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  1. fastyacht

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    I know where this is's ANARCHY! Now someone find Tony Hawk photo with the tip of jis board on thr lip of a halfpipe
  2. fastyacht

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    Oldie goodie! Has the deck broken oit and been fixed yet st mast? That happemed to me a couple times. I first sailed a laser im '76 maybe it was '75. By '78 i was racing the sage green clib boat. It was alreafy leaking morecthancthe orange one. All the decks were eyerest buff.
  3. Make thec stars palmettos
  4. So no change. I stantly recognizable. Heck.
  5. They also thought the Inca jad allcthevgold. So they kiled a bunch of them to getvit.
  6. It aimt the moonies that are the problem....methinks you be trollling.
  7. I read "originalist" tripe from lots of people who should know better. It is dismaying.
  8. So Boston is both a sancutalry city and an economic dynamo. The illegals are useful for building roofs. It is more nuanced and complicated than Lioness is suggesting
  9. It isv a fuckef up zituation. I would rathervgo sailing
  10. fastyacht

    Will there be a third wave?

    rate tripled in just 2 weeks
  11. fastyacht

    Will there be a third wave?

    There's also endless Trump parades here CT. Further east and northeast you go, the more Trump is popular. Those areas were spared entirely in the early stages. There are major national security enterprises out there that cannot shut down. So an uncontained spread is totally unacceptable. You can be damned sure that there is a lot of sleep being lost
  12. fastyacht

    Will there be a third wave?

    Don't for get the Norwich / New London uptick. Troubling but containable.
  13. fastyacht

    Am I Missing Something? Hospitalization Rates

    Thanks! See I was right. Extremely lazy of me!