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  1. thengling

    505 Resto

    Hey Pro, got any pics of your pizza pieces? I was wondering as well -- I thought the gasket on my old Rondar was in decent shape but it doesn't have what you described at the leading edge.
  2. thengling

    The search continues!

    Also consider that you may eventually be 6'-4" and 280 pounds... ("years to come")
  3. thengling

    The search continues!

    Has anyone suggested a Swift Solo? Build one!
  4. thengling

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    Last day.
  5. thengling

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    Early welcoming committee in store... Valentine's Day
  6. thengling

    Can someone identify this boat?

    Yes, looks like this one, with full length battens. Looks heavy. Hence the name?
  7. thengling

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    Update: Captain Occam chooses a razor route. I like his thinking.
  8. thengling

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    Finally, some westward progress.
  9. thengling

    Loosening Brass Beer Tap Fittings

    Yes, and good foothold.
  10. thengling

    Loosening Brass Beer Tap Fittings

    Update: heated the fittings and tried two different strap wrenches I happen to have. Still stuck. Thanks for the tip on collet chucks -- that's the kind of fitting it appears to be. I'll take it to a metalworker friend who happens to specialize in beer taps!
  11. thengling

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    Passing mention of Bill in this piece ...
  12. thengling

    Loosening Brass Beer Tap Fittings

  13. thengling

    Loosening Brass Beer Tap Fittings

    Yes. I suppose I could try warming the part and trying again.
  14. I think a large Venn diagram intersects at this ponder. I just found this circa 1950 French porcelain and brass beer tap tower. The taps are Lison brassand feature knurled (castellated?) collars that look like they should be finger-tight, but won't budge. I want to loosen them and take them apart for cleaning, but don't want to mar the brass finish. Any ideas of the best tool to use? (Some of you might be quick to point out that most brass contains lead, of which I'm aware. Interestingly, John Palmer, who has written a great wealth of material on brewing beer, started out as a metallurgist and has some pointers on how to prepare brass for food and drink service.)
  15. thengling

    what is it?

    Also in the original photo there appears there may be a provision for a sprit. Is that possible without shrouds?