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  1. Foiling Optimist

    No rules on foiling. As long as you can do it with the class legal appendages. Good luck.
  2. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Also wouldn't want to be dragged along the side of the boat 25 knots.
  3. New C & C Redline 41, a total flop?

    I guess the new C&C 30 looks just like the old ones?
  4. Annapolis Boat Show

    Or you could get a new laser for just a bit less.
  5. Gunboat 68

    Maybe Gunboats didn't pay for it.
  6. What's it rate?

    Hands down... the best tour of anything in Paris is the tour of the sewers. Amazing. It ends with a video. Maybe not so surprisingly, some of the guys in the movie were the same guys that led the tour. I wonder if this is the new movie?
  7. x 35

    Fly the code off the pole, and just because you have big kites doesn't mean you have to fly them. Pick the sail that fits the condition. It won't be like flying off a sprit or prod, but will improve your performance over the X-35 without one.
  8. x 35

    Why not just get bigger kites and code 0's?
  9. Cape Racing Yachts

    We used a Yanmar in Longbow in the USA. Decision was made after needing to repair the lombardini in Class 40 #37. It took two weeks to overnight $350 worth of parts from Italy. The box was less than 5 pounds and cost more to two week overnight than the parts cost. So for about $700 we received $350 worth of stuff overnighted in about two weeks. I can walk into west marine and purchase those same parts for a Yanmar.
  10. Marinas/boatyards east coast FL

    2nd Cracker Boy. 15 minutes from the airport. More experience with sailboats than any yard in the south east Florida.
  11. Atlantic Cup

    The "Girls" are "boys" this leg.
  12. Falcon, Tripp/Goetz 50 on Craigslist

    Dude. Read the thread. I've been keeping tabs on the thread for years. Every second post is saying its a dog and to chop it up, or giving pricing examples of how much money it will cost to get it going again. You guys don't get it, no race boat makes any sense financially, they are all a folly of the heart, so this guy loves this boat. Good on him. I think it's you that doesn't get it. There are tons of race boats in excellent condition with excellent inventories for sale for less than they have in this thing, and it still needs sails. A new TP 52 does not cost $20 million. Maybe 10 times as much is more realistic than 100 times. Or buy a few year old TP 52 with 72 sails, an extra rig, and four containers full of parts for about the same money they will dump into this beast getting her to the start line. I love bringing back old boats, especially if they have a place in the sports history. This boat has no place in history other than the time it spent as man made reef. Or maybe the time it was chained to a big concrete block was more impactful on our sport. She looks like she received a nice paint job and some mods to the stern deck. Bow prod is a bit short for 2016. I hope the paint isn't what's holding her together. The next owner of this boat will be the one that reaps the benefits when it is sold for $47,900 and an oil change in two years time. That is what old IMS boats are worth, if worth anything at all. Thats 1/2 the cost of the deck, topside, and bottom paint that went onto this thing. Hope it is worth it.
  13. Tug boat anarchy

    That one looks to me like a fish habitat waiting to happen That barge looks pretty Sea Going ............. But that Tug looks made for a pool I like Free-board, I like a Bow that that will ride up a wave/swell and not pearl at the base before repeating if it gets Snotty I would rather be in my YACHT at least it's made of things that float That Tug should be in the Why is that thing still floating thread !!! C-mon Woody. Your boat is a claymation car.
  14. Andrews 70 " Trader "

    The rig in Carbon will be close to double that, and a mainsail alone will cost you half, or a little more of your 50k sail budget.