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  1. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    Someone needs to micromanage it or the fucking idiots are going to do fucking idiot things.
  2. When your political party fucks up so horribly bad that you can't even come up with an argument in their defense, the next step is to decry the "politicization" of the issue. When the President of the United States is fucking actively discouraging "distancing and sanitation at an institutional, and personal level," you might have something of a political problem on your hands.
  3. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    I am, actually. If I wasn't a boat owner, I wouldn't have all that much to worry about as I could wait and see what the owners of the boats I would race on decide to do, and then figure out for myself when I felt comfortable going out racing. Being an owner means that I have to try and balance risks and rewards for me and my crew in the middle of an amorphous situation with very little in the way of evidence. Maybe I wasn't talking about you, then.
  4. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    You're right, I misspoke. Sometimes I forget that almost all of the people I talk to are racers. What I should have said was "I'm also a little disgusted about how little empathy the public leadership of the sailboat racing community and far too many of the racing boat owners seem to possess." And I honestly think that everything involved in racing sailboats (minus the big parties) is so far down the list of things that are likely to spread COVID-19 as to be inconsequential. I worry mainly about everything else - big parties in the playpen, big crowds at the lakefront and, most of all, tons of people heading back and forth on public transit to hang out at the lakefront.
  5. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    Re-opening the harbors or lakefront in early June would be a mistake. If it were me, I'd pick a date not right after July 4th but reasonably soon after. Maybe the 9th or 10th. I'd also announce it as soon as possible to give people something to look forward to, with the possibility of extending it if new data came in. I'm also a little disgusted about how little empathy the sailing community seems to possess.
  6. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    Like we say in Rand McNally: the fewer the boats, the better the race.
  7. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    That's the thing, there just aren't that many issues to be considered. Forming a lobbying group to push local government to allow yacht racing while Cook County is racing towards being the next epicenter of this virus in the US is completely tone deaf. Even assuming everything outside their control works out in the best imaginable way, the Mac would be a small, sad shell of itself. Risking any tiny bit of goodwill the yachting community has with the greater public to have 70 boats do a turn and burn with GPS scoring seems like a pretty easy way to hasten the downfall of our sport.
  8. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    CYC has been behind the curve on this whole thing. But they're just completely out of touch, not dumb, so I think they'll figure it out eventually and bail.
  9. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    He's right, dickweed.
  10. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    Incredibly short sighted. I'm not doing any fucking Mac this year.
  11. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    Any alternate course would probably have to be around a mark and head back home. Fake Michigan City race on a grander scale.
  12. fucket

    Covid-19 and liability

  13. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    I heard that Sailing World wanted to reschedule NOODs for later in the year and CYC said that they didn't have any open dates.
  14. fucket

    Las Vegas Casinos to reopen as a "control group"

    Fuck you and your death cult, you innumerate cuntbag.
  15. If you buy a sail and the sailmaker takes your money and uses it to help get a politician elected, then buying that sail is a political act. Yes, it sucks.