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  1. Random PicThread

    Then & now best seat in Sydney for fireworks did not know this location was once a ferry base, Thanks Hob's
  2. Buying a Star

    'most' stars are dry sailed, so trailer condition is important (hubs, axles, suspension mounts, hitch). You will also need access to a crane for launch, a ramp launch from a road trailer requires a couple of mods to the trailer - & is no fun. If you plan to wet sail (leave on a mooring/pen) you will be best to replace the bailers with new, as all bailers will leak after a couple seasons. What to look for in the hull - others have covered most things, my $0.02, get a boat with raised cockpit floors (most 7xxx series onward) - drains to bailers much more efficiently & leaves you to sailing instead of having your head in the bilge opening & closing bailers. older mast's, particularly the black - check the condition of the extrusion & the rigging at the hounds. The mast is not supported above the hounds and whips around like spaghetti leading to fatigue around the hounds, this is compounded as the side stays pass through holes at the hounds and mounted/secured inside the mast - i.e. there are many holes in the mast at the hounds. Further, the side stays are Rod and prone to chafe/corrosion where they pass through these holes into the mast. On older boats, check the condition of the mast step and the block at the top of rudder stock - both are prone to corrosion due to mixed metals. Older boats had all kinds of mast steps made (usually by the owners) trying to induce the mast base to slide fore & aft for upwind/downwind trim, 'longevity' was not a typical design criteria. The rudder stock blocks on older boats were made/machined from an aluminium block in an attempt to keep the weight down in the ends of the boat. again a mixed metals issue - but it really is no fun to have the key-way strip out on the rudder stock block then trying to get your mainsail down & regain control of the boat. while I am crapping on:- also check the condition of the radial vang track at either end (off-wind position) to ensure all of the upper edges of the I-beam are in good shape & not corroded, picture the Vang-car under load - it WILL jump off the track if the under edge is worn. The middle (bottom of U shape) of this track will be worn, this is not an issue, caused by boom being stored in middle when not sailing, again, mixed metal corrosion. ML
  3. Voltage regulator blues

    When Muir finished writing the Idiots guide: full article c/- Cal Alumni.
  4. Voltage regulator blues

    2nd time, cuz that when I no longer understood what I saw under the hood.
  5. Random PicThread

    According to this wiki page it was used to produce electricity: "Wind powered generators were used on ships by the end of the 19th century, as seen on the New Zealand sailing ship "Chance" (1902)." Linked from the wiki page "History of wind power" - so it must be true, right? Thank y'all for your help. And Thanks Hobot for yet another rabbit hole. ML
  6. Random PicThread

    Thanks for that FD, I did find 'Blackgang' previously but could not see that they describe the purpose of the windmill, Blackgang credit their source as 'Paperpirates' who also do not describe the purpose of the mill - did you see a description?
  7. Random PicThread

    ok googleologists - help please, I cannot find why a sailing ship would have a windmill, a windmill built so well it is still standing after the top masts, yards, rigging and sails have been carried away (by humans or Hughey). A single source I found, without explanation claims it to be for grinding flour while underway. I understand trying to "value add" to your products in hand, but storing flour at sea instead of seed seems a high risk value add. Anyone have a good guess to add, or even real knowledge - Many Thanks. My personal guess is to ventilate below decks for high risk cargo such as fertilizer or explosives.
  8. Voltage regulator blues

    did'nt know if I should be happy or not that my Mother bought me a copy in my teens! - still have mine. Currently driving my 18th (& last) VW.
  9. Random PicThread

    interesting (to me) to compare older high maneuverability wing tip shapes with more recent mainsail shapes.
  10. Voltage regulator blues

    dig out your John Muir book from the 'archives', turn to this page:
  11. Kickass Katie Lee.....RIP

    Thanks Blund, I had never known about KL till now - great clip, thanks. ML
  12. House batteries

    oh ye of little faith, try here: take the time to read through all of it, there are so many ways to approach the same thing, each brings its own strong opinion. From that you will see you need to provide substantially more info to utilise the latest tech in batteries. You will probably find that your thread here has already provided the answers for you - Firefly &/or RKoch info above. ML
  13. My next boat

    "ACCF Cormoran" - association page (in French) https://asncormoran.org/ also found a similar & slightly larger French boat, the "Tofinou 7" http://www.tofinou.com/en/day-boats/tofinou-7
  14. House batteries

    thanks Ish, I got this, There are many knowledgeable folks on these boards, many with REAL info about batteries on a boat, I am not one of them. To get info from them you must describe your needs, your type of use of the house batts and how you plan to charge them. You will find the 'search' function in the top right corner of the screen to be a help. you will need to describe where you are up to in your decision process & why your old batts need replacing. you will also need to make a pictorial offering as a newbie, but you may already know that as your handle appears to be a sock. carry on. ML