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  1. Race Qs GPS Mobile Tracking Hampton Yacht Club will be tracking the racing fleet Down the Bay using a GPS mobile tracking system. This year we are utilizing an application called RaceQs. Many of you may have heard about or used RaceQs, it is designed specifically for sailing and will allow replay of the race for each boat that participates.
  2. They are using raceQ not sure you can follow the race like the Gov Cup? I did not see a link. You may be able to follow a boat. Anyone know if you can track the fleet?
  3. Yes looks like a light weight Hunter, had no business out there. Fuck the tether that would be a ugly picture.
  4. My friend you are located just outside the Chesapeake, Hampton/Norfolk just up the road, Annapolis not that far away and a BUNCH of boats in between. There are people that come from all over the country to buy a boat in this area. If you can not find what you are looking for in this area?? If you are looking at a Tripp 26, still east coast maybe drag one up from FL. i say road trip if you are getting one you an drag home, Good luck.
  5. That is nice they want to take such a small boat down the ICW. There a lot of boats that will not see you. If and When a shrimp boat comes rolling up behind you. If you are not big on praying might be a good time to start. Good luck be safe that is long trip on little boat.
  6. I have to ask what as fucking 10 foot draft, sorry did not google
  7. BIG SALE! WM has a sale on a few colors of EZPoxy2. They have it discounted by $0.10 per gallon, weeeeeee! I sent them a quick email and asked if this was true and they replied; I see what you are seeing, yes these did go down a whopping ten cents a gallon. Wish it was more, when you see a price that ends in 88 cents that means that the item is clearance or discontinued Was good for chuckle, like 10 cents is change someone decision on a $142 gallon of paint. PETTIT PAINTS EZ Poxy2 Two-Part Polyurethane Enamel, Gallons Easy to apply, this high-performance, two-part formula gives you the added UV-resistance, gloss, wear resistance, and durability expected from a two-part polyurethane enamel with the ease of application of a single part product. For novices and professional... read more Be the first to Write a Review (Ships to Store for FREE) Product Models Description WM Model # MFG Part # Availability Price Quantity EZ Poxy2 Two-Part Polyurethane Enamel, Gallon, White Sand 14129183 1382306 Limited availability. Orig. $142.99 Now $142.88 Add to My List EZ Poxy2 Two-Part Polyurethane Enamel, Gallon, Mist White 14129142 1382506 Limited availability. Orig. $142.99 Now $142.88 Add to My List EZ Poxy2 Two-Part Polyurethane Enamel, Gallon, Blue Moon White 14129068 1382706 Limited availability. Orig. $142.99 Now $142.88 Add to My List EZ Poxy2 Two-Part Polyurethane Enamel, Gallon, Buff Beige 14129084 1382906 Limited availability. Orig. $142.99 Now $142.88 Add to My L
  8. God knows this has been a ton of fun. Anyone here DIY paint job with PETTIT PAINTS EZ-Poxy Modern Polyurethane Topside Paint? Yes, roll and tip. I have to agree Rustoleum needs more testing maybe a smaller boat Pettit also has EZ-Poxy Performance Enhancer say new for 2016 don't see it listed anywhere. PETTIT PAINTS EZ-Poxy Modern Polyurethane Topside Pain can be had for $130 per gallon at your neighborhood West Marine
  9. Dang, tough crowd, I take it no one has used Rust oleum topside paint. Who has made and sold more paint that Rust Oleum? http://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/marine-coatings/ I agree prep is everything the hull is in pretty good shape, it was painted by a PO, I believe it was a roll and tip job. When doing the first sanding I found one area that may not have been tipped as well as it could have. If it had never been painted I may agree with some. Topside sides semi gloss, deck paint it maybe a bit much.
  10. Getting closer to painting the top sides on my Catalina 30. Looking at rustoleum topside paint seems to get rave reviews. Anyone here have any experience with this paint? Going to roll and tip. Going with semi gloss white, they also offer a flat white. $15.88 a qt. at Lowes, 4 qt.s will put a couple of coats the wide girl.
  11. Fix it anchary, check the J24 threads. Having someone go through the deck will make a great story that you will never live down. Fix it not that bad of a job. I say from the top down fighting gravity seems like a rough way to go.
  12. GLENN FREY EAGLES GUITARIST DEAD AT 67 That is a lot of music to catch up on. There is not a bad song just some almost as good ones mixed in with really good ones . Never seen him live that was always a tough ticket to get. Cause of death was a combination of complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia. Sounds like the man was in a lot pain with acute ulcerative colitis. Sorry would post a youtube of a favorite but that is above my skill set. Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2016/01/18/glenn-frey-the-eagles-dead/#ixzz3xdt7IXgk
  13. It is the NAVY's bad NAVY day. How they can not keep track of their sailors and boat is another question. Bad gas gauge on a boat, imagine that.
  14. My first question is how many people have died in that thing?
  15. I feel your pain on little leaks and pulling hardware. I pulled the track on the starboard toe rail last weekend. Has been a hack job by the prior PO's EVEN had silicone caulk on the interior. I was not aware it was there until I pulled interior wood trim that cover the bolts where the track is. Many of the screws had damaged heads from others that had given up on this project. I put an electric torque wrench on them, 3 hours or so and 40 screws and bolts later it was off. It took longer to clears all of the caulk off the track. For now all of the holes are plugged with butyl tape, waiting for warmer weather and a bunch of new bolts. No, I am not refilling and redrilling all of those holes, I would never finish the project. Who has the best price on stainless screws and bolts, Fastenal? dew