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  1. Here's a great opportunity for professional advancement and being able to be part of a great organization. Please pass along to everyone. MikeR Job Skills Sailing Program Director Job Description July 2018.pdf
  2. All is well, my friend. Actually did a race this spring with my friend Capo. Less said the better.
  3. Rocking the Boat, www.rockingtheboat.org Bronx, NY Great place. Mike
  4. Rocking the Boat, (www.rockingtheboat.org) is looking for a Sailing Job Skills Program Director The Sailing Job Skills Program Director manages the after school and summer Sailing Job Skills Program for high school juniors and seniors; and ensures the maintenance and upkeep of a fleet of modern and traditional sailboats, powerboats, docks, and other sailing equipment and resources. The Program Director must be an experienced sailing instructor able to successfully teach students to become proficient sailors while balancing youth development goals. The Sailing Job Skills Program Director also operates as Rocking the Boat’s Safety Officer. The position reports to the Director of Programs and Operations. Responsibilities Include: Program Development and Execution: Ensuring the development, planning, and implementation of a comprehensive youth sailing internship program Leads annual Job Skills Sailing Program planning and design with the goal of offering engaging and relevant programs to high school junior and senior participants in sailing and sailing pedagogy Fulfills all programmatic content and schedule commitments to dedicated funding sources Recruits middle school-age serving youth groups as participants in a summer learn-to-sail camp led by Job Skills apprentices Implements Rocking the Boat’s Technical Skills curriculum and works with participants to demonstrate individual achievement through mastering those skills Prepares all apprentices to pass the US Sailing Level 1 Small Boat instructor certification by the time they graduate high school Incorporates principals of Positive Youth Development in program planning and delivery Guides participants in developing a portfolio of their accomplishments in the program for use in post-secondary opportunities Collaborates with other Program Directors and Social Workers on program development, shared programming and training opportunities, promoting and delivering college and career exploration activities, and other opportunities Works closely with the Student Sailing Program Director to ensure program cohesion and continuity; provides technical and pedagogical sailing education support as necessary Works with the Student Sailing Program Director and Social Work team to identify and interview prospective Job Skills apprentice applicants Collaborates with the Social Work team to help participants set and achieve academic, career, and personal goals Develops and leads day and overnight trips designed to introduce participants to professional opportunities in the sailing world Participates in monitoring and evaluation designed to assess programmatic success Maintains strong relationships with the local sailing community and plans relevant trips and regatta participation Program Administration: Ensuring the timely and accurate preparation of information and data necessary to deliver successful programs Maintains accurate participant records including attendance, technical skill accomplishment and other information Develops, plans and recruits local middle school programs for annual summer sailing camps Supports the Development Department with grant proposals, budgeting and reporting requirements Assists in budget development; tracks program budget; sources and purchases needed materials and equipment within the parameters established in annual budgets; provides timely and accurate accounting of all expenses Program Facilities, Equipment, and Safety: Ensuring that the physical resources are in place to provide safe and successful programming Maintains and updates Rocking the Boat safety protocols Ensures all safety protocols are known and followed by staff and participants, and all appropriate safety equipment is present and maintained Follows all Rocking the Boat safety protocols; identifies and corrects any safety issues Organizes US Powerboating Safe Powerboating Certification for appropriate staff Works with the Student Sailing Program Director in overseeing the management and maintenance of all of Rocking the Boat’s sailing program inventory including fiberglass dinghies, wooden sailboats, chase boats, other boats which may enter the program; other waterfront equipment such as engines, trailers, dollies, oars, and PFDs; and boat mooring and storage facilities Cross-Organization Support: Contributing to the promotion and smooth operations of the organization Supports the Development Department in fund-raising activities as requested Contributes to the maintenance of shared resources Manages program volunteers and hosts visitors Participates in other activities as necessary to fulfill the mission of Rocking the Boat Requirements: Minimum US Sailing Small Boat Level 1 Instructor, Level 2 preferred Experience managing sailing education programs; race coach experience a plus Experience managing and maintaining boats and related sailing equipment and infrastructure Experience or desire to be involved in community oriented education programming Excellent organizational skills, detail-oriented, and an ability to work independently Proficiency in basic computer applications Driver’s License Willingness to work long days and weekends, as necessary Rocking the Boat offers: Full-time salaried position Full benefits package including 401(k) with generous employer match Generous paid time off Opportunity to work with a creative, well-funded organization committed to community development and youth empowerment Start Date: late August/early September To apply please send cover letter and resume to debbie@rockingtheboat.org with SAILING JOB SKILLS PROGRAM DIRECTOR as the subject. 6/11/18
  5. MikeR

    Manhasset Fall Series

    I believe the trophy reads Winidigo. It's a nice drinking mug. Keeps the D&S's real cold for those who do not know what the Windigo trophy is: YRALIS Phrf distance award for boats below 93 handicap. Minimum 3 distance races to qualify. Shooting Star did 8 distance races this year. Shooting Star won 8 distance races this year................BTBOTFA and No. 6 pushed us hard to win (although JT wasn't around in body for our Vineyard win) The SS crew is the best crew I have EVER been a part of and by far the most talented group of sailors I have ever been around...we would NOT have hit that reef ;-) Congrats to the whole team............ Without a doubt. Sometimes a bit rough around the edges, but by far the best sailors I've had the privilege of sailing with. Cheers, MikeR
  6. MikeR

    Manhasset Fall Series

    +1 for use of "petard".No points for using "Foisted"? Should have been 'hoisted' just sayin' Cheers, MikeR
  7. MikeR

    Manhasset Fall Series

    CI Hack, dont know the answer but I suspect from your question that you dont understand the rating system. It is a disadvantage to them to have the lower rating on wed nights. The higher the number the more time faster boats would have to give them and the less time they would have to give slower boats. I think 84 may be the standard 36.7 configuration for one design and allows the standard class #1 headsail. When sailing some phrf they can get a credit for smaller headsails or weight, I think. Actually it had to do with sail size. You would be correct if they sailed at a lower rating with the same sail. I hardly think that is the case. To be perfectly clear I a almost positive that 84 or 87 is with a 155% headsail and 90 is with a 145%. YRA LIS members can view certificates and the copy that was given to me shows a distance rating of 87 and L/W of 90 with +3 for 145% and +3 for max weight of 1500 pounds. Ok, so It sounds like you are saying they are doing it right.Sailing with a larger 155 and a lower rating (84) and when using the higher rating they sail with a 145. it also sound like they are getting a credit +3 for weight at some regattas and the distance rating of 87. Bottom line is you are issued a YRALIS cert for the season, it has a distance rating and a W/L rating and the configurations you declare on your cert to get those numbers are the configurations you should sail with or else you are in violation of your cert. You only get one number, its not your choice to look at a weather forecast or your competition and say, let's go with the bigger headsail and pick a different number for this regatta. And its up to the race committee, the organizing authority for the race, to enforce that rule. What EBYRA does is beyond logic. Logic-EBYRA? Huh? Cheers, MikeR
  8. MikeR

    Manhasset Fall Series

    What? That's Ridiculous! What a great name for a boat! Cheers, MikeR
  9. MikeR

    Who is snaggletooth

    Question is where is FOOTLONG???? He's on Lawnguyland Cheers, MikeR
  10. MikeR

    Who is snaggletooth

    Someone said something about sock puppets!? I thought you were banned. Cheers, MikeR
  11. MikeR

    espo is a dick

    Unless I'm wrong, it will be something like:"how to become one of the winningist along the Eastern Seaboard." Cheers, MikeR
  12. MikeR

    espo is a dick

    The fact this thread just started its 31st page makes me sick. I think the sickness has affected your eyesight, we're at 61 pages now Cheers, MikeR Depends on how many posts per page your settings are set for. Ah so.... Cheers, MikeR
  13. MikeR

    espo is a dick

    The fact this thread just started its 31st page makes me sick. I think the sickness has affected your eyesight, we're at 61 pages now Cheers, MikeR
  14. MikeR

    espo is a dick

    Can someone please attend and post videos? I want to find out how he became "...one of the winningist along the Eastern Seaboard". He may never live this down... Cheers, MikeR