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  1. J/100 tuning #'s

    I see PHRF-LO has one at 77. Which PHRF region are you in wafi? What info are you looking for that they won't give you?
  2. J/100 Shoal Draft

    Great summary captnjoe - thanks!
  3. J/100 Shoal Draft

    There are quite a few standard draft J/100s on the used market, and I see that J-Boats advertises a shoal draft too. Has anyone seen one of those in the wild, or know anything about that particular keel? I know that shoal draft is never the best performance choice!
  4. New J designs

    Shrinking the J/100 down to 27' and somehow getting the price under $120K would certainly make life tough for the Alerions and the Catalina 275 Sport.
  5. Catalina 275 Sport - New Boat for 2014

    Codybear - are you planning to race the new boat in your local PHRF fleet? Have you inquired about a handicap yet?
  6. Catalina 275 Sport - New Boat for 2014

    Wouldn't it be slower than an Alerion 28? The Alerion has the same handicap as a J/24, but weighs less than the C275 (4400 vs 5000) and has more sail area (352 sq ft vs. 336), at least based on a quick check of sailboatdata.com.
  7. Catalina 275 Sport - New Boat for 2014

    Has anybody pinned down the draft for the fin keel? Early reports said 4' 6", I think. The Catalina site now says 5' 0" http://www.catalinayachts.com/yachts.cfm?act=model&id=301&sid=2&link=spec. But here's a site saying 4' 5" http://swansyachtsales.com/new-yachts/catalina-275/.