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  1. fucket

    J/105 FOR SALE

  2. fucket

    J/105 FOR SALE

    I heard 60 was for sale again.
  3. fucket

    Which boat against Farr 40?

    A better sailed Farr 40?
  4. fucket

    Sail or Bail?

    The boat does not look good.
  5. fucket

    Best Genny Sheets

    Swiftcord doesn't have a core, it bends tighter than almost anything out there. That doesn't sound like what you have. This is important to note because I bet you would love something like it for jib sheets - Alpha Ropes SSR would be my choice.
  6. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    As is tradition. I'm going to point and laugh if they even put it on the calendar next year.
  7. fucket


    You don't tie those middle ones around the boom at all, unless you feel like buying a new sail.
  8. fucket

    Tartan Ten Anarchy

    Most T-10s will have halyards that you can jump. You can and should adjust the shrouds when breeze picks up or lays down, even during races.
  9. fucket

    Spinlock XT cam wear

    I'd rather have the jib up faster and buy new cams every few years.
  10. fucket

    Spinlock XT cam wear

    These are consumables, better to wear them out than for the jib halyard to drop six inches after hoist because it wasn't closed.
  11. fucket

    Mahogany Anarchy

    wrong thead, sorry
  12. fucket

    Velcro Or Slide on Main Clew?

    Velcro, no buckle or anything needed. Wrapped around multiple times like Parma said.
  13. fucket

    Insurance process advice please

    Your friend's insurer should send someone out to look in person.
  14. fucket

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    Haven't been around Monroe in a few days, but that 36.7 could be the Commodore's. Reserved docking at Monroe is a privilege of that post.
  15. fucket

    Chicago Area III

    It's not going to feel good to win a regatta based on something like this, so I don't blame their competitors for being unhappy. Agreed, but given the ruling I have to assume that such facts were found. You want to know the easiest way to avoid all of the acrimony and bad blood being created in the first place? Not breaking the fucking rules in the first place. This particular rule seems pretty easy to not break.