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  1. Congratulations Mead Gougeon

    Think I saw the back of Dave Hubbard's head in one of the frames. Brought back many memories.
  2. Congratulations Mead Gougeon

    Is Victor T short for Tchetchet? Thanks, MikeR
  3. Can One Evening Race Association

    And I don't want to talk about the 1/2 mile w/l races. Not much of a test of seamanship. Yes, I know I'm talking like an old fart! MikeR
  4. Sailing Stereotypes

    See, that's exactly the problem...it IS part of their campaign to get people into sailing. And it will not do that. Abject waste and thoroughly counterproductive. i don't think anything us sailing does or doesn't do has anything to do with whether people get into sailing or not getting people into sailing should be done on a local level, not a national level it takes actual people with actual boats - they need to invite people who might want to go sailing does us sailing even own any sailboats? for sailors to complain that us sailing doesn't do enough to get people into sailing is ridiculous - they are not nearly the best situated people to do that we are so get on it I'd be willing to wager I'm a lot more "on it" than most.... I just don't see where a video making sailors look like massive dickheads helps out at all. Not that this sport isn't full of dickheads, but like 79% of humans are dickheads so as long as sailing is 79% or less, we're doing a bang-up job Agree. I don't think that something like this does any good for our sport. Enjoy Charleston! Say hi to Bri and Kristen.
  5. Jeff Hammer R. I. P.

    When I go, I would hope that I could receive a small portion of something like this. Thanks very much for sharing. Never met the man, but sailed against him for years. Rest in peace.
  6. Manfred Curry movie "Wind und Wasser

    Did you translate?
  7. Manfred Curry movie "Wind und Wasser

    Was in a bunch of papers that included all the Sheepshead Bay Canoe Club stuff. I just sent all of that to the American Canoe Club down in Fredericksburg, Va.
  8. Signed by him 1932. Anyone interested in having this. I'll mail it. Cheers, MikeR CCF03112016.pdf CCF03112016_0001.pdf
  9. I suspect it would not look good on either Mike The very thought gives me shivers...
  10. I'm not sure he's allowed into the club to bid Heh heh heh....I guess he could have Mike R submit his bid for him. I expect to see a bid from you, however. I am going to up my game this year and include some Dragon kit for the lucky winner. Does it have sequins? And a bare midrift...
  11. Great venue, greater cause. http://rockingtheboat.org/whitehall/ If you can't be there, send money. The sailing program is rocking this year. Thanks to all- Cheers, MikeR
  12. Cal 9.2

    Hey all- Owned a Cal 9.2 (Ron Holland IOR design) for many years and want to build a half model. Anyone have a source for a set of lines? TIA MikeR