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  1. Hi all, exiting lurk mode to see what intel I can gather. The wife and I want to go charter something smaller someplace warm in march. We don't need a new 40 footer for 4k a week. We're old boat people and are OK with all that entails. Looking for a something in the 30 foot range and more affordable. We're in NC, so think in terms of our side of the world (Abaco, BVI, etc). Any thoughts?
  2. Disregard - found it. Tiwal boats, didnt remember it being that pricey.
  3. Anybody else see the inflatable "dinghy" at the boat show? Supposedly it planes, and was reasonably priced. Looked like fun, but now I can't remember the name or find the company. Anybody know?
  4. Hmm... My 74 Cal T/2 might be good for something after all... I'd put it up against the SJ. I guess so - the T2 was a 1/2 Tonner, the SJ only a Quarter pounder. You'd owe it anywhere from 21 to 33 sec. per mile. Yeah, maybe. I'm about a 200 and the SJ is 222. But my T/2 was still only $2000, I'm lazy, and his SJ doesn't have a motor, so for our purposes let's call it even.
  5. I like this idea. Make it ANY 20+ YO... no wait, that's only back to 1994 fer gosh sake... make it 30+ YO boat of $X or less; then specify to add X safety gear. Obviously in this category, the SJ-24 is a pretty strong contender. It would actually be cheaper and more fun than a bareboat charter. Plus you could become famous and not necessarily for doing something extra-stupid. FB- Doug Try 40 Y/O OK, so if we make it 40, you're in? FB- Doug Hmm... My 74 Cal T/2 might be good for something after all... I'd put it up against the SJ.
  6. Isn't that A Rafiki? and someone's letting it die a slow death? grrr.... Yes it is. And it's not like it's not salvageable at this point. It's sitting in freshwater (and sank at the slip in freshwater) so should be OK with some TLC. I'd make the owner an offer myself if I had the time to do the work.
  7. It's amazing how nice this boat looks in the pictures. It doesn't look nearly as nice in real life (lesson here is don't buy a boat without looking at it in person). In fact it sank last year, was hauled back up and hasn't left the slip since. It's a real shame because it's a beautiful thing with a sweet canoe stern.
  8. Right now our dingy is a kayak. While it works for our purposes it takes up a lot of deck space and it doesn't carry much (or carry it very well) and it's awkward to get in and out of. However, I ran across a roto-molded Stand Up Paddle board the other day with 350 lbs capacity, places for two big coolers, etc. http://jacksonkayak.com/jk-kayaks/kayak-fishing/superfishal/ It's nice and flat and would fit well on the foredeck. Here's the thing though - I don't know anything about SUP's. So for any of you with knowledge - can I get on the thing without getting in the water first? It looks more stable than our kayak (which I can stand on), but is it?. I wonder how bad the windage would be with my 6'5" self standing on it would be? How slow/fast compared to the kayak. Etc, etc, etc.
  9. Correct! And I just reread my post - it sounds snooty. Sorry about that. but -Damn- that thing is ugly in person. And missing half its standing rigging. I'm surprised the mast is still up. I guess I just don't understand why somebody bought that when there's an almost mint Cherubini Hunter 27 with AC and hot water for sale for $6000 two slips down.
  10. Guess just what showed up at my Marina. Now we're not classy, but there have to be -some- standards... Not really even sure how it made it there, but seeing how he's bow first I'd guess it was a close thing. 12 points if you can identify this beautiful vessel. IMAG0310 by rlibbert, on Flickr
  11. This cracks me up. I still have a T/2. It's a sleeper - I surprise new boats all the time. Of course I'm usually the only one racing.
  12. Really? That Albin would be one of my picks if I was heading across the Atlantic. May not be beautiful in a classic sense, but if you're in the form follows function club, this is a pretty nice boat. http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Albin_Vega
  13. There are still lots of 22s on our prairie resevoir. one guy launched on year with an amazing shiny hull...someone said he had it regelcoated :o . is that even possible? On the other end of the spectrum there's a lady -living- in hers about 20 feet down the dock from my boat. No shore power, no water - etc, etc. Seems happy though....
  14. Hmm... While I'm in no position to disagree with Bob Freakin Perry My boat is IOR specific and while I love her (and spend silly amounts of money with the sole purpose of embarrassing "pretty" boat owners), she's not everyone's cuppa joe.
  15. Hmm... Dangerous territory here, but as an ugly boat owner myself (Cal T/2), maybe I'm safe. So here goes - I understand the functional appeal of center cockpit designs, but still... Tough to make them look "right". Case in point - Morgan Out Island.