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  1. fastyacht


    It is even better than onions.
  2. fastyacht

    Great 18' Skiff video

    Hi Julian, That is possibly the coolest thing to have been written on Sailing Anarchy. I do have your father's book--and that is the photo I was thinking of when I wrote (incorrectly) further upthread. I also have a very amazing short exchange of letters from your father and a Dutchman about downwind sailing in extremely light wind. It was a thrill to get a letter from him--and it's a thrill to read directly from your experience in that legendary time. As for boathandling, I was simply left speechless (except for some excited celebratory cursewords) the first time I saw that NOKIA footage when it first made the rounds. I wonder if the spinnaker was actually their friend--lifting the bow...?? On the other hand to be able to do that! Were all those boats the same shape (B18 from your design house) or did they differ? That they put the bow in up to the gunwales but never stuffed was simply utterly beautiful to watch. As for AAMI, I remember a photo in your father's book with you two-handing an AAMI (I guess that is a separate even from three up?). He was pointing out the fact that the bow wave is smooth because the entrance angle is less than the Kelvin angle or something.
  3. fastyacht

    Great 18' Skiff video

    Question: If you raced ENTRAD against NOKIA, what would that look like? I assume NOKIA was significantly faster--or were rules changed between them?
  4. fastyacht

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    That's an absolutely dreadful situation. The class association really needs to get proactive on this in my opinion.
  5. fastyacht


    Does he get charged carbon tax when one falls over and rots pn the foret floor? because if they are not charging him for that they're full of shit. Oh wait...
  6. Aha! You just reminded me. On the Star, we used a continuous sheet. But 2:1 of course. That was bothering me, trying to remember what boat I sailed a lot that had that. Funny how memory works.
  7. fastyacht

    East coast where to move to?

    And when Redhouse Cove freezes, you can go iceboating!
  8. fastyacht

    East coast where to move to?

    Pymatuning? That where you sail now?
  9. fastyacht

    VANGUARD 15 North American Regatta

    Why the bump? What makes this particular regatta of such great interest? Mid 50s air and water is pretty ordinary stuff with big wind for college sailing, and high level dinghy sailing in general. Done that a lot. Hell in the old days we did it without drysuits! Yes, you have to take conditions seriously. But you can certainly sail in those conditions safely. Please explain what it is you are interested in achieving.
  10. fastyacht

    East coast where to move to?

    Traffic in NC is fundamentally dreadful. Just saying. Also where there is sleet there is the possibility of iceboating Haha.
  11. fastyacht

    Great 18' Skiff video

    When they first hit that speed, it was about 1983 or so I think. By 1985 you had that beast with 28 feet of wingspan doing 35 knots. Just think about that. Lit a fire in my imagination at the time.
  12. fastyacht

    East coast where to move to?

    Vineland, NJ. Cheap as chips, short drive to NJ beaches (beach cat sailing) 1 hour to Philadelphia. Some nice lakes right next to Vineland. And the fruits and vegetables are the local and the very best.
  13. It's not that they are out of date, it is that people haven't learned them:-)