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  1. fastyacht

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    There was a biat likr that in Anglelond in 90s Boss or Blaze or something
  2. fastyacht

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    So basically a Star mast in a Comet. With Hiker outriggers.
  3. fastyacht

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    Will Americans who voted for him tire of his "'reality' TV" brand of "leadership?"
  4. fastyacht

    Buoyancy Bag Replacement

    One word: England. Alternative: styrofoam. (That's how thistles handle it in the woodies. Custom cut using hot nicrome wire and then put inside a bag. Problem is it is probably heavier). If I run across the right maker of air bags I'll let you know). Canoe bags definitely a place to look.
  5. fastyacht

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    You forgot the graphics
  6. fastyacht

    The Lies of the Reich Have Real Consequences

    Things got to breathe:
  7. fastyacht

    The Lies of the Reich Have Real Consequences

    I haven't had employer health insurance since 2008 (well actually I lied. I had it through 2013 when I ran my own business. Group plan with a Group of One). I'm about to have it. What is astounding is how shitty it is compared to even 2008.
  8. fastyacht

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    Ted Van Dusen is a legend.
  9. fastyacht

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    I should add, that to find a comparable spar without the righting moment (just forgetting about the increased RM and other aspects) you would compare the "EI" of your aluminum mast to carbon tubes. E times I Young's Modulus (E) times second moment of area (I) The product of these two numbers gives the stiffness. You need the same stiffness to take the same column loads. Obviously there is a forea nd aft and a an atwhartships value. Round carbon will only match one. This is a problem for a mast obviously.
  10. fastyacht

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    Tangentially, certain one design classes are sources of nearly free or completely free sails that work just fine on other boats. The competition is so fierce, they retire the sails very quickly--as fast as the class rules allow replacement. The spin pole is dead simple and easier to make in a more production run aspect. Carbon tubes are now produced in quantity for general purposes. The trick (like with your Farr 40 and my sail analogy) is to look for "cracks" and find gems in there. It may be that something fits. But takes some looking. etc
  11. fastyacht

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    The thing is: unlike small stuff like golf clubs and windsurfer masts, there just is not any "stock" "tubes" for your mast sized piece. But in aluminium, there are. There are dozens of mast patterns out there that are extruded without a lot of fuss. Change the die, run the extrusion. In the case of a carbon spar, you are "bespoke" to get it right. Think more like building a wooden mast, say, at Myron's old shop. Drawings from Frers, some raw materials, a while lot of shavings. In this case it would be drawings from a naval architect, engineering by Hall or the guys in England for instance, (Carbospars?) and then a careful hand-made or hand controlled machine made layup. Then after that, all the rigging stuff which in carbon is trickier. And corrosion issues have to be addressed. The smaller classes make this work by building in "production" (Think Melges etc) and the price becomes quite competitive. If you get lucky and find that a naval architect's analysis of your mast needs will match up with some production carbon spar closely enough, then you are in luk (Pogo?) Start by looking for boats with the same righting moment +/- that are produced with carbon masts. Then look at mast lengths. If something is close, you can take a closer look.
  13. fastyacht

    What happens when adults are in charge

    All true. The travel dynamic is orders of magnitude more difficult for the US though. Probably half of all educated NZers don't live in NZ either. I hope they are staying safe. (Considering that NZ has a population of just north of the state of CT, I think what they do as a *nation* should better be compared to a state, such as for instance CT. We had terrible outbreaks in Fairfield (NY suburb) and also New Haven and Hartford, but not all over the state, and that was the "first wave" that was suppressed. We never stopped going fishing but most everyone stopped regularly going far away---even though you could---and sometimes would---and that just was not a problem. The Orange Turnip is the dumbest most dangerous vegetable on the planet.
  14. fastyacht

    What happens when adults are in charge

    In the New York metropolitan area, we had reacted too late, but reacted. And people mostly got on board and are still on board with wearing masks and being careful. Caseloads fell and stayed down. Some large military contractors never shut down and guess what? They did not have outbreaks. Yep, it was possible to work safely ALL ALONG if people would do a very simple set of things. But no, the Turnip puproesly confused his flock of fawning fennel sprouts and whaddyaknow, we have a fucking conflagration in the Southeast. That's why I am standing on Sanctimony Hill. Because I know that while NZ "pulled it off" we too "pulled it off" in parts of the US--and without making sanctimony about driving to the beach.
  15. fastyacht

    What happens when adults are in charge

    From the perspective of being here, that was a ridiculous rule to begin with. He broke it but it was untenable to begin with. Uh-oh, bring out the Sanctimony Police.