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  1. I live on the 41st floor in a 2 bedroom condo. My unit has 11 sprinklers.
  2. And also to be considered "recreational" rather than commercial. But BOUNTY had an auxiliary engine, and captain and chief mate held 1600-ton licenses. https://www.uscg.mil/hq/cg5/cg545/docs/documents/Bounty.pdf I'm wondering if she could legally have sailed without licenses, if no engine? Not that it's a good idea. Anyone know? My recollection on this is pretty old. If you take paying customers you need at least a Captain. If you take more than 6 passengers your COI dictates what your staffing obligations are.
  3. https://www.uscg.mil/nmc/credentials/default.asp
  4. One of the perks when I got my license was a big drop in my boat insurance premium.
  5. It should mean nothing because by law, that is all they're supposed to say. If thats how you play it then you've passed up a lot of good candidates. It should mean nothing because by law, that is all they're supposed to say. If thats how you play it then you've passed up a lot of good candidates. They had a pulse is not a raving recommendation.
  6. When I speak to an employer and they give me the "yes that person worked here". That is huge red flag to not hire. When they open up and tell me good things and praise I have a potential keeper.
  7. Theater is great here http://www.hottix.org/
  8. Connect with a yard, get a job there. As Woody said it's experience that will get you jobs. There are a lot of people with a Masters ticket. Your reputation and professionalism will get you there. Most delivery Capt's are repeat jobs.
  9. It's only illegal if the government doesn't get a cut!
  10. Any Sailors out there with mechanical and/or rigging skills - looking for a summer job. Please PM me
  11. When the forecast is seek safe harbor, that does not refer to Monroe.
  12. I need a licensed plumber in Chicago today or tomorrow PM me.
  13. Wow Surfer arrested off Oak Street Beach SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE January 18, 2012 8:10AM Police arrested a man surfing in Lake Michigan Tuesday evening on the Near North Side. Police from the Near North District and Marine Unit responded about 5 p.m. to a report of a man surfing in Lake Michigan off Oak Street Beach in the 1000 block of North Lake Shore Drive, police said. Rex Flodstrom, 40, of the 200 block of East Delaware Place was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct, two counts of violating a Chicago Park District ordinance and one count of being in a park after hours because beaches are closed until May 25. Lifeguards are not on duty and swimming is “discouraged” at all beaches until they re-open later this year, according to the Chicago Park District’s website.
  14. Anyone want to translate? I can take a wild guess as to what this part of the link above means: ...-gravissima-negligenza-... That doesn't sound good. (This is a Google translate) Giglio Porto-The tragedy of the Costa Concordia is incredible for its dynamic. How can an ultra-modern cruise ship, 290 meters long and 35.5 wide with a draft of 8.2 meters, take a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea and capsizing, killing some three dozen people and a few scattered? The Costa Concordia, lying on her right side near Punta Gabbianara, north of Giglio Porto. In the background profile of the Argentario Among the many unconfirmed information, assumptions, data, and reckless statements of responsible officers who leave stunned, then try to make some points. One thing certain, between Civitavecchia and Lily, but also to the Argentario there are dry that a ship of that size (114,500 tons) will hurt if you do not, mind you, FOR A DEEP AND GUILTY OF NEGLIGENCE BY ITS COMMANDER DEPARTMENT AND NAVIGATION. We use upper case voluntarily, to remove any doubt rumors and statements. And the show with a simple navigation exercise, which the leaders of Costa Cruises, given their profession, should know very well. News (welcome) is that the commander of the evening and the first officer Francesco Schettino Ciro Ambrosio were arrested on charges of multiple manslaughter, and leaving the sinking ship. We start from the statement of the commander of the Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino, who TGCOM24 said: "And 'success as we walked to the normal tourist navigation we collided with spikes of a rock that was not reported on the paper, was not there. We were 300 meters from the rocks and the spur would not be there. Me and the crew we were the last to abandon ship. " Declaration disconcerting to a commander of a ship of that size, with the most sophisticated navigation systems and a stretch of sea known since the smaller rocks for thousands of sailors, divers, fishermen and boaters. These are the facts based on the statements of the protagonists and the subsequent reconstruction: At 19, the Costa Concordia from Civitavecchia with the route of Savona, the first leg of a cruise in the Mediterranean. 4,234 people on board, of which one thousand crew. The ship has a cruising speed of 21.5 knots declared. Between Civitavecchia and Giglio Porto there are 40 miles to Route 292 degrees. The ship, therefore, cover this distance in about two hours, so at 21:45, according to the time when the collision occurred reconstructions with a "rock", the ship can only be from the same parts of the lily. The chart (Navionics iPad Europe) with the route followed by the Costa Concordia from Civitavecchia to Lily. The logical route for a vessel of that size would be passed in the middle of the channel between the Argentario and Giglio, 7 miles off well. The route from Civitavecchia to Savona presents two options: leave the lily to the right or left, then leave the Elbe to the right, head left and go towards Corso Savona. In this case, the Costa Concordia decided to leave the lily on the left, logical and convenient choice as it is the shortest route. The stretch of sea between the Giglio and Argentario is 7.9 miles wide (from the Head of a Man at Giglio Porto), so cruise ships can pass safely. Once you leave Giannutri left (island that has a powerful lighthouse on the south, and still has not dried out of the depth range of 20 meters), the stretch of sea DRY DOES NOT HAVE ANY HAZARDOUS except: Middle Shoal Channel: is 3 miles from Punta Ciana Argentario 245 °, but a hat to -24 meters, which is not dangerous for a vessel that fishes 8.2 meters declared. Dry Red Island: a few meters from the coast of the islet of the same name Argentario, impossible for a ship to go from there. Coral reef: rock outcropping seeds, to 0.18 miles from the entrance of Cala Piccola Argentario. Dangerous, but completely out of any logical route for a ship like this direct to Savona. Argentarola island: it is 0.7 miles from 200 ° to the south of Cala Grande Argentario. Clearly visible, known and still off course. The Ants of Grosseto is located 12 miles north of Giglio Porto, they can not get into this story. None of these shoals may have affected the Costa Concordia, worth serious negligence. It remains, therefore, the coast of the island of Giglio. The ship has a huge gash along a hundred feet, which got stuck between the plates is also a piece of rock, on its left side, about half of draft (we are about 4 / 5 meters). This means, no doubt, that the ship has hit the rock as it was sailing to the north, then left with Lily. The vessel, once sunk, is now lying behind Punta Gabbianara, just north of Giglio Porto, with its bow pointing south. This highlights the maneuver that the crew would attempt to bring the ship as close as possible to the ground. The area between the Scole, and Punta Giglio Porto Gabbianara (Navionics Europe): in red the point of probable collision with the rock (with the bow facing north), in blue the point where the wreck of the Costa Concordia (with the bow facing south) The coast of Giglio from its southern tip (the Punta Capel Rosso) to the southern tip of Cala Cannelle no danger whatsoever. There are a couple of famous dive areas on terraces that descend about 10 meters then with walls up to 55/60. But none of these can be on a route of a ship must leave the island on the left. Only obstacle may be the rocks of Scole, located 0.5 miles from red light to 129 ° of Giglio Porto. These two rocks more than a minor, which extend 0.16 miles from the coast of Giglio towards 106 °. The 0.16 miles of which we speak include the depth range of 10 meters, well signposted from the cards. 0.16 miles is equivalent to 296 meters, so close, unfortunately, very close to the declaration of the commander: "We were 300 meters from the rocks ...." What rocks? The coast of Giglio or down? But we're kidding? The detail of the rocks of the Scole (Navionics Europe). In the red area of ​​the probable point of impact. As you can see we are on the depth range of 10 meters, 300 meters from the coast of Giglio Any browser with common sense knows that a ship 290 feet long, of 114,500 tons and draft of 8 feet, can not really pass in a depth range of 10 meters, or in a depth of ten meters. The depth range of 50 meters is at that point 0.2 miles (370 meters) from the coast. The 100 meters, which is safer for a ship of its kind, is located 0.3 miles (555 meters) from the coast. It was still too close to a channel like 7 miles wide between the Argentario and Giglio. The hole in the hull of the ship caused by the impact After the collision the ship was tilted on its starboard side and began to ship water. The commander, according to the reconstructions, after passing Giglio Porto, led her to make un'accostata left 180 degrees (so to "reverse course") and then reach behind Punta Gabbianara, where it is tilted on the right flank, to run aground in a depth of 12/15 meters, where he is now lying and submerged for a good half. Punta Gabbianara is 0.7 miles to 324 ° from the hypothetical point of impact. So the reconstruction of temporal events seems unlikely, with the witnesses Gigliesi and those on board who spoke of 22:30 as the time when the ship stopped in place of the shipwreck. Google Earth Pro Picture of Giglio Porto, with the Scole sgli rocks to the south and north of Punta Gabbianara Disconcerting, to say the least, also the statements of Costa Cruises: "It is incorrect to say that the ship was off course," said the CEO of Costa Crociere President Gianni Onorato, "It 'was an unforeseeable event compounded by unpredictable inclination of the ship. The ship was traveling from Civitavecchia, Savona, like 52 times a year. He bumped against a rock, and following this event, the commander has assessed the damage early, decided to secure the ship and gave the evacuation order. Only the technical analysis will tell us what happened. I think it is right that the authority competent to do this type of analysis. We can only help. The ship is sophisticated systems to track routes, both to understand what happened, thanks to systems that are more than just a black box. " The video of the Guardia di Finanza: Conclusion As for the victims, whose family goes our solidarity, to disperse, the wounded, rescue procedures, to where he was the master, when he left the ship, this is not the place to talk about it. There is enough support once again, and we believe we have demonstrated with simple navigation calculations, that in that part of the sea cliff that no one can take a ship like that, except for an error, even worse, to culpable negligence is not tolerated by the uffciali in command and a shipping company. The rocks of Scole, including dry when thousands of divers have plunged in recent years, there have always been and everyone knows it. A vessel of 290 meters from there can not and must not pass. The arrest ordered by the prosecution of Grosseto should certainly only the first step of a story, we repeat, absolutely baffling to anyone going to sea. New! Click the words above to view alternate translations. 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  15. One possibility?