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  1. thengling


    The main only, or the full rig?
  2. thengling

    Help Identifying Old 420 Class Boat

    Did they drill hull numbers into the forward side of the transom on i420's like they did for 5O5's? Your rudder is in fabulous shape.
  3. thengling

    Hiking when there is no water

    Sometimes, though this model is not double-ended like a proa...
  4. thengling

    Hiking when there is no water

    Excellent. On a tangent (snicker), when I mow, I use a tacking lawnmower (electric) and have gotten pretty adept at throwing the extension cord to windward. Still need to work on the gybes though...
  5. thengling

    420 better self bailing cockpit ideas?

    I forgot to mention that, for the bernoulli bailer not to leak, the hose would have to pass above the waterline at any heel.
  6. thengling

    420 better self bailing cockpit ideas?

    Hi spiritwolf. Ignoring class regs in this comment... A while ago I was wondering about "bernoulli bailers" sometimes found on vintage wooden power boats and RC scale models... The principle seems similar to the Elvstrom bailers but it looks like they might be less prone to leaking. A critical bit might be to find where to position suction. It should be where the hydrodynamic flow is fastest on the hull... (near the widest part of the CB?) obviously this changes on tacks/gybes. Another wonder would be is whether a dinghy can ever reach a velocity where they would be truly effective. (image below: shamelessly pillaged from "Pipe for manual draining in pits" would be analagous to the transom flaps on your dinghy.
  7. thengling

    Sunfish drawing/CAD file

    Just a caveat... you may get unexpected results
  8. thengling

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Hmm... win-win?
  9. thengling

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Maybe referring to the unmanned boats?
  10. thengling

    caption contest

    When your crew is lightweight, one must take certain measures.
  11. thengling

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    [Mark #2] "Before start we discussed many options, among the skippers, what to do to deal with storm situations. Throwing warps over board and trawl heavy stuff and so. To keep the stern in the wind and break waves before they reach you. Well, I thought a lot and pondered these problems. But I quickly saw the boat wasn’t behaving in a sound way with that stuff behind the boat. So I decided halfway the storm to pull the 200 meter lines and everything back on board. That was much better! ... I will never ever again drag lines or anything for that matter, behind the boat whilst being in a storm. ..." The idea of dragging gear to break waves might work in theory if the period and amplitude of the waves were less than the size of the gear -- to say this was not the case in those conditions would be an understatement.
  12. thengling

    What Not to do on a Dinghy

    Not a dinghy -- but if the link above didn't work for you try this.
  13. thengling

    Gay Test

    Shouldn't matter -- so long it qualifies for content on the "Dinghy" forum
  14. thengling

    Bend in Laser mast Lower question

    ...from turtling, maybe?
  15. thengling

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    Well, what about a Lightning? Designed for three, but known to be sailed single-handed on occasion.