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  1. Quality of construction and attention to detail

    What particular aspects of the Rhodes 22, M32, and Morris do you believe exhibit the quality of contruction and attention to detail to set them apart from other current production designs?
  2. Quality of construction and attention to detail

    Hinckley does not currently produce any sailboats in this range
  3. Of all the fiberglass sailboats between 20 and 40 ft LOA currently in production, which do you believe reflect the very best in terms of quality of construction and attention to detail?
  4. New J designs

    There is the redesign of the J/97 to the J/97E [see under topics] and some hints about a 36 footer in the future.
  5. J/88

    #25 is having her topsides painted in Bristol, RI this week, and orders are up to at least 67 in the US.
  6. J/88

    With regard to stiffness, has anyone single-handed an 88 yet, and, if so, under what conditions? As for the backstay, sounds like re-blocking and offsets might be in order.
  7. New J designs

    I'm thinking an offshore IRC boat [race/long weekender] with a 111 style cockpit, say a J/102 or 110 and a 50 footer.
  8. New J designs

    Two new "big boat" designs are evidently in the works at J/boats. Let the squall line of speculation begin!
  9. J/88

    Doing the exact same thing on our 88. 3 T41's on a scanstrut mast pod and a Zeus 2 on a swing bracket. Just went to CCF Composites in Bristol to see our hull #25.
  10. J/88

    Will you store your 88 on the trailer or jackstands for the winter?
  11. J/88

    On a slightly different subject, what is the cost of a Triad trailer for an 88?
  12. J/88

    Looks terrific! Congratulations also.
  13. J/88

    For our electronics we're going with the 9" Zeus 2 on a companionway bracket with one T41 next to the starboard port and 3 T41s on a scanstrut mast pod.
  14. J/88

    This all seems to lead to the question that with everything else being equal, would a J/88 with a hanked jib and horizontal battens consistently beat an 88 with a furler and vertical battens under all wind conditions? And if so, why?
  15. J/88

    Just a note: J/88 awarded "Yachts and Yachting"'s best performance yacht under 40ft for 2014