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  1. fastyacht

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    Brings back memories if CBYRA junior regattas in the old days.
  2. fastyacht

    RIB - adding bilge pump between hull layers

    I agree with both the air test as well as the problem of blowing the hulls apart. Don't make a full seal connection and then just turn the vacuum on. Instead make a nozzle and leave open something to let air out and put the air into the hole and very carefully throttle the amount of air that's going in or out and you'll hear the vacuum change and you also the see motion and really should do it with someone else so you can regulate it effectively.
  3. fastyacht

    Racing/family dinghy

    That would be the Flying Dutchman. 505 too except not as big a cockpit. Doesn't sail 3 as well. Dutchman does. Too bad aren't so many around now.
  4. fastyacht

    Classic American Dinghies

    Another fun fact: the curretn lightm=ning mast section is the same as the curretn Thistle section. However if I remember correctly they are different dies bt teh same shape. Been 25 years since I built them...
  5. fastyacht

    Classic American Dinghies

    Penguin! I owned two of them. There is a Phil Rhodes ketch down the street from my current location. Also the Bantam. Nearly identical shape to penguin but about 14 feet and sloop rigged. Never sailed one.
  6. fastyacht

    Can U Identify These Burgees??

    Go find an old Lloyds Register of American Yachts . I'd lookbitbup but am in Florida for next month.
  7. fastyacht

    Classic American Dinghies

    LOL the "front page"has sneakboxes with SCOTW aboatrd them toeday
  8. fastyacht

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    It's being a twat and has nothing to do with sailboats necessarily. I've had the exact same thing happen from bigger powerboats when I'm running in open water in a 21 foot open motorboat. I mean exactly.
  9. fastyacht

    Classic American Dinghies

    Uh oh then we have to talk aboutMax Hoffman.
  10. fastyacht

    Classic American Dinghies

    Comet. Barnegat Bay Sneakbox. Windmill. Sunfish!! Town Class. Geary 18 (big dinghy...) Raven (also in the big category) Y-flyer. OK scow. Brutal Beast. Interclub. Naples Sabot El Toro And.... ....Cape Cod Frosty :-D
  11. fastyacht

    Classic American Dinghies

    Thistle is a geosim of the 14. Specifically Uffa Fox' latest at that time.
  12. fastyacht

    Front Page - scotw

    True. He'd just post it on twitter instead.
  13. Do note that the Pacific is famous for steady tropo. Some crazy records have been set from Calif to Hawaii. Even 1200 MHz iIrc--30 years ago.
  14. fastyacht

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Exactly. And a shear zipper is this. Well, two of them: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Each of those dashes is an unfilled block boundary like the one John shows above. One followed by another. If you have one isolated block boundary with no resin, not such a big deal. But a whole line of them, with a vertical shear load, and you have problems. In honeycomb, there is no continuous gap. You have cells. That;s the whole point.