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  1. NEED HELP !!!

    am sure Teaky has a spare one under his desk.
  2. Stupid Airports

    the auto translator on that article needs a bit of a tune up:
  3. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    driving is ok for an Ozzie - pretend you are in Sydney ! my $0.02 - in Spain, plan to experience a few places, rather than 'seeing' alot of places.
  4. Australia Is Not A Country

    Singapore - a city-state and island country
  5. Australia Is Not A Country

  6. Explain Cricket

    cricket comes in many forms, it is one thing to get a handle on the rules and names of stuff, but VERY different to understand the strategies of the game. My youngest brother & Dad are into cricket, I find it interesting to watch a game with my brother as he is good at explaining the strategies, I tried to watch a game without him & I am sure it would be MASSIVELY more interesting to watch grass grow. anyhow, here is a link on how Mericans splain cricket to Mericans and another splainin with pictures ML
  7. Rough Gemstone Cutting

    I chimed in here cuz I have a little bit of knowledge, by the appearance of your cutting skills (V-nice) - your little bit is bigger than mine ! My forte is more tumbling/polishing/setting and spotting original colours Vs irradiated. Never told Evo I was into this, he would have told me what a crock of shit it was & I should get a 'real' interest. RIP Evo. Enjoy the show Dave, let us know where it leads you with your cutting. ML
  8. Happy Oz day

    donya Dunc, fanks a zill, barbi is on, see ya soon. luv ya.
  9. Vale- Ursula K Le Guin

    Vale Ursula, you rocked my boat in so many different ways. RIP
  10. Random PicThread

    maybe should have named her 'Rollin Rosie'
  11. Pittwater to Paradise 2018

    25 minutes since start gun & boats are only just reaching Maitland Bay now, close hauled in 8-10 kts NE breeze, short tacking along the coast to Cape 3 Points, gunna be a long one. Current forecast for right now was meant to be 8-10 from the Sth.
  12. Pittwater to Coffs

    Thanks Dick
  13. Pittwater to Coffs

    any updates on the condition of Coffs marina and seawall - google images are all from 2014 from streetview & 2017 airview, airview looks like all intact.
  14. Lithium Batteries - New Prototype

    Thanks Sam, I am following this thread to learn more about Lithium batteries & their use, and now understand a little bit about e-beam welding, the stuff a person can learn around here never ceases to amaze. Sam, what background brings you to this knowledge? - looking at some of your other posts you have broad interests in engineering. ML Snippet re: e-beam welding from wikipedia
  15. Shit Brent Swain Says

    do those waters have a 'flush' button on the top or the side of the cistern ?