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  1. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    love it - thanks.
  2. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    what what a rides it has been, thanks for taking us along. that is what I feel like doing when I talk to my brother - he ask's a million questions then tells me my answers are wrong, guess I am the dummy cuz I keep on answering, oh well.
  3. Merrill Levi

    My newest project

    A (long) description of various Li chemistry used in batteries and their properties C/- The Battery University
  4. Merrill Levi

    "National Cleavage Day"

    called in the video ref: light pink bikini bottom has seams on the side of hips bright pink bikini bottom has seams in front of hips refs call - different suits although both tops have same pattern and seaming.
  5. Merrill Levi


    11 years ago Wife & I had a 4 hour lay over in Madrid airport, waiting for a connection through to Canary Is, BORING as batshit inside that airport, thought I got pretty good at my Spanish by repeating the 10 million PA announcements, answer to the question - Safe?, yes, but the world (& prolly the airport) has changed in 11 years so hopefully more current info will come to light for you.
  6. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    any Boeing babies out there know this kind of structure ? google tells me that it is an image from a book by Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, who gathered images of 'evidence' from the 70's and titled the book "Evidence" [imaginative!] and this image is included as"untitled" - that is a whole other rabbit hole................. my question, in the image above, would the painting gantry move along the fuselage or, the fuselage move through the painting gantry ? My guess is 'A' - gantry moves, but that us a shit ton of plumbing to move with it. Anyone with 'actual' knowledge please.
  7. Merrill Levi

    The Stupid Are Among Us

    FARK!! - I meant flying, did not know a thing about terrestrial, got me some learnin' to do.
  8. Merrill Levi

    The Stupid Are Among Us

    dip 'o the cap to you PB - hard to argue with those 'facts', you are steadfast in your faith of the 42 - where do you stand on Spaghetti Monsters ?
  9. Merrill Levi

    The Stupid Are Among Us

    guess there are two kinds of people, and only one has Deep Thought, the other exhibit the perfect uselessness of knowing the answer to the wrong question. [sorry Ursula]
  10. Merrill Levi

    The Stupid Are Among Us

    are you more of a 1.61803398875 person ?
  11. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    WTF did they do with all my cars?
  12. Merrill Levi


    new W10 screen saver came up today for Matsuzaki in Japan, thought I would use street view to have a little walk around the town and noticed this placemarker/memorial/monument to a boat or sailor: I am sure that sign above the shop in back says "scientific research" - not "Fish Shop"
  13. Merrill Levi

    36 hours in Sydney austraila

    ^^wot Keef said ^^ and ......... buy a day pass at the airline lounge wife is travelling with - dump bags. get a train from the airport to Circular Quay in the city. see the harbour by ferry - from Circular quay to Manly Beach - Walk from the Manly Ferry Wharf to The Boat House at Shelly Beach for a nice meal - walk to the Boat House via "the Corso" - has tons of shops, bars etc - return to airport by reversing above will use up most of the daylight hours available. Return to airline lounge for showering, food & drink, and where it is in staff's interest to wake you up & get you onto the correct flight. **NOTE** - All Government transport in Sydney has a single ticket system called "opal card" (no cash), pre-paid RFID card used on any bus, Ferry or train - may be worth a shout out to @B.J. Porter he has the whole "being an American tourist in Sydney" well worked out after being here for a year or so. enjoy
  14. Merrill Levi

    storing family history

    Meli, if there is that kind of cash at hand, the scanning services will do the work for between 50c & 25c per image depending on volume, by the sound of it - your MIL's collection would qualify for the least cost. I just used the search phrase: photo scanning service melbourne and it returned many to choose from. As you have indicated, it is a mind numbing job, but well worth it for archival purposes. I have been building a family tree (for 30 years) based on images of how a persons appearance changes over the years, and sourcing images and doing the archival gets frustrating at times, particularly when a suitcase full of 'stuff' gets left with you and no one to ask who is who in the images and letters - no money found yet !
  15. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    reminds me of Oddball