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  1. dew

    HB's 'new' boat thread

    That electric panel on the Nav table is a beautiful thing. Who really wants to see the inside of a anchor locker? I have been there that is an overlooked area. Mine does get sprayed out with a garden hose once a year after a leak that was repaired a few years ago.
  2. dew


    Smoking fast, we chased it down the bay in lasts years gov cup, it put a horizon job on f31R, pencil to the recuse. The boat has been sitting down there for while. St. Mary gets some nice boats.
  3. dew

    spider cracks?

    Not really what I consider a old boat spider crack. You have a impact crack in your gelcoat. That is not a small crack you should be concerned. With water some freezing and thawing being a high traffic area possible balsa core you should look at a repair. You will get another 50 hits on the repair, Good Luck!
  4. dew

    CRW 2018

    I have to agree on the ORC C nice group of some cool boats in my opinion.
  5. dew

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist A 77 CUSTOM Catalina 30 $10,700, motivated seller! Looks to missing some parts, mast, boom gained a polithouse??
  6. dew

    what is it?

    New Catalina 30.5. The windows are the give away.
  7. dew

    fillers - does the hardner go bad

    Where do you come off taking pics in my garage? no problem getting new hardener you will be good
  8. dew

    Help!....Time for new batteries

    Batteries maybe all you need to know.
  9. dew

    Help!....Time for new batteries

    I am so sorry can't type can't spell GFYU moondirt. Good batteries though
  10. dew

    Help!....Time for new batteries i have had good luck with these free shipping. There are sold on Amazon also. I have a AMG charger but follow none of the rules 4 years in, doing fine. There is an excellent battery thread on Cruising Anarchy that goes on and on a lot of big boat battery discussion. A lot of AMG haters out there they have good to me but my needs are limited. Good luck
  11. dew

    SC24 Not/ Steve Fenell

    Beautiful pics, obviously not east coast. I must ask what does it rate? Enjoy that boat.
  12. dew

    Down the Bay Race (Chesapeake)

    Race Qs GPS Mobile Tracking Hampton Yacht Club will be tracking the racing fleet Down the Bay using a GPS mobile tracking system. This year we are utilizing an application called RaceQs. Many of you may have heard about or used RaceQs, it is designed specifically for sailing and will allow replay of the race for each boat that participates.
  13. dew

    Down the Bay Race (Chesapeake)

    They are using raceQ not sure you can follow the race like the Gov Cup? I did not see a link. You may be able to follow a boat. Anyone know if you can track the fleet?
  14. Yes looks like a light weight Hunter, had no business out there. Fuck the tether that would be a ugly picture.
  15. My friend you are located just outside the Chesapeake, Hampton/Norfolk just up the road, Annapolis not that far away and a BUNCH of boats in between. There are people that come from all over the country to buy a boat in this area. If you can not find what you are looking for in this area?? If you are looking at a Tripp 26, still east coast maybe drag one up from FL. i say road trip if you are getting one you an drag home, Good luck.