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  1. 26ft x 9 ft by 5 ft by .6 surf factpr = 437 ft^2 @ 15 mil = .55 ft^3 of gelcoat. @ 7.48 = 4 gallons. This is where if the shoe were on the other foot he'd yell, "YOU LIE!" But I don't have to. He simply doesn't know arithmetic. So call it an error in computation instead. By an order of magnitude.
  2. LOL. "Sailboat moob" haha
  3. Steel. And a retrofit. From working vessel to yacht............therein lies the problem. The other one was aluminum. You have to watch the bog guys. It is easier for them, if they lay it on thick. They don't like breaking through because it is harder to maintain their smoothness, but you have to break through if you are to minimize the bog! The 3/8" would have been a worst case. Most of it nowhere near that much. But the bog guys were this happy bunch of Koreans who all came in after everyone else knocked off -- all smiles and already pink -- their clothes permanently stained by the dust. Don't know how they maintained their composure. That job is so boring. I did it once for 2 days straight. 8 foot 2-man. That was enough. For life.
  4. One project I was loosely associated with had over 30 mm of bog on it--they measured it by ultrasound -- and had to get the longboards to work longer hours....haha. Another project I was on had more than that in some areas as thick as 2". A region over 100 feet long all cracked one winter. In neither case did I have anything at all to do with the bog. Thank god. In the first case they got the bog down to the 0 to 10 mm range. In the second case, they are still working on it but I don't think they are going to reduce it. They'll probably skin it.
  5. ogle away https://notallowedto.com/man-grows-breasts-after-drinking-too-much-soy-milk/
  6. I think I used to copy LOM down on occasion following CW traffic on 40 meters. YL and OM all the time, LOM, what the heck is that? Haha.
  7. No, but you did hear the sentiment that because she left them hanging open in that wetsuit, that she is somehow fair game for whatever. I'm not uptight. I just think boys are really really good at spoiling all the fun in life. If the girls are happy and don't feel uneasy, the boys get to enjoy their company more. I would rather the girls be comfortable and at ease in whatever state of dress or undress they choose to be in, rather than feeling like they have to somehow hide themselves. Am I over thinking this? Not really. I have a wife and a daughter. And I had both male and female friends at the lunch table in both college *and* high school. Note: 80% in college and 90% in high school did not....is that rambling? Maybe. Seriously, I'd like to hear what the girls have to say. Like I said, it isn't that there can't be humor....
  8. / No he don't know. He's semiretired since 1978 remember.
  9. The only thing the AC has been at the forefront of designwise, all along, is spending inordinate sums of money. There is always a rule to be designed to. So they do that. And waste a lot of design effort on optimizing something stupid---such as a lead bulb sled in the late 1990s..... Even the foiling thing is broken in the sense that the rule in the last cup was circumvented with the foils. But if you designed a hydrofoil from a clean slate unencumbered, you would not have done that solution.
  10. But that's really the whole point, isn't it? She has big boobs. That's not her fault. They are big. And skinny girls go around with hardly a stitch of clothing and nobody even notices. And if their tops are open the boys don't ogle. but they too have tits. I take offense at the Talibanization of our culture. "She should cover up!" Why? "Because she has those big tits! People will see them! Put them away! they are distracting!" Why? I don't care if you have big or small. Go about life. They are on the front. People should really just be less up tight about it all around. .
  11. This. Do NOT put the sandpiper on the star. Mader will not be happy with you. Actually they will love being paid for a new boat to replace the damaged one.... EDIT: Charter. Your PRO has found you a solution!
  12. Yep. Nothing is perfect. Take a look at Vlad Murnikov's Speed Dream project. Watch that lolipop on a stick going in and out of the water. Oh also, I'm not saying this stability effect proves anything superior about a bilge keeler. I'm just noting that indeed, there is an effect on the way the boat behaves as heel increases and that it is measurable relative to a reference boat with the same hull but no twins.
  13. 0th of all, I thought the USCG ruled years ago that you need not wear a pfd on a windsurfer. Because you are a swimmer. Never mind. Bike helmets on Optis.... First of all, everyone has tits and some fat. Second of all, about 51% of them are female tits so really, what is the point? She's well endowed oh right hahaha.... Third of all, they are nothing to be ashamed of. But maybe making jokes about flotation is shameful. Fourth of all, some women feel like this kind of joke just keeps the objectification thing going strong. The *public* thing. Obviously humour in private will never go away. Some women might find this funny. Please have them speak up. Fifth of all, I think the fact that she is out there learning to windsurf, or already a windsurfer is fantastic. I think encouragement of that is what we all should do. 6th of all, does she know she is the subject of this photo contest? 7th of all, there is no 7th. 8th of all, back to 5th and 6th, what are the negative implications regarding her sailing future vis a vis Sailing Anarchy snark? Personally I like having female sailors around. I have two of them in the family. And yes they wear pfd. Even though they have their own.
  14. Remember the curve someone put together years ago, showing the % of righting arm due to the crew? Plotted against IOR rated length? It was something like 30% for the mini tonners and 4% for the maxis. Same applies here but insstead of loa we have geometry of the keels. A small boat with built-up bilge keels, widely spaced and splayed, so that the wind'rd keel comes out early, on say a 25 foot boat, is going to be quite more marked effect than a boat with lead bulb on a cast iron fin, like the one Pano showed a pic of.