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  1. Poll: Next AC Boat

    While on the topic of ETNZ TP52 and those boring monohuls... + that is an old tech anyways. Imagine something similar to ACWS in foiling TP52 class of boats. Then have AC sailed in bigger open class. What ever it is. These foiling cats are not safe. They weren't safe in SF (Bart S. and even Oracle capsize with ETNZ near capsize could have ended differently) and they were not safe in BDA. (BAR vs JAP and ETNZ capsized + plus that Oracle dude that fell in of front). We were lucky not to see couple more dead people. I love the foiling cats tech but would enjoy either foiling trimarans or foiling monos on the open water.
  2. Team NZ

    I think, if ETNZ wins this, it will be double sweet not only because of ETNZ being the outsiders of the poodle group but also because GD will be taking the cup from RC's hands. Fingers crossed. Bring on tomorrow, let's finish this and let's get some racing done here on Waitemata harbour.
  3. Live Racing Thread

    Same here the fucking app does not work
  4. Live Racing Thread

    ^ French. Not BAR. :-)
  5. Live Racing Thread

    The best race so far? I am in ETNZ camp but don't feel great about that last call. Maybe some last mark rounding rule I don't know about?
  6. Team NZ

    ^ Nice find. Thanks. I am always amused by anyone claiming definitive outcome here. There are so many variables that you can't control in sailing. Even if you have the fastest boat you can capsize or hit the debris (or in BDA a turtle). I am a mono guy but I am still looking forward to it. I don't have a sky so no clue where I will be watching. That part of it is dumb as fuck.
  7. Team France

    These boats are unforgiving. So many variables, so many things to go wrong. It all may just come down to a lady luck. The most stunning pic so far is this one. I am very happy it ended the way it did. All 9 lives used up in this one moment.
  8. Bermuda?

    +1 ^ I will pay for that stupid app if I can watch live and replays. From where I want to watch, at any time I want to watch.
  9. For what ever reason people need to see every issue as black and white, good or bad, up or down, either - or. Everything is just a shade of grey. Very few things are black or white. I think it's awesome that MIHB got a ride with Artemis. I think it is great that people approached ETNZ. We don't know what happened with the message, for all we know it may have never reach the decision makers. The point is people tried and it payed off. It's a good thing. No need to bag teams who choose not to participate. At the moment it is Artemis who is the most likable team (IMHO), not only because they responded but also because they stay out of talking shit about others.
  10. Oracle Team USA

    When was Oracle last seen? Have they been out each day or is the boat still in the shed?
  11. Oracle Team USA

    Doug, somehow in this very sentence you have summarised every single post you have made about foiling. True ^ We judge ourselves by our intentions. We judge others by their actions. :-)
  12. Lead is Dead

    Not saying that you are wrong but can you actually back this claim up with something. Worldwide?
  13. Practice videos

    Very interesting foil angle oracle at 6.52 Have we seen that before or is it just a weird angle?
  14. Oracle Team USA

    Yes very cool. This is what I was missing. Something original happening. Those turns are great. I also hope Oracle will continue to focus on this type of positive campaign instead of the smear campaign. +1 for Oracle.