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  1. Merrill Levi


    any 'out of the ordinary' thing I have looked for, ends up having a listing on Alibaba, and the couple of times they had something that I wanted in the quantities I wanted - it always ended up being an Alibaba listing of someone else's product, and could not find any indication or proof that Alibaba has a relationship with the product originator, yet Alibaba takes the money - I have given it a miss, every time so far.
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    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    or the other photoshop version:
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    Nautical Decor

    Britannia Yacht Club
  4. Merrill Levi


    clamp your hams ............
  5. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    Roseville bridge looking to Sth West, crossing upper reaches of Middle Harbour Pic below - same bridge looking to Nth East
  6. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    I can see from your post & @IrieMon post, and agree that the the porthole/portlight config is different from Zaca. I got caught up in the Templeton Crocker thing as TC was a founding member at StFYC, & I thought TC may be a ancestor of Rolfe Croker who I sailed with on Scaramouche in the 1980 BBS at StFYC - that was till I looked up the spelling of Rolfes name - fun rabbit hole though.
  7. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    You may be spot on, however the rabbit hole I ended up following was the origins of the schooner ultimately owned by Errol Flynn, the Zaca built for Templeton Crocker. I found Crocker and his ancestors stories interesting. Never ceases to amaze me how much wealth was made by building, then dismantling the railways in and out of San Francisco bay area. I am sure many US cities have a similar story. My guess was that the pic Hobot posted was of Templeton Crocker in a pareo during his world cruise with Zaca, before he converted it to a scientific research vessel.
  8. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    thanks Hobot, interesting rabbit hole
  9. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    compensates for the lack of offset companionway
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    Random PicThread

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    Random PicThread

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    Random PicThread

    Caitlyn Marie Jenner ?
  13. Merrill Levi

    Random PicThread

    you are a busy guy Hobot - and we thank you
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    Random PicThread

    man card - cancelled.