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  1. espo is a dick

    ...Back from the dead, Yo SPO What Up???
  2. espo is a dick

    like to hear Flips p.o.v., because I was there and practiced on thursday and there was air and on all three days of the event there was air except for Sunnnnday which was a bust and we towed Snatch in behind us which was a fluke because we were being towed, too and some sumbitch towing US asked us if we actually had an o/b on board and wouldnt accept our tow line until we pulled the o/b out of the saloon up on deck and SHOWED him the moe-foe which pissed us all off and luckily there was enough beer on the boat to defuse the situation because the more I drink the less hostile I become. as far as a boat, hell there were boats galore. whatever. hope to see all y'all down there this next time around. We were gonna do it Friday after racing. The boat I had lined up for Espo happened to be leading the regatta after Friday's racing, and the guy's sailing that boat didn't want to lend it out considering their results. The ended up winning the whole thing. So Espo and I got drunk instead!!! We were gonna try it again in Charleston, but we got drunk instead!!! We then tried it in Annapolis in Finns and actually started a race, but outta nowhere as I was leading on the first beat, that Hanis Piece of Shit Bitch Face in a twin engine Scarrab ran me down and left me for dead... Now Espo and I have joined forces and are gonna take over the world, but you never know there may be a challenge around the corner. --Flip
  3. espo is a dick

    Hmmmm... well... umm... ME THINKS THAT SHOULDN'T BE TUFF... I expected that from you! You never know do ya Chup! How is the boat coming? You going to make it to the Oct 8th 1-dayer at DIYC -BIOTCH? Boats coming good! I'll be in NY with Espo that weekend!
  4. espo is a dick

    Hmmmm... well... umm... ME THINKS THAT SHOULDN'T BE TUFF... I expected that from you! You never know do ya Chup!
  5. espo is a dick

    Fuck the ballet Im thinking the symphony!
  6. espo is a dick

    You want some of me???
  7. espo is a dick

    Dacrons Last, Dick Runs Last, or what ever the fuck your name is, didn't you get a clew the last time you ran your mouth? You mess with Kitty you get the Tiger. Seems to me your making enemies with all the wrong people. Better run back to mommy and let her protect you!
  8. espo is a dick

    "Damn that hurts don't it"
  9. espo is a dick

    How about a blow job? Dude you just fucked up! Prepare for the wrath of Kitty!
  10. espo is a dick

    MikeR is a stand up guy just as Espo is. You guy's should take lessons from them!
  11. espo is a dick

    Silly mortals! They will never get it!
  12. espo is a dick

    Feckless fuckers! If only they knew it was not about them, but only us. Espo you is da man! Put them in their little world with the rest of the Phrfidiots! Look it up if you think you can accept the consequences!
  13. espo is a dick

    Get em Espo! BTW Eztiger says your a HACK!
  14. espo is a dick

    Holy Shit Evelyn 32 worlds! Can I sign up? Im a half ass trimmer. Espo would have a field day with me. Put me in coach! I need a big head!
  15. espo is a dick

    Take a number. Im at the top of the list!!!!!