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  1. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    Overlap is an infinite line at their transom, perpendicular to the centerline of their boat. If any part of your boat or its equipment in normal position is ahead of that line, you have an overlap. It's a horrible angle to tell, but it sure doesn't look like an overlap in the video. It isn't just about how fast you were going relative to them, but the relative angles and geometry. You were reaching and sailing much lower than them, so you were approaching the overlap line on an angle. What you hailed to them makes no sense; it doesn't matter how close you were to them. When you are going into a situation like this, you need to be very aware of when an overlap is obtained or broken. It is not in the rules that you have to hail or say anything to the other boat, but communications about an overlap (or lack of an overlap) could let you know when there might be doubt about whether one exists. When there is reasonable doubt about whether an overlap is gained or broken, it is presumed to have not. Anyways, I said it was a stupid move because, given the course after the mark, it's a no-brainer in that situation to take his transom and the high lane.
  2. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    Pretty dumb move.
  3. Core materials... lighter than Air!? <;~O .....

    Yes, the article states that they proved that the structure cannot stand up to air pressure while holding a vacuum inside.
  4. Marklayers get too much shit from coaches

    You should file a grievance with your local BIMBO shop steward.
  5. Not seen everyday

    Fucker's wrapped on the forestay so bad that the only solution is to crash the boat on the beach and buy a new one.
  6. World Sailing Classification for drivers

    Yeah, it's a bit much. I had to get my entire crew signed up in order to qualify for a Corinthian overlay for a North American Championship this year and two of them got their application placed in "review." Took a day or two to come through, but I was sweating a bit.
  7. World Sailing Classification for drivers

    Could be that there are tons of pros around and the amateurs want to have Corinthian sections to have a shot at competing. That would require WS classifications for everybody that wanted to be scored as Corinthian.
  8. Black Widow

    VC Offshore is not the same thing as VC-17. NFW this stuff sticks to VC-17.
  9. Racing Rules question

    Yes, until he begins to do his penalty turn. He needs to do it as soon as possible but is allowed to sail well-clear of other boats before he begins to do his turn.
  10. Benefit to a loose rig??? Mills 43

    On my (much smaller) boat, my rule of thumb is that I want to get rid of the mast sag once there is enough breeze that everybody is hiking. As the wind builds before that point, I will add backstay to keep forestay sag at a reasonable point. In all but the lightest of stuff, I want the rig to be set up in such a way that I can play the backstay in the puffs and lulls.
  11. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    Good on them for sending it while it's blowing. But, yeah, Pyewacket set the current record during a race and didn't get to pick their weather window.
  12. Potential new Beneteau 36.7 Owner

    You'll need fresh rags with any boat for your big regattas. If you buy a boat that's had a strong rotation going, their good regatta sails are now your weekend sails and their weekend sails are now your beer can sails. If you buy a boat with just bed sheets, your crunchy new sails are going to be shit in a year from using them so much.
  13. Black Widow

    The data sheet says at least one coat a year. I'm wondering how many coats have to pile up before you start thinking about taking the old ones off.
  14. Black Widow

    A fleetmate put it on before this past season in Lake Michigan. In the end, they didn't have enough thickness to burnish, so it was just sanded to 1000 grit. Almost zero growth during the season. Boat just came out of the water so we are all pretty interested in taking a look at it on the hard.