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  1. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    The evidence seems to indicate that's a sunrise.
  2. New 1975 FD

    Hmm... what's the condition of the running rigging lines - turning to dust perhaps? Much of my well used 1976 Rondar is original, though I've had to replace some of the DFP (douglas fir plywood) backing plates, e.g. at the inspection ports and sheeting points, though such deterioration might not have happened in a properly stored boat.
  3. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Huh. Maybe there's a connection between winch issues and Dong's double-dog gybe, though such a lapse in attentiveness to gear seems uncharacteristic.
  4. I14 Capsize Compilation

    Heh. Why *not* helm & crew from the drink, is what I always say
  5. Would a 100 bushel/Chesapeake Sharpie 18 be too boring?
  6. Speed wrinkles?

  7. Speed wrinkles?

  8. One line asymmetrical hoist and set.

    Succinct, clear and to the point. I suspect so is the sailing.
  9. One line asymmetrical hoist and set.

    How about a fixed sprit?
  10. 470 Main and Jib Halyards Question

    My old mid-70's 5o5 has a similar setup and now after reading Locus and others above I think I understand it better. The main halyard is rope until the last 6 inches or so which is wire when the main is hoisted, and the wire has a few a few swage balls on it. It looks like there's a tang with a notch on the mast which I suppose takes one of the swage balls. There's a highfield lever with its hook on the downward side which must be for the jib halyard/rig tension but it gets in the way of the vang. There's no obvious point in the jib halyard for an eye or loop that would seem to correspond with the highfield lever position. How is this accomplished?
  11. 470 Main and Jib Halyards Question

    The lever looks upside down for jib halyard -- could it be for cunningham?
  12. Traffic at the Mark

    Different class, different "Anarchy" of course -- but watch Team SCA solve a tricky situation at the mark here... please start at 34:00.
  13. My Neighbor Gave Me This Boat.....

    An example to burnt chef's suggestion - $450 - looks ready to sail today. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/boa/d/sabot-sailboat/6212326975.html
  14. My Neighbor Gave Me This Boat.....

    I'm wondering how easy it will be to get the sawed-off centerboard "un-resined" from the trunk... I'm a project type myself, but I think I have more unfinished ones than finished ones!
  15. Singlehand 49'er?

    Here's someone doing it. Looks like it's hard to keep upright even in light breeze? Or how about putting an A-kite on a 5O5?