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  1. JAFA

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Haha - that is funny. Yes. Larry got 72s foiling. /s If not for ETNZ that would have not happened we would still be watching non-foiling cats waiting for wind to allow them to change direction. I guess what you are saying is that history is unpredictable. Come on. Other than court battles and wing Larry had not even tried. To him it's all about cost cutting and rule manipulation.
  2. JAFA

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Would be classy for VOXI to follow the starboard rule when it matters.
  3. JAFA

    Team NZ

    I think, if ETNZ wins this, it will be double sweet not only because of ETNZ being the outsiders of the poodle group but also because GD will be taking the cup from RC's hands. Fingers crossed. Bring on tomorrow, let's finish this and let's get some racing done here on Waitemata harbour.
  4. JAFA

    Team NZ

    ^ Nice find. Thanks. I am always amused by anyone claiming definitive outcome here. There are so many variables that you can't control in sailing. Even if you have the fastest boat you can capsize or hit the debris (or in BDA a turtle). I am a mono guy but I am still looking forward to it. I don't have a sky so no clue where I will be watching. That part of it is dumb as fuck.
  5. JAFA

    Team France

    These boats are unforgiving. So many variables, so many things to go wrong. It all may just come down to a lady luck. The most stunning pic so far is this one. I am very happy it ended the way it did. All 9 lives used up in this one moment.
  6. JAFA


    +1 ^ I will pay for that stupid app if I can watch live and replays. From where I want to watch, at any time I want to watch.
  7. JAFA

    Oracle Team USA

    When was Oracle last seen? Have they been out each day or is the boat still in the shed?
  8. JAFA

    Oracle Team USA

    Doug, somehow in this very sentence you have summarised every single post you have made about foiling. True ^ We judge ourselves by our intentions. We judge others by their actions. :-)
  9. JAFA

    Oracle Team USA

    Yes very cool. This is what I was missing. Something original happening. Those turns are great. I also hope Oracle will continue to focus on this type of positive campaign instead of the smear campaign. +1 for Oracle.
  10. JAFA

    Team NZ

    Maybe the pedals are good, maybe they aren't. At least kiwis are trying something different. Unlike the defender and their poodles. Point is, none of these fucking things are safe. Did you see the Oracle guy falling under the cat? His near gruesome death was not a question of pedals or coffee grinders. It was a question of super luck. Nobody is talking about that any more.
  11. JAFA

    Team NZ

    ^ no spray but wow they look slow. :-)
  12. JAFA

    Team NZ

    NZ has fuck all or is not inventive etc... who was the one that came up with foiling in AC? What team again is different by trying to think outside of box by using pedals? Rich teams (countries) buy solutions, not invent them. The tech areas that matter are computational fluid dynamics, hydraulics and controls engineering. Big engineering power-house economies with huge aerospace industries have massive technical and human resources available on tap in those areas. NZ has fuck all. NZ is not a innovative country compared to the likes of US, Japan or UK, what innovation capacity it did have is rapidly being killed off by the shift to densely packed cities with kids that growing up with no access to workshops to get them thinking about how to do stuff (unlike previous generations).
  13. JAFA

    Team France

    Just for fun. I hope they hiding something.
  14. JAFA

    Oracle Team USA

    Can anyone, please, tell me what is the purpose of this gagging order and why is it ok? What is wrong with teams talking shit if they want to? Is this normal part of AC? Will everyone be happy if other teams (who will presumably win at some point) put in the same gagging orders? I am not being facetious, just genuinely curious.