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  1. fastyacht

    Physics of sail power.

    Nope. He said something like, hydrodynamics is to damned hard" or something. The corollary is, "Naval architects are not up to the task of quantum mechanics. Fastyacht said so":) AS for Rutherford, well, he was one of "those" presidents. Haha.
  2. fastyacht

    Physics of sail power.

    Physicists are not up to the task of hydrodynamics. Feynman said so :-P
  3. fastyacht

    Thistle repair questions

    First of all, do you know whether it is a Clark, Schock, D&M, GMW or other? Do you know the hull number? Second, when you say "pinholes" can you be more specific? Third--and this is important, be sure you have a complete set of flotation foam for the tanks. If you don't, and you want to do it the easy way, call Great Midwest Yacht Company and order a set. If you want to do this yourself (which is probably not worth it, just time consuming) I have the class rules and could look it up. The reason the Thistle for racing requires foam is due to a sinking drowning at Santa Cruz many decades ago--before it was required. With five independent tanks you'd think it not needed but, things tend to be bad all at, all the ports are shot or all the tanks have bad flanges etc. (I used to build these things. We can get you sorted out here).
  4. fastyacht

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Hahah! Coming in 38 days.
  5. fastyacht

    Physics of sail power.

    Look at rules first.
  6. fastyacht

    Sail cargo for real

    The first flettner ship was built a l o n g time ago. And also not uezterday, Cousteau built one But the hull was too stable.
  7. fastyacht

    EC ideas for Hobie Adv Island improvement

    I thought about that. Figured you eould have to synchronize so push natches oull so to spesk
  8. fastyacht

    EC ideas for Hobie Adv Island improvement

    The sit on top doesnt need to be stable if already a trimaran. Anyone tried paddle and treadle togegjervsamevtime?
  9. fastyacht

    EC ideas for Hobie Adv Island improvement

    There is no reason a daggerbosrd needs to go through th hull centerline
  10. fastyacht

    Physics of sail power.

    Socyou going to pretnd you can estimate heeled yawed resistance? Jist findcthe damned old metre boat curves. They are out there...heeled resistance included.
  11. fastyacht

    Physics of sail power.

    Nope on both counts. Well close. But lift and drag are measured wit respect to the incident far field flow direction, neither of which are alinged with the thrust direction. But good try. Look it is really simple. I don't feel like pulling books down (right now) but just go find 12 meter stuff. IT is publishd all over the place including resistance. Tons of tank tests were run for decades. You know the drag. You know the speed (also publshd) you know the sail area, etc. Power is force integrated over a period of time. Do some deconstruction analysis and you might learn something. (Yes, some of us myself included are sometimes cynical old codgers who did this very thing 35 years ago already. IT is more fun when you have to struggle. Trust me)
  12. fastyacht

    Physics of sail power.

    Not true. The less you know, the more you know you know.
  13. fastyacht

    Physics of sail power.

    Well, it ain't. And you don't know what L/D means?
  14. fastyacht

    Physics of sail power.

    He invented Relativity. Applies to sailing.