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  1. Sweet spot for wind

    In a 505, if the wind is in the 20s you just get a RUSH. And feel so fucking awesome.
  2. Onefly foiler

    The higher the performance range, the more weight sensitive is seemingly a truism we cannot escape. Unless 505 and then there isenough congfusionand enough lodfashionedness that everything can work after a fadsion
  3. Is Idiocy a Crime?

  4. Onefly foiler

    This reminds me of the heady days of the Sunfish.
  5. asking for repair costs

    I was port tacked a couple years ago. But I was on the wire and one of my kids was helming. I saw the port tacker too late to give my skipper enough warning. We had damage. The port tacker apologized and asked me to send him the cost so that he could have his insurance pay for it. I looked it all over and just repaired it. We use the same racing insurance. The repair was easy enough. We certainly were partly responsible for the damage anyway in both an RRS and a colregs sense anyway. And our insurances won't go up.
  6. But you weren't there. You don't know the facts. There was a case. It was adjudicated. If you were wronged by someone you'd want your day in court, too. Don't tell me that if, say, a snot nosed kid drives recklessly and plows into you, injuring you, that you wouldn't want your time out of work, your lost vacation, your car and importantkly your 12k health insurance deductible paid by *his* insurance company. Glass houses and all.
  7. Wow. You really need to put down the keyboard and join reality. We have civil courts to settle issues peacefully. The alternative is vendetta justice. Get A Grip.
  8. Lief Erikson

    Everybody is descended from Khan. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/2010/08/1-in-200-men-direct-descendants-of-genghis-khan/#.Wd_0wXZrxhE but there is more to the story... https://www.nature.com/news/genghis-khan-s-genetic-legacy-has-competition-1.16767 Biological success is not riches. It is offspring,. Right now I'd say the Filipinos are winning. The Euros and Americans, not so much.
  9. 505 Winter Storage Advice

    They were built in Boston. Not a problem:-) Seriously just make sure you don't leave water in the boat and be sure it doesn't have water soaked core.
  10. My newest project

    When I was in Warnemünde years ago, the locals said, "Rostocker Pils is ok but for the good stuff you have to go to Czechoslovakia."
  11. Good, Cheapish Dacron Sails?

    Cocobolo is heavier
  12. Mast or boom furling?

    ^this. Also agree with Crash's analysis, if you habsolutely must 'ave this confounded contraption.
  13. My newest project

    What r u making a paddle?;)
  14. DC Designs

    4" diameter is fat. Oars are not that fat.
  15. My newest project

    Bob: the 11C was the fist of the Voyager series produced. The 10c (lower price point) 12c (financial) and 15c nd of course 16c (computer science) followed. The 15c is much more powerful. Possibly the most clever complex number and matrix implementation ever. The 12C is no small thing either. The reason it has the crappy programming model shared with the 10C is that hte financial solver sopped up a lot of memory real estate. Algebraic: HP made a whole line of algebraic calculators starting in the 1987. the first was the clambshell 18C which althoug ha "c" was business oriented. The Algebraic line (all in the "Pioneer" form factor) was 10b, 14b, 17b, 20s, 21s, 22s and the top of the line 27s. The 19b was the top of the line financial and shared the clambshell of the slightly earlier18c. Interestingly their first desktop calculatoar was *also* algebraic--but handled all internally in RPN and converted back and forth for input anddisplay. Memory was expensive back then.