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  1. Kaihoe

    Oracle Team USA

    2 days at most (Cam mounts, cabling etc, testing) .....but remember the Cams would have been assigned to the Youth Americas Cup after the semi had finished between Swe and SBTJ.
  2. Kaihoe

    Oracle Team USA

    Highly unlikely as the TV Cams were removed from Japan boat after the semi series had ended and it would not have been a simple process to put them back on that quickly.
  3. Kaihoe

    Oracle Team USA

    Doesn't mention BAR being in the mix http://oracle-team-usa.americascup.com/en/news/310_-No-one-is-going-to-walk-away-with-it-.html
  4. Kaihoe

    Oracle Team USA

    It's just blood in the water for all the other teams.......scent of desperation one thinks.
  5. Kaihoe

    Oracle Team USA

    ^^^^Wow great footage again - thanks Jason