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  1. Boat is on a fresh water lake, the trailer should be good. Sorry 3 south west of me. Yes a mix of good rednecks red and blue.
  2. dew

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    slow and lazy, too funny
  3. dew

    Gilbert 30+

    Nice, too nice I bet they lost money on all of them. Good looking yacht.
  4. dew

    Everyone is buying boats...

    Went in a power boat dealer in Newburg, MD today looking for a part. I was thinking he was going out of business, no he sold every boat he had, never before. The place was empty except for a happy owner and some mechanics. Has boats on back order.
  5. dew

    Show your boat not sailing

    A pic taken by a dock neighbor of a storm. I plucked it off Facebook. Like many a work in progress we are getting there. Boat name Get"In By
  6. dew

    34-40 ft Cruiser Racer for 6-8 People

    Take a look at a Catalina 34, most seems to be shoal draft wing keel. There are deep draft that may put it n more of a race boat mode. Nice interior, huge head as most Catalina she a wide girl. The wing may get you in some places you would not go. Catalina brings a company still in business, a great owners community. The open transom begins in 90's is in your price range. Will treat you better than a similar Hunter.
  7. dew

    Aquarius 21....anyone sailed one?

    I have been lucky much of my life, no I have not sailed on one. Get the C22 better yet S2 6.9.
  8. dew

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    What a train wreck, the things you can not unsee. Waterline in the stern has to be above the boot stripe.
  9. dew

    Boats leaving USVI

    No problem Alex I think this more about the people that had no intention of leaving the VI's. They are now not welcome guest. As they describe getting supplies is always more difficult there, it just got harder. Now moving boats with limited crew and limited re guard for conditions. Using a calendar is never a recommended guide to moving a boat. More of the impact of the Chinese Bat Soup Flu Pandemic!
  10. dew

    Boats leaving USVI

    Long journey home: the stranded sailboats in a race to beat the hurricanes
  11. dew

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Nothing wrong with an A4, killer deal. My bet the interior is just as nice.
  12. dew

    Rescued 25' sailboat 200 miles off NJ

    Amazing he made it that far, winds are one thing the other its dang cold, add wet. Tough, crazy SOB, Of course he had no business being out there, no one in their right mind would be out there in a 25 boat.
  13. dew

    Pearson 33-2

    There is a Pearson's users group there is some good info there. I looked at one liked the lines and the PHRF rating seems like it has a turn of speed. There are good number of them up north not so many on the Chesapeake. They are light balsa core above the water line not necessarily bad. As other have said small v-berth. They are well priced due to all of the above. Looks like a good compromise boat was my thought. The shallow draft sails to it number from what I have seen.
  14. dew

    Looking For a Lindenberg 22

    Hello Frenzy, sent you a Message earlier today on a L22, Frigate, ping me when you gets chance.
  15. You have a landfill nearby? Maybe something different going on there. Had such a problem once. Walking down the docks was so bad, Sorry never got rid of them until the landfill quit doing what ever they were doing, Firecrackers have worked well for buzzards nearby my house.