. A sheltered anchorage in an exposed location

    Buy a fucking ad, dickweed.
  14. New design for the 2.4mR class

    I wore out my mouse wheel before I got to the end of the post.
  15. Mizzen Staysail Designs

    Looks like us when bow rigs the kite up sideways.