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  1. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    is that how long haul fighter pilots go off watch - throwing a blanket over their head ? - or maybe to get light reflection off of instruments ?
  2. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    I am sure there was a woman by the name of Fonda in that movie - maybe 'too' famous to even put her name on the poster, just her pic will do !
  3. Merrill Levi


    msg back from the Ed - "will take a look"
  4. Merrill Levi


    I dont have any leverage with the Ed - but sent him an email anyway ! let's see ........ ML
  5. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    great info - thanks
  6. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    do you reckon each engine had it's own engineer ?
  7. Merrill Levi

    Spending time in France etc.

    France in June = busy, book early, otherwise a 'flexible' itinerary (booked on the fly) requires a little more broad-mindedness for types of accommodation and facilities available, will also require more language knowledge. Dont try to eat the same things you eat at home, eat & drink what is local to where you are in France and you will usually find the locals are happy to help you experiment within your comfort zone. Just like the food, most wines are sold by the district they are grown in and not so much by grape variety. French folks always have a HUGE pride for their local area. When touring old battlefields, take a picnic and sit in the area and soak up the atmosphere. Not many of the battlefield memorials are in or near a town. When visiting Bordeaux, take a side trip to Arcachon & eat some crabs or oysters. And @Willin' suggestion above fits this side trip and is worthwhile - many cultural shifts an a small area. Reims - research before you get there for when which cellar is open. The cave tours often require bookings. Very much NOT like Napa, cannot just rock up to any cellar door for a tasting, although 'some' do. The segment you have from Lyon to Dijon I think is my favorite in your plan, the food, wine and restaurants in that segment will satisfy most tastes and budgets. If was to join you I would suggest eating out every night and "back road" exploring by day, buying picnic stuff from road side stalls of the gazillions of little farms all over the area. At what ever is your first stop in France, a supermarket will have enough stuff to make up a cheap picnic kit that can be gifted or disposed of at the end of your trip, just make sure it has a knife strong enough to cut hard cheese, a corkscrew bottle opener, and a couple of wine glass' - a breadboard is good too. Do plenty of research on restaurants in this strip, will be worthwhile. I know you said museums are not really your thing, but - while in Bayeux, have you heard of the tapestries ? - worthwhile IMO. Pack light.
  8. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    Thanks Snag's - Hobot confounded google image search with this one - thinks the island is an aircraft carrier !
  9. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    yup - kegs for sure, but that type of loading wont fit in this nanny state no more, limited to two layers high, and think how many more truck drivers that will employ - a good thing right? FFS! only one building the same from that early pic
  10. Merrill Levi

    Board building, composites question

    hey Celph, you did not mention if you glued the 3 layers of ply together, will significantly stiffen the layup. will also 'assist' if the grain of the ply always crosses the previous layer, i.e. no two adjoining layers of ply have grain in same direction, you prolly already got that. If even more stiffness is required, slit the ply laminates up the center and glue in a pre-made carbon spine - just like old school surfboards with a balsa spine. have fun ML
  11. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    Greek first-aid kit
  12. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    Hobot, thanks for preparing this Memorial Day collection. Your top of page selection for today - excellent.
  13. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    Aussie trampoline rigger
  14. Merrill Levi

    Point Break

    made me think of this - maybe PB would prefer wine? Best wishes PB from Downunderland
  15. Merrill Levi


    Bill Burr on Steve Jobs designs