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  1. 714 Koh Samia 2009 S-2win Schickler-Tagliapetra Santiago Reyero, San Diego, CA 714, 2WIN650 is in Summerland, CA. Gary Paudler is the owner and was going to fix her up after Santiago lost the keel off the coast of Marina Del Rey in March 2011. At the time, I was building the Pogo 2s. Talking to the 2WIN650 architect, we figured out a way to replace the lost keel with a Pogo 2 keel. When closing Open Sailing (and therefore stopping the production of the Pogo 2 in the USA), I supplied Gary with a spare bulb and a cast iron foil, including the molds to complete the repair of the boat. ​I haven't talked to him in a while...I will email him and see if has done any progress or if the boat is simply abandoned.
  2. Does anyone know if 72 is still on her trailer at the Berkeley Marina? I believe 72 is still there...at least, she was last year.
  3. Hi, Glad to see NAMT will be back to life! My Mini is for sale but not for $120K (which is the replacement value established after the survey in April 2016). The boat is listed at $94,750. Open to negotiation if new owner buys directly from me and not through the broker (yachtworld). In the meantime, I love the boat. First solo race this year was a warm-up (50nm) where I finished 2nd, 3 min corrected behind an Open 50 :-)
  4. nice! sounds like you can now afford a 12 pack of beers aboard (I read that the average 12 pack of beer weighs 18-21 pounds)!
  5. For my boat, see 3rd post on the first page of this topic. For production versions, we're examining several options including aluminum to get a base boat at a reduced price. Still waiting to see if the aluminum option is enough cost savings to warrant the extra weight aloft. You should consider a non tapered aluminum section (F18 style). This is what we have on the 5.70. the rotating mast works great. the rig is light and very simple to set. Spin halyards is run externally which is not a big deal. Main halyard is a 2:1 purchase and ran into the groove of the mast. We have adjustable spreaders on the section of course and the shrouds are set really back from the mast for better support. The non tapered section makes the mast strong, even if you go with mast head kite, no backstay... that's my 2 cents. js
  6. Janer, A white Open 5.70 was out last wednesday, but with the wind dying, we only went out to the red buoy and back. Nik and his green boat arrived yesterday morning and we had a fun day sailing and taking out sailors during the afternoon. We will be there today again (Sunday). We launch from the public launch ramp, near the SB Sailing Center. Since we could be on the water if you stop by, feel free to call us to "schedule" a demo ride at 310-500-6216. Cheers, Jerome
  7. Hello Santa Barbara Sailors, Two Open 5.70 (www.open570usa.com) will be there this weekend (18th-19th of August) available for demo rides. One boat is already by the launch ramp. The other one will be in SB around 10am tomorrow (Saturday). We already have 6 boats in Los Angeles and hope some SB sailors will also be interested to join our new one design fleet! Don't hesitate to stop by! You can also call Jerome at 310-500-6216 for more information. Cheers! Jerome Open 5.70 - USA 214