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  1. Calling/denying buoy room

    There is no requirement that you change course to give someone mark room that you don't owe.
  2. Calling/denying buoy room

    You don't know enough. You might be thinking about room to tack at an obstruction.
  3. Tether clips

    I do all of the same stuff.
  4. Tether clips

    I think it's mandatory for the Chi-Mac race.
  5. Tether clips

    I have one of those, the long tether is too long.
  6. Rules??

    Can you go into this a bit more, Brass? I didn't see any avoiding action by Blue, can I just assume the umpire probably had a better view than me?
  7. Grey / Gray Dacron?...full Battens?

    Yeah, vertical battens suck balls.
  8. ‘Bomb cyclone’ to Blast East Coast

    Sorry, I'm currently affected with a poe's-law induced sarcasm disorder.
  9. ‘Bomb cyclone’ to Blast East Coast

    Willfully ignorant, that's a good look.
  10. Port-Starboard

    I think it was a lot closer than most people are making out but if you see the flag in that situation, you spin. Not a chance in hell you can win that one in the room, even if you think you were in the clear.
  11. you make the call

    I think I'm taking the opposite conclusion from Case 91. I don't think that's clearly the case here. I think I would need to hear testimony here. However, it certainly looks that S was on a collision course with P at some point, regardless of spinnaker position, and that S was not allowed to sail her course without taking avoiding action. Furthermore, it appears that had P put her bow down a bit, she would have avoided S, which leads me to believe that S did not break rule 16.1. With no more evidence offered, P breaks rule 10, DSQ.
  12. Sailing a frac rig under jib only

    Wouldn't have been much of an issue if they actually could have got the jib sheeted in.
  13. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    Overlap is an infinite line at their transom, perpendicular to the centerline of their boat. If any part of your boat or its equipment in normal position is ahead of that line, you have an overlap. It's a horrible angle to tell, but it sure doesn't look like an overlap in the video. It isn't just about how fast you were going relative to them, but the relative angles and geometry. You were reaching and sailing much lower than them, so you were approaching the overlap line on an angle. What you hailed to them makes no sense; it doesn't matter how close you were to them. When you are going into a situation like this, you need to be very aware of when an overlap is obtained or broken. It is not in the rules that you have to hail or say anything to the other boat, but communications about an overlap (or lack of an overlap) could let you know when there might be doubt about whether one exists. When there is reasonable doubt about whether an overlap is gained or broken, it is presumed to have not. Anyways, I said it was a stupid move because, given the course after the mark, it's a no-brainer in that situation to take his transom and the high lane.
  14. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    Pretty dumb move.
  15. Core materials... lighter than Air!? <;~O .....

    Yes, the article states that they proved that the structure cannot stand up to air pressure while holding a vacuum inside.