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  1. 4glennb

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    I know of the 2 Rocket 22 on Memphremagog, one is well sailed and the other we never see. We sail an Antrim 27 on Memphremagog and we often race the Rocket which is well crewed. The Rocket is a good boat especially in very light winds. It has the benefit of both types of spinnaker. The Fareast 23R has been on Memphremagog for the past 2 summers and is now for sale, nice looking boat. Can you add an Antrim 27 to your comparison matrix. Thanks
  2. 4glennb

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Good luck, some of these committees are pretty entrenched once they set a rating for a boat. thanks
  3. 4glennb

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Thanks for the info Paulin, I'll probably use a PHRF closer to the 117. Glenn
  4. 4glennb

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Yeah I also agree Sail4beer. Just seams strange that PHRF-NE has it 51-63, but the sail area compared to a J/70 is 47% more with the same waterline. Glenn
  5. 4glennb

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Thanks for that
  6. 4glennb

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Hi wicked thanks for the comment. I Agree with you, but the only reference that I can find for a rating for this boat is on the PHRF-NE website. Hoping someone has more info on this boat. Compared to a J/70 it has 47% more upwind sail area and 77% more downwind sail with equal weight and LWL. Thanks Glenn
  7. 4glennb

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    We have a new boat on our lake in the Northeast a Fareast 23r. Looked up the phrf rating on phrf-NE and the boat is rated at 51 race and 63 cruise, the owner is not happy with that rating of course. Anyone out there have any experience with the phrf rating for this boat in your area? Thanks Glenn